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  1. Surely a bit of common sense should be used. SFA should suspend non league football for a month and see where we are then. Leagues could still be finished just don't play cup games.
  2. Good to see Ian Anderson getting his first goal great win for the team.
  3. Good luck to all teams in South today.Hopefully fans back soon.
  4. Says on SFA Questions and answers that players shouldn't travel from restricted regions to play in other regions. So I think clubs should check before playing anybody from restricted area.
  5. I take it the league is definitely starting. I thought the government would have stopped all non league for a couple of weeks.
  6. League won't start this week. Sturgeon will announce later.
  7. Yes don't understand why they have waited .Should have been sorted at last meeting. Heard that clubs who have asked for meeting don't want to car share as well I understand that.
  8. South meeting next Monday night don't think some teams want to play without dressing rooms.
  9. Could be a long time before pre-season. Hopefully wrong.
  10. South League null and void. Probably the right verdict.
  11. How much did he get paid for the the report he done total waste of money. Needed to be Alec Ferguson or Walter Smith someone who had a clue about football.
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