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  1. That was just pre drinks should have seen the afters
  2. After that performance i fear that we will get relagated...
  3. Match day, its good to be back
  4. We should play at Dam Park
  5. No signing news today but more importantly what was everybody's dinner?
  6. Cant wait till breakfast
  7. A steak bake for me
  8. Anyone else laughing at Saudi Arabia's defence?
  9. Early Season predictions

    1.Ayr 2.Alloa (Playoff winners) 3.QOS 4.Dundee United (lose playoff to alloa) 5.Dunferlime 6.Falkirk 7.Inverness 8.Partick Thistle 9.Ross County (Relagated by Montrose) 10. Morton
  10. Other clubs are already shaping up good squads and we are yet to sign a player should we be worried, this isn't a dig at McCall just a general question?
  11. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Doubt it as he want to stay with us when we went full time but it didn't not work out financially
  12. Out of interest does anyone know if the UB still have the ragazzi flag?
  13. Andy Geggan Appreciation Thread

    He has been injured for a duration of the season but still love him [emoji7][emoji7]
  14. Has there been any more news about that Jordan Marshall?