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  1. there was rumours of them not folding but I cant see any statement saying there ok now does any body know what is happening now
  2. whats happening here now are the club still folding as i see they had over 20 at training after a great result against preston then winning a friendly on saturday what is the long term plan for the club now anybody know
  3. strong rumours of dinse going to take over now his amateur team are out the scottish he has already given craigy 6 players to make sure they have a team
  4. good day for east teams sandys boys very sure there going to win the replay tollcross won and laurieston lost as expected but no shame losing that game
  5. if you seen the team they had yesterday with all the players there rumoured to be missing next week its no good for them against the team that every body says are the best in the land i hope they do well but even there own players think it will be embarrassing
  6. agree mate feel like yous missed a trick last week cos in my eyes yous are a better team and have let the east slip this season good luck next week
  7. poor from leafa teams this year especially sandys who should be doing much better
  8. at there game yesterday one of there injured players was saying none of there usual strikers or centre backs are going to be fit next week and there really worried they are going to be humiliated Eastfield will put 10 past them if they play same team as yesterday
  9. this game was at the jack kane but it was still the same lol
  10. whats the set up going to be are all the committee men there now staying and he is going as the manager what have the players been told about staying on he will do well there with the players he should be able to get good move for craigy glad there not folding
  11. Merpro v drumchappel . 0-2 Eastfield v lauraston . 5-1 Braehead v Sandys . 2-2 Menzieshill v Tollcross . 1-3 Fintry v Glenburn. 2-1 Cowie Th v shortless. 0-3 Gartcosh v East Kilbride . 1-2 Oban v Wishaw or Singer. oban win av no seen a lot of these teams and dont no much about them apart from what ive seen oan here so guessing a bit
  12. the guy that was worst oan saturday was younger but one of the old guys was just as bad
  13. watched sandys on saturday and they had a rite go at the ref but it was down to there players own fault getting sent off they where actually better with 9 men but its a lesson that you need to have discipline to win the bigger cups that counts for the manager to who was a joke to the ref
  14. never seen them but read this forum and looked at there league and it looks like everyone fancys eastfield to win the scottish laurie had a great result against harestanes but it looks like this will be to much for them and there away to but i wish them well sandys wont be so confident after losing on saturday badly about going to braehead after there win
  15. i spoke to a ex grade 1 ref about it and he has said this ifab is the laws of the game and overrule any local rule at low level games can be played without corner flags and refs can use common sense in the spirit of the game to get games played i am sure that 99.9 % of teams would agree before a game to go play it rather than cancel it because there wiz no corner flags that would be a dose of nonsense imagine teams out warmed up and stripped and it being called off cos no flags when it can go ahead that is defos not in the spirit of the game
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