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  1. Dolly left saints and is playing with Threave now
  2. Work commitment down there this week, good chance to see them two play
  3. Stranraer vs Wigtown was more a training session of attack v defence for 80 minutes Wigtown 11 bodies behind ball with no intention to get forward but defender very well until last 10 mins where Reserves got a bit frustrated and got forward more and could of lost a goal on counter late on at 1-0 . Poor game in poor conditions
  4. Rumour is Stranraer u17s have moved across to become new Wigtown team ?
  5. Cracking results for Young Stranraer Reserves team and creetown today. Was at lochar vs reserves game today and Stranraer battered lochar from start to finish. Lochar going undeservedly and somehow 3-0 up from three set pieces which was really there only chances of game for only Reserves to come back win 4-3 with just over 20 mins to go or so brilliant game of football in all with some really good stuff played on a heavy pitch
  6. Teams not getting a fair play when they play Stranraer ? Whatever you’re reading or hearing is wrong as Mr Sutherland will treat both teams exact same as they come, in fact he sent off three Stranraer boys in one game this season And also another boy the other week so I don’t think Mr Sutherland is Doing any favours for Stranraer. In fact I’ve been told Stranraer would prefer him not to ref their games from decisions and performances he has took charge of
  7. results going in lochars favour from weekend, will be tough one to keep up with them if keeps going this way
  8. After three attempts, Newton have failed to beat a young Stranraer team (lost 2, drew1) which quite amazes me with team and experience they have.
  9. Saints finally win with a good 4-1 win against mids. Biggest upset of tonight must be at stair park with the reserves Beating newton Stewart 2-1.
  10. Saints with a deservedly 4-3, 5th straight defeat by Stranraer Reserves. Things getting worse by the game.
  11. Sounds like a promising young team, hope them well. kick in the balls for creetown losing two players who come back and beat them. Lol
  12. who is all playing for reserves, all young boys or any firmiliar faces?
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