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  1. Top 6 predictions

    Have Bonnyton signed anyone new? Seem to be absolutely destroying everyone the now. Gonna be a very close title race
  2. Weekend football fix

    From what I hear they are so why couldn’t they do that last week against Stranraer ? Think my comment about them last week is looking increasingly true but then again my arse is jealous with the amount of shite I talk
  3. Fixtures

    That is the worst statement I’ve read. Absolute clown
  4. Weekend football fix

    Hearing Wigtown faked a water logged pitch due to missing some key players ..
  5. Heston rovers

    Probably none
  6. Heston rovers

    Where did Stranraer finish last season, was it not quite low? I believe they have exact same team from last season bar like one signing in Dean Agnew lad and have went from mid table or just below to winning 15/15 in the league which is some turnaround.
  7. Top 6 predictions

    Any changes to anyone’s top 6 now ?
  8. Predictions 12/01/19

    Christ, 11-3 to Bonnyton. What went wrong there for Creetown ?
  9. Predictions 12/01/19

    Reckon Saints could maybe end Stranraer unbeaten and 100% record especially with it being Sean Sutherland in charge, anything can happen in that game.
  10. Transfers

    Any new signings or players moving on elsewhere for second half of season ?
  11. Buff and few others away to creetown from the reserves
  12. Neil are you trying to take some of the reserves to creetown to spoil their chances of league title
  13. Biggest surprise so far...

    Stranraer beat nithsdale week before Bonnyton in August
  14. Best striker

    0 as well against Stranraer
  15. Best striker

    Unless he had a very extreme off day against Stranraer then it’s quite baffling to hear Talbot are in for him. As people would say, “he was in the back pocket” off the big fella at the back for Stranraer who was marking him most of game and then Buff Whorlow was passing rings round him and wasn’t getting a sniff