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  1. Team of the Season

    Yeah he is a great player and is probably top 3 nomination but Dean Agnew of Stranraer does everything.. scores, sets up goals and works back and never stops. Can’t not go to anyone but a Stranraer player with the season they’re having and probably the best season ever recorded in league?
  2. Team of the Season

    It’s such a hard choice to pick in the attacking area... I think Jonny Baxter and dean agnew have to be in, 30 plus goals and counting and on track for undefeated season is only way to separate that side... then it’s a battle for final position on whoever gets most goals out of the rest between Kerr, goss, and Mckenzie etc
  3. League Champions 2018/19

    Well done Stranraer brilliant season had by all involved
  4. Top 3

    7 losses in a row for Lochar, horrendous form. One man team as they say ?
  5. Stranraer

    Stranraer 9 mids 1... wow
  6. Top 3

    Maybe... they are struggling massively without Anderson up top.. mids and vale 2 games in hand so they are right up there
  7. Top 3

    With Stranraer all but won the league on Saturday and Bonnyton a dead cert for second... whose favourites to get 3rd?
  8. Top of the table clash

    I was at game. Win was no fluke, two great teams playing some good football. Think Bonnyton just edged it and wanted it more than the Stranraer lads.... Both teams having players missing which I think affected Stranraer more with Baxter, Mccintire and that missing and players playing with knocks - they have great starting 11 but after that they don't have anyone to really bring on and you could see that which I have said before.... Game could of still went any way but two bits of quality from Kerr separated the game. first defeat of whole season at this stage is a great achievement.
  9. Team of the Season

    Lochar goalie rb (not sure haven’t seen a stand out) ... CB’s Scott Phillips Mark Whorlow of Stranraer both excellent when seen them play and work well together which reflects on their goals conceded... LB (not sure, but again impressed with Stranraer young lad midfield 3... jack McMurdo (Threave), Alistair Mccolm (Stranraer), and Gilroy (Bonnyton) attcking 3... Dean Agnew (Stranraer, Anderson (Lochar), Stevenson (Bonnyton) Player of season: Dean Agnew From a non biased point of view and from games and teams I’ve watched. That would be my team of season and the players that have impressed me the most
  10. Predictions

    What’s up with Anderson ?
  11. Predictions

    How was the game of the day ?
  12. Predictions

    After looking at the fixture list for tomorrow, there is certainly a good few interesting games being played. What’s everyone’s predictions this week? Creetown vs Wigtown Heston vs Annan Lochar vs Bonnyton Mids vs Threave Newton vs YM Nithsdale vs Lochmaben Stranraer Res vs Abbey Vale
  13. Top of the table clash

    Think it would be great to see but a reckon there is still a few teams like Abbey Vale, Mids, & lochar on their day can beat anyone if Stranraer have an off day
  14. Top of the table clash

    Yeah Stranraer for sure worthy winners, Bonnyton barely had a sniff whole game until Stranraer went 2 up and then invited a bit of pressure onto themselves and catching Bonnyton on counter. Game in general I thought was brilliant and played at a great standard! Well played both teams!
  15. Top of the table clash

    Maybe that great game we all expect could now be ruined