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  1. Now that all teams most likely have their squad assembled for next season... who would you say is going to be favourites/challenging? Who is going to be a surprise package? And who is most likely to struggle?
  2. Is it just Lewis Mccintyre that has made step up from the reserves ?
  3. Going by Stranraer Facebook they have signed a lot of good players and used that rangers money so must be going for it to get straight back up. Doubt they will use any of reserve boys unless struggling maybe... Lewis Mccintyre will be a miss
  4. On that case then they’re going be super strong. Take it they’ve kept everyone else such as defence and midfield? Season is going to be very interesting - looking forward to it and hopefully the Saints can cause some upsets
  5. Yes just heard today that Dean Agnew and Andrew Donley have supposedly signed with Reserves.... nothing on Caldo or anyone else
  6. What players have they lost ? Not seen any of their names popping up with other teams unless they’ve went other way like Ayrshire
  7. Them 3 for the league and rest will battle out the rest of positions
  8. A lot of signings being made by everyone. Going by them, who is looking favourites / top teams this seasons ?
  9. Yes I hear Jake has signed with Saints which is good for us. Also hear Stranraer have signed some more good players and have got players back in who went away to juniors last season
  10. Saints making plenty of signings. Few of them signings I have no idea who they are .. new striker and new defenders. Are they even from this area or they throwing some cash about ? underdogs for league possibly next season whenever that is.
  11. Anyone’s thoughts now we are nearing the end of season?
  12. I think title could be over today also if reserves don’t have key players such McIntyre, Phillips and Dunn there if they are away with the first team like they have been. Will be there watching so expecting a very good game hopefully
  13. don’t think anyone can Blame Newton Stewart at all what happened. Think the referee and his officials are to blame for this and even the league itself for not making referee aware and arranging it for half 7 kick off. Also a shame for both clubs involved in what I hear was a fantastic game but whatever decision is made is prob going to be the wrong one but I’m my opinion I think would be very harsh to not award the win to Stranraer especially when cup finals and games etc have been awarded to winning team at time when there was much longer time left in game to play
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