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  1. 4-0 again tonight. gutted to be out the Trust Trophy.....Not! Well done. See you's in November for some fireworks.
  2. Well done on dishing oot another 4 goals beating. I don't know why you've had a poor start, but It was obvious Queens are a better team than you shown so far this season. I'd expect you's to move up the table pretty quickly now!
  3. I'm giving you a greenie for using ambivalent. Pretty much sums our support this season. Anyway, I watched the highlights of the League game on saturday. I'll offer you lackadaisical. Seemed the case for a few of the players, particulary Danny Handling, and of course Jack Brydon for the first and third goals. I don't know what's happened recently, but after winning 6-0 at Airdrie to now losing 4 goals twice to Queens is quite a turnaround. Hopefully, the boys will get it sorted out over the next week before the Montrose game.
  4. Airdrie 2-0 Clyde Alloa Ath. 1-1 Montrose Dunf'line 1 - 0 Falkirk Peterhead 0-1 Kelty QoS 2-5 Edinburgh
  5. I'm surprised at the start Queens have made! I think I predicted you's to win the league or at least top two. You made some good signings in the summer, but I've no idea why your results have not been so good? Anyway this will be a tough game for us so we'll see what happens...
  6. Well said Mr Napper A nonsense decision to cancel all games from the SPFL. Suppose they have to be seen to be doing "the right thing" by the PC world we currently live in.
  7. It's no a stadium anymore Rob, it's now just a leisure centre with a football pitch at the back. And No. It's not worth going to see it at the moment. Just wait a few more years until the other stand is finished being built.....
  8. Oh Yes, most definitely! I liked it there, although I always seem to be in the minority amongst City fans! I think though, in hindsight maybe a few more are now wishing we hadn't be in so much rush to go "home", even although the new Meadowbank is nothing like "home" as we remember it...
  9. Had to Google that! But aye, didn't fancy going to "mini Murrayfield" at the time it was spoken about, but now it seems like a much better option!
  10. Your not at Cowdenbeath this weekend, although you'd get a better view of the game from there!
  11. Clyde 0-2 Dunfermline Edinburgh 6-0 Peterhead Falkirk 2-2 Alloa Kelty 1-1 QOTS Montrose 1-1 Airdrie
  12. So this weekend Peterhead make the short journey down to Meadowbank for more League one action. The Blue Toon having lost 2-0 to Montrose recently will be looking to bounce back here. Edinburgh City have, apparently, surprised some people this season but we'll just keep going and see were it takes us at the end of the season. No score prediction, only another three points matter. Come on City!
  13. I don't know the politics of the club, I'm only interested in watching the team play football matches. It's the same team to me that got us promoted but you obviously have been involved a lot longer so fair play to you mate.
  14. Even Jeff Stelling on Sky soccer Saturday has just said Airdrie 0 Edinburgh City 3! You're the only one Mr Bam, that sees a different team!
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