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  1. Well, in the summer transfer window Gary Naysmith cleared out five of our best players......and replaced them with well, average players. At least Today, with the departures of Chris Kane, Goodfellow and the two young St.Johnstone loan guys, he's clearing out those average players,.... AND apparently replacing them with..... more average players, if our Accies friends are to be believed!
  2. I'll actually be sorry to see Cowdenbeath go at the end of the season, as seems inevitable. I was at the last play-off game with East Kilbride a few years ago, and was pleased when Cowden won the shoot out to stay up! However, Since then though nothing has improved! Granted there's finally a new manager, but keeping this current team they won't even challenge in the Lowland League next season! There needs to be a big overhaul of the playing squad to compete with Bonnyrigg (If they don't come up), East Kilbride and Spartans. I'm sure Mo Ross though WILL change this up and hope Cowden can win enough games to overtake either Albion or Elgin.
  3. Is there any chance you could take Gary Naysmith as well please?
  4. Ah! OK. Fair enough. Now I know. We see things from the opposite sides, that's all. Apologies anyway!
  5. OK. So do City not play at Ainslie Park? Tbh, I'm puzzled what your problem is with me here?
  6. I've actually not been at a Spartans game for two or three years now, and probably only seen 3 in my life, so I don't know where that's come from?
  7. To be fair, there will be plenty of empty seats on Friday for you to choose from!
  8. I don't log in here so much these days as I've lost a lot of interest in the club this last year, but last night's result prompts me to post. The chairman / board / whoever, have made quite a few Bad decisions since the re-start in March, and giving the managers job to Naysmith was the worst of the lot! Right from the start it was obvious Gary Naysmith was clueless about our team, by killing the momentum we had built during James MacDonagh's time in charge! GN inherited a team that probably would have finished second again (No one could match Kelty) and certainly would have made the play-offs comfortably, BUT No, he rips that all to shreds clears everyone out and replaces them with poor standard journeymen and young boys on loan for a bit experience! Hopefully, IF the club do the right thing!.......the new manager can clear half that squad out and get better players In, in January to keep us up in League two!
  9. I believe there's been some changes these last 18 months Tam, and it's now called the vaccinated Arms....
  10. My point is I'd prefer to watch Edinburgh City every saturday. I'm Not sure what you're point is.......
  11. Good for you Cowdenbeath that your team has games every Saturday! Tell you what, if City decide to play the Bo'ness game on the Friday night then you're welcome to have my seat as I won't be bothering! Funnily enough I might go to Cowdenbeath that Saturday if I'm looking for a game as I quite like to watch the odd Civil Service Strollers match!
  12. Have you heard the date for this tie yet anybody? Is it possible we'll get the Saturday afternoon 3pm for this one? OR are we still stuck with the shitey Friday night slot?
  13. Annan are this week's visitors to New Central Park, to play the League Leaders. Kelty had another 1-0 home win last week with an early goal from Nathan Austin the difference against Stranraer. Annan have (had) been playing very well this season and sat in 2nd place before last week's 1-3 loss at home to Edinburgh City. No doubt Athletic will be keen to get back on track here (and probably play better away from home???), however Kelty themselves will want to push on and secure another 3 points towards their title push. This should be a really goood game!
  14. Friday night action at Ainslie park, sees Edinburgh City host the Blue Brazil. City, much improved recently, looking to add another 3 points here, but we do have quite a few injuries so don't know what sort of team we'll have available. Cowdenbeath on the other hand, started the season in decent form, but no been getting the results the last few weeks. Should still be a tight game, maybe 1-0 either way?
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