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  1. Edinburgh City

    Yeah...SPFL at bit above Brad's level? How about Liam Henderson? He played for Cowden as well?
  2. Edinburgh City

    It's no really fair to single Donaldson oot, (there were a fair few shite performances yesterday) but you two Cowdenbeath fans can see this, yet James McDonagh still puts him in the team, ahead of better players ??? A bad for everyone at City yesterday, players AND coaching staff. Cowden were good and the number 9 took his goals well but we made it too easy for you.

    It might still become interesting when you get beat at Clyde next week though. What a finish to the season we'll have then!
  4. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Another good win for Rovers! Three wins in a row now brilliant! Albion seem to have turned a corner and now have momentum to kick on and secure safety. Really hope you do it, good club, good people. I wish you well
  5. Edinburgh City

    Except it's not a genuine question, is it! Just yet another obvious trolling attempt from YOLT making an absolute p***k of himself yet again! City obviously couldn't afford him but a MASSIVE club like Clyde might be interested in pairing him up with your main striker.
  6. City vs Peterhead

    .....and there we are!!!
  7. City vs Peterhead

    I WAS going to start this thread a few days ago, but thought "what's the point?". Like most threads on here these days, it'll just get hijacked by the usual Clyde Clowns spouting their same old pish yet again.... Anyway, for what it's worth, I think this might be a 1-1 draw. Much depends on who's available for both teams. Is Rory back for Peterheid? What team will McDonagh put out for City? We've had a few of the poorer players in our squad getting a game recently, which is obviously not helping. If the good Peterhead turn up and fancy it, then they'll probably win this.
  8. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    That's what the rangers fans do best, walking away from their team.
  9. The Binos v Albion Rovers

    Great win for Albion Rovers today! Well done to them. Good Club, hopefully they will stay up.
  10. Edinburgh v Berwick

    Spot on mate. Mostly Herts fans, although I'll admit I went to Easter road on Saturday rather than Broadwood as it was a proper "big game" at Easter road. Plus I usually boycott the Clyde games anyway as I wouldn't give you's a penny of my money, nevermind 12 quid or whatever you's charge. You'll be pleased to know City were shite against Berwick and dont look like they can win it. So all said, I'd wish you good luck for the rest of the season as I'd prefer to see Clyde go up.
  11. Clyde vs Edinburgh

    Good win for Clyde then, and seems you deserved it with a commited team performance, digging in to get the 3 points. I believe you'll probably catch Peterheid as well. They're not a great team and you definitely have the momentum with you now to go on and win the league.
  12. Clyde vs Edinburgh

    Hard for you to believe, but Clyde are nothing special. We'd get the same 3 points for winning this game as we did for beating cowdenbeath last week. A big game was in wales two weeks ago, semi final at Connahs quay as that was something different from playing the same teams over and over again in league games.
  13. Clyde vs Edinburgh

    Hopefully 150 to 200 ? It always makes for a better atmosphere with a good away support huge game for both teams so don't see why the city fans wouldn't travel Quite a guess. The numbers are right but with an extra zero on the end. we will probably have about 15 to 20 fans I reckon. It's not an especially big game for us, just another run of the mill league game same as any other week. It's great to see you guys all excited about a good team visiting your ground though. Good luck! Looks a certain draw to me.
  14. Edinburgh City

    Just park in Morrison's car park buddy, that's probably best.
  15. Edinburgh City in Wales

    Thanks guys. Getting excited about this one now!