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  1. Doesn't it annoy you when you're singing along to a song you like, and the artist gets the words wrong!
  2. I went to the gym yesterday and they've got a new machine in. I only used it for 10 minutes, as I was starting to feel sick. It's really good though, it does everything.......Kit-kats, Snickers, Mars bars, Crisps....
  3. As this is the only match in League 2 without it's own thread, I thought it time to get it started. It's going to be difficult to contribute to match threads this season with us not allowed in to watch the games! Anyway, City started very well last week with a 5-1 win away at Brechin. Cowden lost at "home" to Annan 0-3, so that all points to an away win for the Blue Brazil here!
  4. If anyone can be bothered to sponsor me, I'm thinking about doing a 0.000005K "run", to raise awareness of laziness....
  5. Yesterday my wife thought she saw a cockroach in the kitchen. She sprayed everything down and cleaned everywhere thoroughly. Today, I moved the coachroach in to the bathroom.
  6. Scientists have discovered that trees have their own way of communicating with each other, It's called What sap...
  7. Mr Scrooge, (or anyone else that knows) Where has Deano gone to on loan? Also, what's the story with big sexy Rab Mac and finally where is Lairdy?
  8. Excellent win for Annan Athletic, beating premier League side Hamilton Accies 3-1 Brilliant to see another League 2 side upset won of the bigger clubs. Well done Annan.
  9. I've just read that clocks are supposed to go back on the 25th October, but I've lost the receipt for my clock.
  10. Dolly Parton and Queen Elizabeth II are at the Pearly Gates on the same day, waiting to be admitted. They’re told there’s only one space left in Heaven, so the chief angel has to make a decision. The angel says to Dolly “Is there some reason I should let you into Heaven?” Dolly takes her top off “Look at these perfect boobies, the most perfect God ever created. I’m sure it will please The Lord to be able to see them for eternity.” The angel asks the Queen the same question. She walks over to the toilet and pulls the chain. Without saying a word. The angel immediately says “Okay, your majesty, you may go in.” Dolly’s outraged, asking “What’s all that about? I showed you two of God’s finest creations and I get a knock back? All she did was flush the toilet and she gets in – explain yourself please!” “I'm Sorry Dolly,” answers the angel, “but even in Heaven a royal flush beats a pair – (no matter how big they are!”)
  11. Och well, didn't miss much after all. Turns oot our "big away game" was in fact a very low-key bounce game against Hearts u-20s / development boys. 1-1 draw with Marc Laird scoring for us, after a Hertz penalty goal. Best just move on now!
  12. Apparently. we are playing Herts at tyncastle on Friday night in our latest friendly. 😦 I've waited years for us to get a big team away, and now it comes and of course, we're no fukin allowed in! 🤬 Losing interest in this season already, and it's no even started.
  13. Question: My child will not eat fish, what should I replace it with? Answer: A Cat....Cats love fish!
  14. It's good for the boys to finally get to play again, however for me, if we're not allowed in to watch the game then I'm not much interested. Aberdeen and Ross County allowed 300 fans in (Which could accomodate our full support!) but we're not letting anyone in to watch these friendlies. We've probably only got about 25 season ticket holders, so at least let them in to watch. I fear you'll need a season ticket this year to see any football live!
  15. Yep. Most people know this is THE signing (alongside Ajeti and Turnbull) that wraps up 10 in a row. Duffy is quality, and that's really why the H U N S are rattled.
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