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  1. That was a great win for City, away at Annan is a tough place to go. Well done to the boys on earning that win. We're starting to look good now and can push on from here.
  2. To be fair Mr Glum, you were unlucky to lose and Annan are currently the form team in the division. Keep going and the win(s) will come. Hopefully starting next weekend at Cove. Best of luck.
  3. Toonser. What do you think will happen in the January window? Will Cove spend BIG, just to make sure of the title? Spend...just cos they can!
  4. What's the team news from Cove? someone on another thread said they had 8 players out last weekend? Will most of those be back on Saturday?
  5. So this weekend, we have wee run of the mill league fixture against Cove rangers. Nohing much to see here. Probably be a boring 0-0 anyway. 😉
  6. Good luck with this guys! I personally, am a lot more interested in hearing lower league news than reading the saturation coverage of the SP heLL
  7. Tam. Any confidence for the Cove game on Saturday? I've said on another thread the defence and goalie worry me a lot this season. What do other City fans think?
  8. I'd guess Kelty herts and Bonnyrigg Rose are the two most likely. Indeed Kelty Hearts will be a great addition to league 2 next season if they make it.
  9. What injury has Megginson got? Nothing too trivial I hope.
  10. Minertaur, you can't have seen Edinburgh play this season if you're EXPECTING a home win! We've been poor almost all season, and concede far too many cheap goals. I would expect this will be a draw which will suit Cove probably.
  11. Every team that comes, their fans moan aboot Ainslie Park. I really like it though, you get a great view of the match. I prefer it to a lot of the away grounds we have to visit.
  12. First half today was as good as we've played for a long time.! Like last season's team again. 3-0 up at half time. Second half, maybe complacency set in, but back to the utter shite we've produced on many occasions with this seasons team. Still, at least we're thru and in the 4th round draw. I'm praying we get a big tie with either Celtic, Rangers Hibs Herts or Aberdeen.
  13. This weekend we have Annan at Ainslie park in the Scottish cup. What are we thinking about this one?
  14. Och, Chris. That's not very sporting! The referee was a joke for BOTH teams. I'll be fair, and admit Rovers deserved a draw. Actually, Albion looked a decent team and could have won that game. Easy to see why you beat Stenny last week.
  15. Surely, us (Edinburgh City) on the opening day of the season must be the worst team to visit to Balmoral this season? We were a total joke that day! Forgot to get off the bus. Annan are not great away from home right enough. Stirling Albion playing well just now, must be aiming for the last play-off spot Binos fans?
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