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  1. What a pile of shite! Imagine taking the time to write all that nonsense! Plus your a day late. You should have posted this on the 1st April.
  2. I agree with this mostly. No doubt Meadowbank is a better location than Ainslie Park for most people, and there's plenty pubs, if that's a big part of your day out. However, I'm slightly disappointed with this, as the view of the match is going to be horrendous at Meadowbank next season with only that shitey wee flat stand well back from the pitch due to the 8 lane running track. The club DESPERATELY needs to get the other stand built ASAP! Maybe we should have waited another year at AP until Meadowbank was completed.
  3. Great times the 80's! As a young guy, I used to really enjoy the music then and Duran were one of my favourite bands. I'll go with: The Reflex Wild Boys Girls on Film Hungry like the wolf and, Is there something I should know. Great memories! Cheers. Good thread!
  4. The streaming, is pretty good. Picture wise mostly perfect all game. However, the commentator is an odd guy, and makes some funny (unintended!!!) observations! Also remember he's working for Edinburgh City so comments favour us. Finally, I expect a close, hard fought game here. Both teams in decent form and could go either way.
  5. FINALLY! .....The football has returned, and we're back with a cracker of a game at BB as two of the top sides in the division meet on Saturday. Both teams will want, and feel they are good enough, to get the second place finish behind big spending Queen$ Park. After such a long time out of action will fitness play a part in deciding this one, or will it be some great goals for us to watch on our streams? Anyway, Fantastic for our league to be back and a game for us to actually care about!
  6. That Cove Rangers idea could work! Get them wearing blue shirts and buy their way up the leagues! Could be just like 2012, 2013 all over again!
  7. This is why we never get anywhere with Scottish football! Too much self interest from, the "big" teams. So unflexable, even during these unique circumstances we are in. Leagues 1 and 2 would love the opportunity to complete their season on time, but have been sacrificed to enable the "big teams" to continue playing. Every team in Scotland should work towards finding the best solution here, never mind this "The play-offs are already scheduled" (Before this pandemic!) so the wee shitey teams will just have to get on with it, nonsense.
  8. I've just noticed this. I would NOT be keen to watch anything at that place! For a brand new stadium, that is a shambles from the Rugby people!!! It's now 2021 and they can't even organise Cantilever stands for a new ground! Very poor.
  9. BBC Report says: Some League One and League Two clubs still have 19 fixtures of their 27-game campaign to complete, and would face the prospect of playing every Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for a spell to catch up. Why cant we just extend the season until the middle of June, right before the Euros start? All players contracts will be until June 30th so are covered. Try to finish league fixtures on 29/30 May weekend, then two weeks for the play-offs start of June?
  10. That would actually be awesome to have a younger version of big Joe Mbu! That's probably our weakest area centre defence, so big Joe would be the perfect fit.
  11. I'd rather have to go play Airdrie than Clyde right enough, so it could have been worse!
  12. When I saw we had drawn Airdrie away again, I thought "that's a shit draw" so it works both ways. I suppose at this stage with no premier league teams involved, any draw would seem boring.
  13. Four older gentlemen are out golfing, and the topic of their children's professional success is brought up. The first guy steps up, hurriedly takes his shot, and starts walking to find his ball without saying a word... The second man steps up to take his shot and confidently reports, "My son is doing pretty well. He's just been promoted to manager of the car dealership he works at. In fact, he's doing so well gave the last lady he was seeing a brand new sports car." Then he takes takes a swing and drives the ball down towards the green. The third guy steps up and can't help but escalate with praise for his own son, "That's pretty impressive, but my boy is also doing great. He's a chip off the old block. He's a broker for luxury yachts, and really has a knack for it. He's doing so well that the last woman he was dating he just gave her a freaking boat!". He takes his shot and stands next to the other guy. The last gentleman, growing in confidence steps up to the tee, really feeling pride in his son's accomplishments, "Those are nothing to scoff at, no doubt. Believe it or not though, my son is doing even better! He's a top ranked real eastate agent and had such a profitable year that he up and bought this girl he's been dating a new house!" He drives his shot almost to the hole and all three walk down to meet the friend that lost his ball in the trees. The first guy chips his ball out as they arrive at the green. As he walks up to meet them, they ask him, "What about you? You didn't say anything before you shot... don't you have something to share about your son?" He dips his head a little and replies, " I love my son and I'm happy he's happy. He's gay, a cross dresser, and does some work as an escort... "He must be very good though - just this year his three top clients have bought him a Ferarri, a small yacht, and a new fuckin' house!"
  14. A gorgeous shapely girl was lying naked in a hospital bed with just a sheet half-covering her. Suddenly a young man walked in, pulled back the sheet and examined her closely. “What’s the verdict?” she asked. He replied, “You’ll have to ask a doctor, love. ..I’m just here to clean the room...”
  15. "SIRI, Why do I always mess it up with women?" Um, I do not understand who Siri is, this is ALEXA.
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