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  1. Annan Athletic 1-1 Cowdenbeath Cove Rangers 3 -0 Brechin City Edinburgh City 1-1 Albion Rovers Elgin City 1 - 1 Stirling Albion Stenhousemuir 1-2 Queen's Park
  2. This weekend's entertainment sees Edinburgh City host Albion Rovers at Ainslie Park. Probably a bit of a non event now that the boys have, once again, folded after the new year. I always believed we'd eventually catch Cove and win the league, but the amount of points we've tamely dropped recently has been hugely disappointing! So now ticking over until the playoffs begin it would be good to win some games and build some momentum going into them. Rovers will come and give us a good game and might nick a point here. Hopefully the stay up, good club. Always enjoy an away day at the Rovers. Probably 1-1 draw here.
  3. The blue brazil are due to host Edinburgh City on Saturday in our latest league 2 match. There's been plenty rain this week so I don't know if this games in any danger ? Both teams had a good first half of the season but both now out of form. City were hugely disappointing at home to Brechin last weekend so I don't know how this will pan out.
  4. Just noticed this. I don't know why you used my quote, as it still stands as correct. Lennon Doesn't have a clue and is the biggest danger to Celtic getting 10 in a row.
  5. Absolutely agree, we're more than capable in the play-offs, BUT we were more than capable to win the league and again have let it slip by, dropping too many points to teams we should have beaten comfortably. We don't get enough shots on target, and are too "nice". to get the Job done. Brechin, I hope stay up. However, I'd worry for them in their play-off as having nothing up front, a lack of goals might cost them against Kelty or Brora. But Good fans, one of the nicer clubs in the league, hope they survive.
  6. That sums this game up Tam. That we could only get 2 shots in on target over 90 minutes at home to bottom of the league team was hugely disappointing. So the playoffs it is then, and no doubt that will pass us by as well, as an in form team like Stirling or Elgin will be too good on the day.
  7. Brechin City vist Edinburgh City at Ainslie Park on Saturday. Both teams need the three points for different reasons. I would love to say I'm looking forward to this one, but the weather looks a bit miserable. (Edinburgh) City let a great chance of beating Cove slip past them last weekend and so now must win every game left.
  8. If the good version of Edinburgh City turned every week we'd win this league easily, BUT far too many times this season we've dropped points in games (on paper) we should have won. We have had a load of injuries to our better players to contend with, but overall I'd say we've been very disappointing for the most part. Yet still we have a chance to reach the top if we win these next two games against Annan and then Cove. Seems most of the long term injured players are back soon for the final push, and we've yet to hit form and have a "purple patch" so if that happens over the next next three months then it could be a nice finish to the season for City. Annan have always been a good side and given us difficult games and this again will be a tough test for us. Also the Annan fans are some of the better ones to have visited Ainslie Park!
  9. COVE ***$ 5-1 Annan - Cove too much firepower Cowdenbeath 2-0 Brechin - Cowden always win at home Queen's Park 2-0 Albion Rovers - QP a better team than Rovers Stirling Alb 2-1 Elgin - Stirling flying at the moment, although Elgin will make it tough. Stenhoosemuir 2-2 Edinburgh City - Stenny no too bad at mo, great win last week. City struggling just now with injuries.
  10. This should be decent. Two teams, when on form, are amongst the best in the league and both have every chance of making the playoffs. Stirling are flying just now and might nick a 2-1 win here. Although Elgin, on their day can beat any team in the league.
  11. Cowdenbeath host Brechin on Saturday in an interesting League two fixture. I'm interested to see how Josh Rae and Graeme Taylor perform as I rate both actually. Cowden fans. How long do you have Josh Rae for ? I thought he was very good when we had him on loan recently.
  12. This weekend sees Stenny host Edinburgh City at Ochilview park. Stenhousemuir may have gained some confidence from last week's great away win at Elgin. City meanwhile have been very poor the last two weeks, and badly need to get back on track with a win here. No prediction from me as I've no idea which City team will turn up!
  13. The experienced guys like Handling and Harris should have got up more to support Sheps (who was isolated, and can't do it all by himself) but equally they couldn't find a forward pass at Hamilton as we had no one high enough up the pitch. It was just a shite performance from us. Hopefully get some better form back for next week!
  14. I would like to apologise to any Hamilton Accies fans that did turn up and payed 15 quid to watch that! Probably the most boring game I've ever been at. My team forgot to turn up and let us down and failed to make a competitive game for everyone to watch. It was just utter shite from us. We're not usually that bad and were missing two or three of our best players but just got our set up badly wrong on Saturday. Sadly....
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