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  1. Edinburgh City

    Just park in Morrison's car park buddy, that's probably best.
  2. Edinburgh City in Wales

    Thanks guys. Getting excited about this one now!
  3. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Hopefully City will win the second semi-final tonight then! That said, it will be tough for us to get a result in wales.
  4. The worst supported club in the league would probably be Albion Rovers or Cowdenbeath, Potato head but never mind. No History? Well 53 years actually and in the last 4 years won two lowland league titles and won promotion to the league. Not so bad really. You should be more concerned about your own team getting sent down the road with nothing.
  5. I don't know aboot the cauld, looking at the weather forecast I'm mare concerned about wind problems!
  6. That's right. You're the guy that had us signing Gary Harkins and then also said "Edinburgh would have some impressive signings to look forward to in january!". ........Of course, we never signed anyone! Big spenders that we are! Anyway, you might actually be right about a score draw here. Peterhead will want this, but hopefully we've got enough to take something from the game.
  7. This should actually be quite entertaining with lots of goals! Albion were no too bad last week and could actually win this one. That said, I predict 2-3 as Elgin have a bit more going forward.
  8. The top two teams in the league meet at Balmoor on Saturday in the big game of the day. Peterheid will want to win this one to close the gap on the league leaders down to one point. If city can get the win, then they will be sitting in a great place on Saturday night. Should be a good game.
  9. Edinburgh City v Rovers

    Decent win for City in the end. We could've had 4 or 5 but the momentum we had at 3-1 up was lost by the manager with his now weekly stupid substitutuons! As has already been said Rovers were not that bad and just need a striker to get a few goals and they might be ok.
  10. Edinburgh City v Rovers

    Excellent news! Now we need to win this game and go four points clear!

    I don't know why you've bothered to post that this week! Feels like another defeat! The amount of points we've thrown away this last month is fukin ridiculous! Looks like the top two are trying are trying to hand the title to Clyde.
  12. Edinburgh City

    Thanks for that bud. Never realised that was there.
  13. Edinburgh City

    Oh, the irony! Anyway, have a good week officer.