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  1. This diseased pitch is going to affect our passing game
  2. We can give Lewis a run up the road after the game if he needs one
  3. A warm welcome back to Paisley for Cammy Smith who will no doubt make us pay for the last season on the bench
  4. The same condition Stubbs had when scouting for players, probably the optician will get a cut in the deal
  5. There's a ban for the supporter who threw it, do you have to prove it or is an admission enough?
  6. Would give my right testicle to have him in the side even now, doesn't even have to be that mobile
  7. The only time we host this lot, drag their knuckles down to Paisley for a full rendition of every hate and bile filled song ever written. Fully expect them to recover their away form
  8. Whatever happened to SMTID? when the support start to disappear that will be seen on the pitch and the heads go down and we have no recovery, surely we keep on supporting and going to back the team, we didn't expect to win every game like last year so for me it's take the rough with the smooth
  9. Would Killie not be one of those teams that doesn't really offend anyone a la Thistle and could be trusted to sit amongst the home support in the main or family stand, I'm sure we'll did this before and it all went wells. I also remember a proper battle with Killie outside the sheriff court a long time ago but that element is mostly gone from both clubs
  10. The champions are playing Celtic, let's do this COYS
  11. If there was ever a poster looking to define the Glory Hunter definition I gave then you, my man, have proved the point TAKE A BOW
  12. Definition of glory hunter would be a person who passes other professional football grounds to get to the one who win most of the time, usually someone insecure and lacking in other aspects of their lives and want to feel like they are a superior in at least one thing
  13. Got a shed load of rage every time he touched the ball v Dundee and abuse when he was in earshot from the main stand, I agree he was a great player and was disappointed when he left
  14. Can't really agree with that. If he signs a genuinely good player or two and gets a few results I'm sure folks minds would change. Of course, if things improved a lot of people would be apologising, I’d love that to happen, no one wants this
  15. We’ve lost McGinn Super John McGinn I just don’t think you understand All we do is frown Because we’re going down We’ve lost super John McGinn
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