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  1. 1 hour ago, pozbaird said:

    Just out of interest, and in a ‘haven’t you got better things to do poz’ way… I always say ‘Livvy’. Should it be ‘Livi’? Is this an issue? Does anyone really care? Like Greenock Morton FC - does it really matter? 

    At least it isn’t the ‘jobbie v jobby’ debate… cue Drooper. 😀

    I was told off for starting a game topic as Livy because there is no Y in Livingston so respected their wishes, fussy Livy fuckers😄

  2. On 06/03/2023 at 20:16, kingjoey said:

    Hibs should have come out and said that, due to the club they are playing on Wednesday night, they were going to hold the tribute to Ron Gordon at their next home match. 

    I don’t agree, decent supporters shouldn’t be pandering to either half of the bigot brothers just because they will ruin a tribute and it shows them up for what they are. I’m glad the Hibs out sang them and gave an impressive display on how to support a man who did a lot for the club, none of these wee Fannie’s will get a tribute like that- if they’re lucky they’ll get a sprayed on bed sheet draped over a motorway railing next to where they loved to spray paint. 

  3. 4 hours ago, PauloPerth said:

    Big game.

    A st mirren win sees our outside hopes of top six disappear. A St Johnstone win and we’re within 3 points of them.

    A draw wouldn’t be a huge shock. Imagine it’ll be a bit of a tight hard fought affair with few chances.

    st Mirren have brought a good support to McDiarmid the past couple of seasons. Would be good if we went back to putting away crowds in the north stand so there’s a bit of banter between the two supports as at Tannadice last weekend.

    But I imagine the massive security risk of a Saint v Buddies match rules that option out…

    Can we have 3 stands please?, thank you in advance. 

  4. 3 hours ago, ZingaliMan said:

    County have made progress lately add in our injury list this will not be an easy game to win for St Mirren. Love my days out to the football a wee beer on the ferry train to St James into the 1877 club. . Then Wemyss Bay station bar before the ferry always great crac in there owner is a St Mirren season ticket holder. If Saints win it's a magic day out. , If we lost then it's still a good day out. 

    Take elvis with you, might change either of your outlooks on the day😃

  5. 1 hour ago, Stu said:

    Alan Burrows going to Aberdeen has me a bit more worried they'll nick Robinson - and also opens up the possibility of Lasley going back to Fir Park.

    I don’t think Aberdeen will do the big club routine on us for a while since Jim didn’t exactly set the heather on fire, the fans won’t want to go down that road either and Keith is in his first season so hope he would stay to see the season out. 

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