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  1. One of them even called us bigoted, I can’t wait and hope we fill our home and pump them.
  2. IFAB are looking at changing a rule where the traditional throw in is replaced with a kick in to make the game quicker. This makes the game of murderball a full time part of the game and maybe more exciting and the game more rugby league than union in terms of athletic ability. any thoughts?
  3. Family stand is remaining as a home stand when the cheeks come to Greenhill Rd, good news.
  4. It’s a dark place and sad reflection on our support.
  5. It’s unlikely we would get Connor so of all the loanees we had last season Gogic would be the most wanted for me.
  6. Does anyone know what Ross County do?, they only give one stand by the looks of highlights. I think we should give one stand and 2 sections of the main and make it public that their scummy songs are not tolerated in football, i doubt it would have any effect but someone has to take a stance and if every team did the same it might make a difference.
  7. I knew there was a reason I really don’t want Oxford to even win a corner.
  8. Has Tommy had a beard malfunction or been chibbed on the way in to the studio?
  9. Not funny, just trying to help. Enjoy the seaside
  10. I have a West Ham supporting mate who booked flights from Stansted at 0855 on the morning of the game and has a hotel room for 3 in Seville which he is looking to offload.
  11. A whole £10 entry for the last game at SMP this season is a brilliant gesture by the club and a win has us remaining ahead of the sheep which must be our last aim of the season. 2 - 0 Adam double
  12. Fair play to Curtis Main, had some stinkers and loads of abuse but he’s played through the pain barrier and his perseverance has paid off.
  13. Add Tiddlywinks and Scissors/ Paper/ stone to the list of things you love seeing them getting pumped at.
  14. Will Hibs have a new manager type bounce and if so, can we get some?
  15. For the gaffers top 6 dream to come true we need draws at Aberdeen and Livingston and Hearts to beat Hibs then we pump the currents - simples
  16. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. If there was ever a reasonable time to face these morons it is after a European away game but we are St Mirren and Rangers will feel this is as good as a rest judging by the way we played on Saturday. Main to start, it honestly can’t get any worse. Get the penalty given early and see what happens after that. Please the stadium the way you found it.
  17. Towel being thrown in or as we buddies say, here’s Curtis.
  18. That defending is woeful. How is no one attacking the ball.
  19. That is a new low for Scottish football if that was ever a penalty and got exactly what they deserved by missing.
  20. The good news is that the blue cheeks game is sandwiched between their 2 Europa League games, might work out well for us if they are looking elsewhere as they don’t do well after Euro games. Fingers crossed.
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