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  1. The blue cheeks visit our fine town and will nondoubt bring the tone down, we’ve done it before and don’t think we have anything to be worried about, would love to silence the 2 stands we give them, take their blue pound and shove it up their arse. 2-1 saints Top bin McGinn strike by Brophy
  2. Unfortunate to have had our momentum broken by the international break, pick up where we finished and we will be fine COYS
  3. In an ideal world our own support could pledge to snap up every ticket for the game and lock them out the ground, give them some of their own medicine
  4. Pity there’s nowhere for Raith fans to sit
  5. Seen the Miller incident, was my first proper World Cup to watch
  6. Thought that, Stark went to Celtic but Miller did play in a World Cup so they count that I suppose
  7. Really good article on Skysports.com on Fergies Furies, can’t seem to copy the link for everyone
  8. McGrath hat trick to show JR what he missed
  9. Got a bore draw written all over this, standby for more honking east coast patter, Maureen central
  10. The BBC stopped short of just writing “some guys left the club”
  11. Kennedy sounds like an expensive outlay for a player who isn’t all that, I’d rather not get him and leave him on the dons bench counting his cash
  12. This thread should be in the St Mirren thread seeing as most Saintees seem to be experts in our club’s issues and finances
  13. It’s all very well saying the Sellick defence is poor but I can’t see us getting far enough forward to trouble them, I fear a tanking, destroyed in the first half then they take the foot off to rest for going to Holland, happy to be proved wrong Jim COYS
  14. Jack is no bad a managing, Sammy a decent coach and kit man folds a mean shirt, you are welcome
  15. C’mon the Jonnie’s, keeping everything crossed and hope your cup competition success continues
  16. Going on the Dundee post until this dies down, they guys seem like fun
  17. Only 2 more times we have to read the Dee patter merchants thankfully
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