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  1. Rangers putting pressure on the referee pre game, the binos have got them worried.
  2. Really disappointed that such a traditional old ground is using modernish technology like QR codes, only noise coming from the turnstile should be a click at Somerset Park and the steward asking you to take off the flat cap to check you really are under 16 for the child ticket you just squeaked a request for. Best ground in Scotland.
  3. Bitter, salty tears from Tannadice commentary team. Delightful
  4. Those commentators are murder, got caught out expecting Henderson to take a dive and he didn’t and everything is against Utd. We are playing really well, good going forward and tight at the back so far, more of this please and Hendo is justifying his place after a good display against the green cheeks.
  5. Beeks is playing at Spurs this weekend and Jack Ross’s love child Jim Kellerman is playing at Chelsea in the romance of the cup, good luck Jon, Jim Kellerman is like the Saints Santa that no one is sure he exists.
  6. The chance Main has against the green cheeks was similar to Obikasvagaimst Herts and we know how they both ended so says it all really.
  7. Goodie said 2 players were passed fit and clean just out of time for Wednesday so I’d imagine they will be back. Deano deserves not to lose his place but once all fit we can get Main so far to [email protected]&k.
  8. Obika returning for a last game before shut down would be great, he loves a swan song
  9. Scouting the next opposition mate, stood next to a wee guy in a green and white scarf which covers both sides so move on, thanks for playing
  10. Saints at home to a hopefully hung over and depleted CFC, who knows what team we will have out and fit but unfortunately I’m sure Celtic can field a team of nobodies and still get the result. Jims son expected to run on the park at full time and ask for Kyogos shirt waving a Japanese flag. In he words of Kevin Keegan I’d [email protected]&*ing love it if we beat them. Please leave the stadium the way you found it.
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