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  1. The last game of a run in February which we’ve escaped largely positively, time for a last push before a few days off for the boys hopefully or alternatively could discuss who beat Celtic in a better manner over a beer or 2 and call it a home win
  2. They are not ashamed to show off their Ulster tattoos whilst their players are all ex- Hearts hatchet men with thinning blonde curls who have been thrown out the Savoy at some point in their lives and not strangers to handcuffs
  3. NL won’t be leaving until the league is officially over, he has a bonus of a years salaryif they win the league and if they let him go before then he is entitled to the bonus
  4. Please Goody, give us a game which isn’t ruined by a blunder, mis-hit or deflection against this mob. I suppose anything other than a 0-3 is a bonus. Thankfully the the game is played in a stadium that doesn’t look like somewhere ISIS mistook for a UNESCO world heritage site and destroyed it. Erwin hat trick anybody
  5. Hopefully we’ve learned from the semi final where we let ourselves down, a bit of rotation where we can and the Livy guys not wanting injured before the big final should see the 3 points staying in Paisley
  6. This starts a run of winnable games which will define which grounds we visit after game 33. Injuries will probably dictate what formation the gaffer puts out, time for Beeks to step up with the long awaited hat trick 0-0 borefest incoming
  7. enhanced experience when we all get back to backing the Buddies safely from the stands. I would imagine a standing section in W7
  8. Got you, your teams utter pish so you come trawling on other pages. We’ve you guys next but I probably won’t be able to use that titling as by the rate of your collapse it’s doubtful you’ll remain in the top 6
  9. Both games have been 2-1 to the away side so far, I’m still on a high from the last game and anything we get again is a bonus. Same side probably won’t work since we tried that against the other cheek and lightning didn’t strike twice. 2-2, Obika hat-trick
  10. Prediction was right though the rest was a bit wonky
  11. The punishment for the Scott Brown incident is he has to play the next 2 games
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