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  1. Saints to win this 5-0, Dikamona will report Saints fans to the NHS for sniffing
  2. Did you not see the europa league disaster, Rozzers are getting in first
  3. 104 pages and no mention about not being tested domestically
  4. Broadfoot did not come out of nowhere, he and Paul McGinn were told to find another club, 100%
  5. Here's the lad who stuck in at Algebra thinking it will eventually become useful
  6. They demand less Kevin Clancy and more Andrew Dallas then, dears
  7. Obviously only applies to these 2 clubs then 🤔
  8. Aberdeen are honking right now and were poor on the last game in Paisley, to make it worse for them they are asked to get down to the game at a ridiculous time on a Sunday, expect McInnes is on a single and not a return ticket to Aberdeen after this. COYS
  9. Goody is parking the bus apparently. Good luck to all the buddies going to this one, take a brolly
  10. Didn't even claim back the £2 for the pick up zone
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