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  1. Bacchus ended up playing right back when hey were being forced back, nearly had an assist at the end
  2. Stop the crosses that Sevco will rain down on us and we will get GVB a taxi by tea time.
  3. We had Beaton and Collum refereeing yesterday and a clear penalty not even considered, if that had been given a draw would have been a fair result. Top 6 isn’t something our budget is equal to and we’re well punching at the moment.
  4. I think the other right back is Bhehich from Dundee Utd who is too busy nursing his serious facial injury.
  5. Ryan Strain has made the provisional Australia list for the World Cup. Great news for him personally and for the club to showcase how playing regularly can put you in the shop window.
  6. The league cup semi final where we won 3-2 and beat them 2-0 in 2021 in an empty stadium
  7. Jonah returns so hoping for the same as the Livingston game, more of the score rather than the performance. Haven’t seen the ticket sales but Killie usually bring a good crowd to Paisley, would consider giving them another stand if they could sell it out.
  8. Away and find some other legend for your profile picture
  9. St Mirren have the Misery hunters podcast which is a good laugh and totally based on the Buddies, do most teams have similar supporters doing these?
  10. Rangers fans too preoccupied with bigger fish to fry and not bothered about the league to post for this. After the result against the green cheeks anything is possible but with Jonah suspended and a few injuries from the Livi game I’d settle for a minor defeat or a draw. Fair play to any buddie willing to shell out £31 to attend.
  11. I really hope that our ballboys are coached to not throw the ball back too quickly, at least wait til our defence has sorted itself out.
  12. I will not be observing the English national anthem, probably a good time to get a coffee.
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