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  1. Connelly starting as to be a bonus, it’s his time now to show us all if he’s up o it or is likely to remain a bit part player
  2. Home support apathy might have stopped anyone starting this thread but it’s happening so let’s go, any goal from saints would be welcome, someone’s going to get it and hopefully it’s on Saturday
  3. The fact it's a local derby is probably a mystery to at least 6 of them, it's just another game until the crowd are there a lot more vocal than usual, it's just a game against the junior club down the road ( hope this doesn't come back to bite! )
  4. Geography not your strong point and Dundee has a huge infection rate but apart from that you win
  5. A Friday night under the lights a few years ago sent shivers down my spine, great atmosphere, magic result and Arabs got pelted with snowballs. This will be a lot different but hopefully the same result
  6. I'd be happy to play this at Pro-life,7 a side so both teams have no excuses or allegations from non- entities
  7. Time for Jim to find his settled 11 and start getting some points on the board, 'well are unpredictable so not sure how this will go
  8. I can only hope we get back to winning ways and make amends for a poor run Erwin to score first, after that who knows COYS
  9. It's fair to say after the twitter w**k comment we really do hate hearts more than you
  10. Fantastic start for both teams but surely time for the saints to show who's boss, predicting home win and usual poor away support
  11. Vaclav who?? Jak was brilliant yesterday by the look of it
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