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  1. I was told off for starting a game topic as Livy because there is no Y in Livingston so respected their wishes, fussy Livy fuckers
  2. They are the turd that won’t flush and by that I don’t mean relegated ( that was Hamilton) I wish they’d be rubbish and give the buddies a spot at the top table. I hope the break gives a few of our injured guys a chance at playing and pray our internationals return in one piece.
  3. Sounds great and looks like the club made a good sell to him, hopefully he’ll reach the levels he’s aiming for with us.
  4. Tbf, another 2 minutes and they start heading to their cars to beat the queues.
  5. That’s not how Masonic conspiracies work mate.
  6. C’mon the Jambos, the whole of Scotland is behind you.
  7. Far too keen to get the shite patter up to start a topic and didn’t pay attention to detail. 1/10
  8. I don’t agree, decent supporters shouldn’t be pandering to either half of the bigot brothers just because they will ruin a tribute and it shows them up for what they are. I’m glad the Hibs out sang them and gave an impressive display on how to support a man who did a lot for the club, none of these wee Fannie’s will get a tribute like that- if they’re lucky they’ll get a sprayed on bed sheet draped over a motorway railing next to where they loved to spray paint.
  9. Not sure how JG will take to being Mulgrews assistant but I imagine he will send him out to train with the youngsters.
  10. Beautiful Sunday will never be forgotten, can’t see lightning striking twice tho. Our injury list is getting bigger and they’ll be up for revenge but hopefully they’ve been on the Buckie all week celebrating and might keep the score down. Here comes the shop front photos.
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