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  1. Great game tonight and fair result in the end, brilliant goal by the young team. Good luck on Saturday Killie
  2. I said he same in the Livy game and apparently the pitch is the same size as ours, the sweeping stands make it look more expansive
  3. Is this the same SFA that 2 of our youth academy graduates played in the last international game, I look forward to the reasons behind this
  4. I have nothing to add other than polluting the Old Friends post looking down my nose at 2 teams with zero to play for but will still seethe at each other, enjoy
  5. If the stars align correctly we can get this jobby flushed at last ( thanks MH!)
  6. Is there not a whole section for Old Firm to goad each other?
  7. Hopefully we’ll have Connolly down the right ripping Waters a new one, a definite weak link in the Killie defence
  8. Beautiful play by Obika to get the shot away and nice way to finish the game, I know ultimately Beeks missed a goal again but I’d love to keep him
  9. He might have went out straight from work or maybe telling the missus he’s still got a job al la Full Monty
  10. the playoffs will be included in their quota
  11. 2 players who have the face of someone who would shit in your kettle would be Ryan Kent and Phil Foden, happy to be proved wrong
  12. That was strange that the poster hated us because we scored heavily against them and for beating them in 87 semi, how dare we!
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