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  1. Is this a comparison between Mor10 and Barcelona? Must be some good gear down your way
  2. Rangers vs Hearts 3rd April

    And they call US St Lie doon
  3. St Mirren v Celtic

    Lyons, G Mack, Dreyer, Mullen and Flynn all out
  4. St Mirren v Celtic

    5 changes for the saints, resting for the big game
  5. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    Hopefully Jackson is packing his suncream and not going to be around to give the Dee fans a chance to thank him, Cooke and the Duck to start please, wee Danny to come on later
  6. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    Good start to the second half and now here comes the duck COYS
  7. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    Never mind a panenka at the bottom of the league, it's a Luiz, foot through the [email protected]&stard
  8. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    No changes for the buddies from the Killie game, unleash the duck in the 2nd half
  9. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    The blue seats of Ibrox
  10. The Buddies v The Killie

    Have you ever tried to park in Largs? Yes, you're right, how unthoughful of me!
  11. Aberdeen v Accies

  12. St Mirren v Dundee United

    Certainly looked like a revenge attack