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  1. What it does say signing Middleton is that the 5-2-3 is set to continue. Aside from the shape discussion. Does he improve the starting 11? Not seen much of him so can't possibly pass comment myself. Conway while does look extremely fit for a 35 year old winger as the season goes on I can't see him managing to play 90 mins every week despite, particularly twice a week. MOH has already shown enough that he cannot adapt to the role and actually looked much more comfortable even at wing back in that short period he played there.
  2. I'm aware that's where the gif is from. For a minute though I did mistake it for an actual gif of Randomguy due to the striking resemblance though. Just didn't want him getting his hopes up.
  3. Nope. Like "Frag ❤️" has said there's allegedly a 6 figure fee required 😂
  4. I wonder if Davidson has been told no more permanent signings while we're at the risk of going down? Certainly get the impression that Kirsten's approach is a very risk adverse one.
  5. Was thinking the same. Wondered how and maybe even worried we'd struggle to replace him when he left. Watching him now you, Mccart for example looks streets ahead of him.
  6. I know many have twitter and can see the post for themselves but I'm sure there's a few who don't bother with it. Also it's an interesting subject to discuss? Well done Mr Wotherspoon. There's nothing that makes me happier as a Saints fan seeing a lad from Perth playing so many games for the club. Especially during such a consistent period for the club. who's your favourite on the list? As a kid I grew up loving Alan Main. The season Chris Millar won all the awards I don't think I've seen a player for Saints produce such a consistent high level over a season. He was everywhere.
  7. Doesn't look like it. Unless they do a deal with PREM Sport to get it but can't see them being that interested.
  8. Because it's part of the football discussion on a forum. People express their views, discuss and debate it etc. Not sure what could be gained by agitating towards anyone who questioned it or that thought differently from you. Many have reason to question the tactics. We've scored about 3 goals at home all season playing it as example. If Hibs did take one or more of their first half chances I doubt you'd be saying the same as you are now. The fact he does have coaching badges didn't really have much to do with that.
  9. As much as McNamara did well for us. We look a better side with Rooney at wing back. Well done to him. First 30 mins one of the worst periods of the season. Second half was almost perfection. Imagine, just imagine if we could play like that every week. We'll maybe get that new signing now as well. EDIT: I did not know Shaun Rooney signed for York under Jackie M!!!
  10. St. Johnstone don't do packing the midfield. Not with the managers formation obsession
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