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  1. Rumour you say? Probably some c**t and Photoshop right enough but heyho!
  2. The bold and gracious Jambo philanthropist has covered that already. That will only last circa 6 months though per club at 2 tests a week though. Will Lowland League/Highland league clubs be testing? What happens when they enter the League cup etc. How can they justify the 2k a week!
  3. I thought it was a quite good impression. Only thing missing was "Neil has blood on his hands" or something similar type finger pointing at Doncaster statement.
  5. Not sure. I imagine so though as the club's voted against giving the SPFL management of the rules relating to covid without a vote. You make a good point though. They'll struggle to agree. Arguably should have been agreed before a ball was kicked. Same probably goes for disciplinary rules around sanctioning teams/players for Covid breaches. There's probably nothing in the rules to charge them with and would need to change those going forward via a vote 😂
  6. They will be. It just won't be made public to us until they need to do so.
  7. Agreed 💯 I'm just in a huff because I want to go to the fitbaw again 😂
  8. Seen that earlier. Fucks me off. The notion that football fans in Stadiums is outrageous but going to packed pubs to watch the same football game you'd attend in-person isn't nor is watching football in a cinema.
  9. I know I mistook yourself the other day when you said about the restaurant and I thought you meant Aberdeen but I very much agree and feel going out for dinner to a restaurant that has appropriate social distancing etc is a massive difference between the other idiots. They didn't go to mobbed pubs etc or go on a secret trip to Spain.
  10. I mean... Unless you support either Rangers or Celtic. Who cares.
  11. Will be used as a deterrent and punishment to the SPFL clubs. They'll basically say it's postponed for X weeks to allow SPFL to prove they're in control of testing and the club's.
  12. If true they honestly should just give it up. 3 weeks in and we'll be at the point of more games called off then actually played. If this is the precident for calling off whole week worth of games then whats going to happen when there's the inevitable non rule breaking outbreaks at clubs... Always likely to happen in the winter. We'll be 20+ games down!
  13. No he wouldn't. EVERYONE. Has to quarantine. The laws are not different. I reckon you just get a kick about attention seeking shit like this.
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