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  1. The window he was recalled has absolutely zero baring. You're quoting stuff like it's fact. Players can be recalled in the same window, often unlikely but there's nothing stopping it happening. If Millwall wanted McNamara to return, he was returning the fact we ended up with Brown was a nicety. It wasn't us standing firm. "Try and figure out.." do yourself a favour and stop that condescending shite. Especially when you're quite prone to talk absolutely horseshite yourself.
  2. If the current agreement has within it that they can recall him. We don't get a say. The same with McNamara deal. Do you honestly think Millwall asked us for permission?
  3. How can folk read screenshots? Simmer down before ya have a brain hemorrhage. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET SO FUCKING UPSET.
  4. If a player is leaving I couldn't really care where he goes especially if they're going down south. If it's 500k from Wigan, Bournemouth or Aston Villa it's the same 500k.
  5. I think we are yeah. Potentially... Clark, Gordon, Kerr, Mccart, & Rooney. With needing to also replace Muzz, Bryson & Liam in midfield due to age and McCann as well due to him moving on.
  6. And who said being as Saints fan isn't exciting on deadline day! Strangely not really seen us linked with anyone. The names usually trickle out!
  7. Does that kind of business come from a few failed pre contract attempts towards the end of last season and then panic renewals? We apparently made an attempt for Brophy for example and may have been others we tried and failed to sign. Hard to see us offering him a 2 year deal if we'd brought someone else in at that point.
  8. If that's what Mays getting no club in the Championship would be offering to pay 100% of 3k a week. No chance. They'd need to be blind.
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