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  1. 100%. All we'll offer right now is loans to replace him. I suspect unless we're to get a good fee for Kennedy then we'll not be spending a penny to bring them in now.
  2. Doubt it. He seems pretty set on seeing out his contact with us before heading back over the water.
  3. So no doubt I will renew my season ticket regardless but it's the away games for me that have gone by the way side up till about 12 months ago I would go to every home and away match and would be quite gutted if I missed a single game. Not because we've been shit but personal circumstance has meant money has been tighter so the luxury of away games was cut down. I'll get to the point now though. It's basically to back up your point. I thought I'd miss the away games, but very quickly realised I don't as much as I thought I would... Probably for the same reasons you're thinking about your season ticket. The football part itself has not been very enjoyable in recent times. So can absolutely see why you're on the fence about traveling from Glasgow as I'm pretty much feeling exactly the same about traveling from Perth in the opposite direction to support the team. It's also for me not about playing some form of attractive football either. I'm happy with the be tight. Team fights for their life is organised and gets a 1-0 win. The problem is now more often than not there's not the same level of determination or anywhere near the same like of organisation either.
  4. Why is no one saying O'Halloran is shit? Missing sitters regularly. Imagine May or Kane missed those chances dogs abuse. performances this season as a whole from him have been very average although recently he's not played very much but prior performances doesn't exactly justify him game time either.
  5. Not condescending at all. Were either in the market for players like him who are younger and looking for a step up or players who've lost their way a bit. MOH as an example. Were never going to sign a proven goal scorer at this level. Someone who is very likely to score 20 goals or a defender in his prime that's played 200 plus games at this level, knows the league etc.
  6. I do like the thought of that. I think TW will too as it'll allow him to have the 3 in in the middle of the park as well that he prefers. Although Drey Wright's best stuff has been out wide for Saints and that shape doesn't suit him. I know Wright prefers to play centrally though.
  7. According to that Transfermarkt website since the 14-15 season he has missed 89 games. equivalent to 2 and a third seasons worth of league games over a period of 6 and a half seasons. Including 4 knee injuries - We thought Stevie May had fucked knees. Not sure how accurate the stats of course and it seems this season he's stayed fit, hope he wants to join us and I of course hope he does well! Do Aberdeen fans rate him?
  8. All their fans act like total inbreeds on twitter. Surely they're not all that special?
  9. When he initially signed at McDiarmid he was represented by Alan Preston so if that's the same this time round then that would probably explain why his agent is being forthcoming. Can't imagine Alan Preston would operate like one of those agents who tells club one thing while doing the total opposite. Particularly towards Saints! It's a relationship that he'd want to keep positive, not just because of his past here but also for a good working relationship for any future deals he could do for clients.
  10. Can't see Devlin wanting to move to Saints though? 😕
  11. Tommy Wright: "Kennedy had an ankle knock..." Of course Tommy... Of course he did.
  12. Safe to say the level required to get into the Bosnia & H side is significantly higher than the Estonian team as well. He was poor. Although I'm sure he is capable of a bit better than he's shown but didn't work for him for whatever reason. Nerves, confidence, belief or whatever it might be.
  13. I think the OF ticket money will cover last season's losses hopefully most of this year as well. Would hopefully then mean that it doesn't mean a reduction of playing budget next season if we manage to break even. Your second point. I think you're right. I think after the last OF game and pitiful Saints fans turn out that was the last straw. I know they've been swithering about doing it for a while so personally wasn't surprised by it eventually happening.
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