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  1. We need all the fans we can get. He's welcome in Perth anytime! 😂
  2. Thought similar but there's nothing else to do right now 😂 For what it's worth. The suggestion is fucking pish.
  3. Courier still reporting it's believes Drey Wright hasn't had any offer from Saints. Can imagine no offer will be forthcoming either. If we already needed to cut the wage bill the income loss at the moment will lead to future cuts being required.
  4. The 208 at the end was more interested in serving Celtic supporter busses on their trip down south than it was with Saints fans on a match day.
  5. Like I was saying I wasn't complaining about where it is just imagining how things would be different a match day would be. Good and bad. I'm 10 mins from seat in the stand to my front door so can't complain. Plus it made absolute business sense at the time as well. I'd avoid the Inch as with it being a flood plain as well as knowing what happens to other businesses near the Tay with the water coming back up the other way from the Tay it wouldn't end well. If they were building one NOW the car park down from Morrisons would be a good spot? Although I think there's plans for a cinema etc there now 🙄😂 thinking about it and contradicting my own initial point, would the council not be interested in a stadium nearer to town? Town Centres dying a slow and painful death... Surely that would be a boost to local businesses? Before anyone gets a wee bit upset as well not for a second am I suggesting the club should move. Just thinking some hypotheticals to pass the time.
  6. Imagine this was 2020 and Saints trying to get planning permission from Perth council now? It would have to be in the middle Of nowhere. Even more so than McDiarmid is now for the council to entertain it! Not complaining about McDiarmid or its location but just been thinking how different the match day experience we would have been over the years if the stadium was in a different location even if the identical stadium was built!
  7. Cant see us offering him anything now either with the current situation!
  8. If Tommy decided to play the three Central defenders he also decides to play Tanser. If there was ever a game to not play Tanser at wing back was against Celtic but he still didn't leave him out.
  9. Norway playoff behind closed doors. As is the final if they make it through. Doesn't look good for the Scotland game 😂
  10. That's the kind of patter I'd expect from an Old Firm Plastic fan 🙄
  11. We would effectively become Chelsea's colt team. No fucking thanks.
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