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  1. I'd be amazed if that's the case. If the clubs are limited to 2000 then I can't see away fans being allowed.
  2. Tier 1 = 1000 Tier 0 = 2000 With the ability to apply for more on an individual basis. I imagine that'll involve demonstrating how the new numbers would work and the safety measures etc. Although if the stance from the Scottish Cup final is anything to go by we'd potentially get rejected at the moment due to the Dundee cases.
  3. Could always count them on the ticketing site..... You'd be counting season tickets not renewed as well within those numbers though.
  4. Great stuff if true etc etc. Some suggestion the Fair City Unity were to return so potentially they've all bought one. (COVID BETTER NOT RUIN THIS)
  5. I see the serial complainer Ewan Murray has still found something to cry about relating to the new sponsor. Timing of the announcement coinsiding with the new Celtic manger has upsets him this time.
  6. But but we signed Scott Tanser... (pro editing skills i must say)
  7. I've seen some Rangers fans using the excuse of "but they boo'd Ryan Jack" They know fine well it was some Aberdeen fans getting a bit carried away but they're happy to use the narrative as it scores them stuanchy points with other similar minded draggers online. The vast majority of fans who don't support Scotland dont simply do so because they support Rangers. I think it has more to do with their political beliefs (which may have been influenced by supporting Rangers) and the fact those people are so staunchy they wont support ANYTHING positive about Scotland sport related or otherwise unless its plastered in Rule Britannia.
  8. Did Saints fans all head over to the St. Mirren thread and give it the big aine when MOH turned them down to sign a new deal or is that only something they freaks do? They're getting slightly over excited about this are they not? Strange thing to want to gloat about.
  9. 1 lone St. Mirren fan chugging in the Saints thread about Kiltie...
  10. United fans said the same about Gary Kenneth. I was a young lad at the time but seeing him flounder about at McDiarmid for United, looking completely out his depth while taking a pumping in the cup from First Division St. Johnstone I could tell then he was a haddy. Getting very similar vibes about Porteous.
  11. I think its more to do with the fact they're behind/not able to deal with the admin etc that comes with the current renewal volume sold, then opening up the general sale to snow them under completely wouldn't be sensible. No idea what it entails adminwise but I imagine there will be covid rules for how many is allowed in the ticket office (presuming thats where they're handling it all) progress will be slow.
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