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  1. St. Johnstone feature on the show tonight. Enjoy lads 😘
  2. Is that a fucking wind up. Wage bill 120% of annual income and continuing to sign players. Get Tae f**k lads.
  3. Yeah thankfully, I was fairly certain it was due to the cautious approach needing to be taken regarding Covid etc. Does mean were just that one wee step closer to being back at games. Although like you said, for now, if Ninewells ends up getting stretched for covid or the cases continue to rise in Dundee & Perth theres a chance we'll be heading up the tiers rather than down but we'll see! --- Although at least our club wasnt naïve enough to guarantee discounts/certain amount of games on this years season ticket based on games not attended in person with it looking still not exactly close for fans for most clubs in the Premiership baring County.
  4. Enjoy the football in person folks!!! Hopefully the club can shortly find a way to fit all of your season ticket holders in quickly!
  5. The majority of Rangers fans have certainly been quite supportive of their Edinburgh brothers in their delusion campaign over the summer. The club itself even joined in with some accusations that the fans applauded which turns out they had no fact or evidence to back up. Why would I think otherwise?
  6. He still managed to hook a Rangers and Thistle fan who seem to actually believe it to be true🤦‍♂️ ------------------------------- My initial hope that Saints would be allowed fans back soon due to the new tier system & the fact theres relatively low cases in Perth.... well and truely dashed by the fact it seems if Dundee has a problem Perth & Kinross is just being treated as the one and same place even though Perth is 60 fucking miles away.
  7. If Perth somehow ends up grouped in with Dundee and ends up being moved into tier 3 despite us having one of the lowest infection rates on the mainland of Scotland it's definitely incoming. If not that, wage deferrals/reductions etc!
  8. Looks like there's certainly no plans to have even limited number of fans in grounds within the next 4 weeks minimum anyway. Not that I thought they would but this certainly clears it up. Hibs v St Johnstone and Hamilton v Aberdeen have been rearranged for Tuesday and Wednesday the 24th & 25th November with a 7pm kick off.
  9. The obvious other problem I see is if you've got the likes of May, Bryson, McCann, Liam, Spoony or Conway in the box none of them are a threat in the box so the ball has got to come in from an angle it's hard to defend against rather than from deep. Hendry has shown to be a threat in the air even this season when the ball is right for him but he's so far missed more than 1 great chance so can't be relied upon either it seems. I'll get to the point though, teams should play to their strengths and crosses from open play from a delivery stand point nor from an aerial prowess stand point are our strengths. More bodies in the box won't make a difference I don't think.
  10. Aye. Good one... I mean you could try and discuss or is slagging off teams despite not really having a clue and posting GIFs the capacity of your brain?
  11. "As good as they think they are?" Quite amusing when consistently it's the fans of your team with the condescending "jobbers" etc type comment with the suggestion that you're team is somehow the better one despite paying double the wages you failed to beat 10 men in the first outing. In the second outing your team were so poor it looked like you were playing with 10 men and camped in your own have for the vast majority of the game. If that was the other way round you'd be crying from the roof tops "anti football" etc. Get off the high horse and worry about how shite your own team is.
  12. You can look at it both ways though, you're looking at it to suit what you want the outcome to be. Look at the state of Belgium (as that's where the Rangers game was and not Portugal) between 2000-10000, with days spiking at 16 thousand cases. Also some areas down south as well are a total disaster. Are they good examples that Scotland should be following?
  13. That seems to be the difference in front of goal for us. Very confidence driven. If we get the first goal we'll be hard to catch but the opposite if we lose the first goal though.
  14. Just been same the same thing in the match thread and been told I'm talking shite "cause he got in good positions" The difference between winning and not today was the final third decision making.
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