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  1. Nithsdale 7 - 1 CBs Abbey Vale 4 - 2 Mids Bonnyton 3 - 2 Lochar Creetown 5 -2 Heston Lochmaben 6 - 4 Saints Threave Rovers 4 - 1 Newton Uppers 8 - 1 YM Lothian Thistle 2 - 3 Wigtown
  2. Nithsdale 5 - 2 Wigtown Abbey Vale 4 - 2 CBs Creetown 3 - 1 Lochmaben Heston 3 - 4 Uppers Mids 1 - 5 Threave Newton 4 - 1 Bonnyton Saints 1 - 3 YM Reserves 2 - 2 Lochar
  3. Jack was his busy self tho industrus as ever wantin to be involved in a typical derby lacking any real fitba but wi plenty of the usual fiesty moments involvin handbags at 10 paces and the out of region ref took a half to suss out the local culture Threave missed Roman and Saints need Roman and his power for sure after playing both strikers who then got taken off after gettin nothin out of an ordinary Threave defence Saints were solid at the back tho winning plenty ball and always lookin to start attackin thru the busy midfield who got right stuck in and mixed it with the Threave boys Saints wont be far away at the end of the season
  4. Unfortunate yesterday that a depleted Saints took on a spirited Bonnyton side really keen to christen their new pitch with a win. Uncharacteristically showing their opponents too much respect, a makeshift Saints midfield a wee bit out of sorts and shape gave away the flanks too easily and set the defence up for a busy afternoon against a good, young, well drilled fast attack. But for some first rate defending, quick thinking and timely cover, 4 would have been more. Indeed reports to the detriment and demise of the Saints rearguard are greatly exaggerated with the back line seen to be full of heart, trust and energy, keen to turn defence into attack. On the flip side Saints again could have been at least 3 up themselves at half time, just like last week, if the early pressure and chances had gone their way, adding to a slick penalty from Dolly and an absolutely cracking strike from Blair. Signs are good that this new Saints team, managers and players, are not far away from clicking.
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