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  1. Unless you have proof then its just slander. Prove it or hold your tongue.
  2. Just looking to see if anyone knew more about what that actually means. Like why is it no longer an infectious disease yet so many restrictions, especially around peoples health and wellbeing. I think the fact that most speak utter drivel makes it hard for anyone to understand haha
  3. Because people don't know whether they are coming or going half of the time. It wasn't a comment of trying to slate anything, its just frustrating when certain things are allowed open. I've honestly been in places where there has been zero distancing. And not just the odd place.
  4. I'm absolutely flabbergasted at the fact that pubs have been allowed to re-open, where people have continuously proved they have broken rules regarding restrictions yet outdoor sports isn't allowed? It's crazy. It would also be great for someone to shed some light on the fact that the government downgraded covid-19 from a highly infectious disease to the same level as the flu on March 19th. Yet there are still so many restrictions. Crazy times
  5. Either go to the police with hard evidence about alleged dirty money or do one from this forum. Sick of your lot.
  6. Just because they are in the division below doesn't mean they aren't good enough to play in the league higher....
  7. Theres a wee butchers in Aberfoyle. I would champion this for the best pie.
  8. The SAFA have sent out an email basically saying no one playing professional, junior or amateur football have to shake hands.
  9. But I don't understand why Darvel don't have respect? Do clubs now need to win things to earn respect? Like I said before less than 10 years ago Darvel Juniors were nearly gone. Since then they have rebuilt and have slowly but surely put foundations in place to ensure their long term stability. Good on you guys.
  10. But yet Darvel are trying to progress their ambition but getting caned for it 🙄🙄
  11. Haha come on mate, every club at every level in every country have people who are involved or support them who are bampots. Theres good people involved with Darvel and shouldn't be tarred eith the same brush. DL throws the bait out and its chewed upon every single time. But my point sticks, why should anyone affiliated with the club not believe they are capable? Since when in competitive sports do people not think that way? I am not involved with Darvel in any way shape or form. Just throwing that out there
  12. The views and comments from other teams on Darvel is embarrassing to say the least. People forget that not too long ago that Darvel nearly ceased to exist and if it wasn't for some members of their committee and local people then they would have. They should have be commended on keeping the club alive - anyone who knows football outside of the top tiers knows how hard it is to keep clubs running. Darvel are damned if they do and damned if they don't. They've now assembled a committee, management team and players who are genuinely capable of winning big things in Junior football. Maybe its jealousy or maybe its fear? Do you all realise that to win trophies in football you have to have a winning mentality? So why should people at Darvel not believe they are capable of winning things? And to all those who say its just a project for John and what happens if his money went? Does the same not go for any team at any level up and down the country? Sorry for the long rant but Im getting sick of the same old usual negative stories and comments about Darvel. Maybe if you guys spent so much time and energy on your own club maybe you would get somewhere.
  13. Craig Lawless would be a great shout. Will be unknown to most people but coached the old Stewarton Annick team for a while a number of years ago and I'm pretty sure played for United at some point. Knows football inside out and is a cracking coach.
  14. I certainly don't disagree here, the level of players that Larkhall have signed so far is abysmal. Some players weren't even getting a game for amateur teams. I just don't understand how they can justify signing players of this level for a junior club.
  15. Totally agree. Our opposition last week pulled out due to numbers and thats understandable. Teams can lose players and go to the wall and any point. Not easy running a football team. The opposition this midweek had double booked so thats not so good. Hopefully we can get a friendly sorted for midweek now.
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