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  1. Thorn Athletic Caledonian League Premier Champions [emoji123]
  2. Caledonian League Restrucure

    1-1 final score thorn dumbarton
  3. CSAFL

    1-1 thorn dumbarton [emoji6] Final score
  4. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Should be a cracker this week Thorn vs dumbarton [emoji106] always a great fixture but with so much riding on outcome will be good viewing.
  5. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Fancy thorn this year seem to have a settled back line which is the big difference. Still lack a bit of fire power however goals coming from other areas of the park.
  6. Scottish cup predictions

    Full time 1-0 to eastfield [emoji30] thought Alba were the better team. Colville will win it!
  7. Scottish cup predictions

    Mycujoo.tv is streaming just now Alba eastfield
  8. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Was at thorn game yesterday great win fairy evenly matched but thorn just had the edge to convert what little chances both teams had didn’t think the ref ruined the game at all as suggested by cambria twitter and that’s not with my thorn tinted glasses on either if they think that the thorn centre back should have been off it could have been both down to 10 men as there was a elbow to the thorn captain from one of the cambria players. Good contest shame the cambria sideline let down what was a good team performance just unlucky with the result.
  9. Ayrshire cup final

    When is shortlees hurlford game?
  10. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    Just a supporter opinion here not a bitter one eithwr great talent and shortlees are a great squad wouldnt be surprised if they win it! Better team today.
  11. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    Excellent talent however bit embarrassing the way he roles around and dives! Can't take away his ability but likes the old play acting at every opportunity!
  12. Scores today

    Replay next Saturday as far as I know.
  13. Scores today

    Ft 2-2 shortlees thorn great game
  14. 10/03/18 Scores and reports

    Cmon the thorn! Anyone know when the shortlees tie will be huge result for the thorn!