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  1. Fintry 2-1 winners over thorn
  2. Great addition caley league going from strength to strength when is the vote?
  3. Thorn 3 goldenhill 0 ft [emoji2]
  4. Difficult task for the thorn however certainly not impossible anything can happen. Should have put shortlees out a few years ago in Kilmarnock had a bundle of chances cleared off the line and then got beat in replay with a Typical wonder display from Knapp at renfrew then the lees went on to win it thorn are stronger these days and seem to have kept most of the players together it will be a cracker!
  5. Giffnock skelped 6-1 by dumbarton [emoji848] expected it to be a close result
  6. When is the Beith game? And is it at Beith?
  7. Think giffnock north will be challenging at the top next season with the merge with southside decent squad last year but struggled with consistency.
  8. Will be interested to see how shortlees get on now that knapp is away the boy is different class will also be keeping an eye on Darvel to see how he gets on with the step up [emoji106]
  9. Thorn Athletic Caledonian League Premier Champions [emoji123]
  10. 1-1 thorn dumbarton [emoji6] Final score
  11. Should be a cracker this week Thorn vs dumbarton [emoji106] always a great fixture but with so much riding on outcome will be good viewing.
  12. Fancy thorn this year seem to have a settled back line which is the big difference. Still lack a bit of fire power however goals coming from other areas of the park.
  13. Full time 1-0 to eastfield [emoji30] thought Alba were the better team. Colville will win it!
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