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  1. First final of the season, no surprise the big 2 involved, if both at full strength could be too close to call, might even go all the way to Pens, on paper both teams very evenly matched, odd goal in it I think 2-1 or 3-2 to someone or score draw and pens, any thoughts?
  2. Should be a close one , both coming of defeats in last games, saying their both at full strength Could be too close to call, odd goal if anything or maybe all the way to pens, even on paper I think their quality matches up, maybe 2-1 or 3-2 to somebody
  3. Very bitter comments I have to say, so why did the YM employ him, why did Lochar do the same, why did Saints do the same, why have Newton Stewart employed him? Are all these people and clubs wrong, how is he still in the game, if he’s that bad I blame the clubs that keep taking chances on him, or is it just bitter small minded people, unfortunately this is football, I’m glad a lot of people on here are not involved in the junior game then you would see cut throat football
  4. I’m assuming as their a south of Scotland member club they have the entitlement to do it, because they have been in the south league, ordinarily promoted teams would not bother but they maybe though why not it’s the chance of silverware, Queens have done it as well this year for same reason probably, there are other teams that could but don’t bother.
  5. There was a little rumour circulating that Stranraer reserves were losing a couple of players to the juniors and a couple of the younger lads heading up to first team, but the rumour mill is always going strong at this time of year, but if true I’m sure they’ll replace them with an abundance of talent and a huge catchment area, but when Maybole and other junior clubs are only up up the coast there’s always that possibility, but in a way if young lads get promoted to first team is true then the reserve team has served its purpose
  6. There will be a little bit of movement on the manager front as per most years but not a great deal, most teams are pretty settled, but it is obvious to see there’s a lot of people on here that don’t actually follow the league as per their statements but the entertainment value of this site has gone up considerably
  7. With the season now near it’s finish I think that Stranraer have been head and shoulders above every other team this season, and I’m sure their players will flood the end of season team and I think the management will be up there when that award is giving, I’m just hoping that Stranraer FC keep supporting this south team because the catchment area down there is huge and it will always provide an abundance of players, when a Stranraer side have been in the league they’ve always been strong but never stayed for a huge period of time, there’s no point in being successful and then it all finishing up again, I hope this team stays in the league for the future, there’s teams in the league like Creetown and Newton Stewart and others that are maybe not strong every year but don’t break their involvement, I’m just hoping this young Stranraer side can stay together for many years because they could do really well, but if the club don’t support them because clubs are always changing their structures I hope they stay in the league, Stranraer Athletic again maybe!
  8. Took in the young Annan teams game against Newton Stewart last night which Newton Stewart I think deserved to win, not a great game in terms of quality but well done to the away side for continuing their recent form, it was the standard you would expect from two teams at the lower end of the table, my concern is the incentive for the young Annan lads or maybe lack of it, I saw during the week that certain young Stranraer boys had made the first team, arguably because of lack of first team players for whatever reasons but still, do Annan give the same incentive? Because I saw a team last night of young lads that looked at times demoralised and just going through the motions, is this young Annan team a pathway to first team opportunity(none of these lads are 1st team standard)or is it there just as a tick box exercise to receive funding, a team of Annan’s size should be able to recruit a better standard of player to compete better, it looks like a team that’s just there to exsist rather than serve a purpose, back to the football which didn’t get you out of your seat but definitely a few really good players on show from both sides.
  9. Was at the Lochar vs Lochmaben game today and what a difference in the Lochar team from last week, was like night and day, although being comfortable in the game they still couldn’t see it out, last week really deserved to beat Dalbeattie but this week showed their lack of game management to see out what should have been a more than comfortable win, the south league is over indulged with inconsistency, a win, lose, draw seems to be the pattern of results, I think Stranraers consistency will in the end see out the league and probably in a deserved fashion 16 out of 16 speaks for itself, Stranraer and Bonnyton have totally showed their superiority, good game at Dumfries High for the avid south supporter.
  10. A disappointing weekend last week with the weather taking a good few fixtures, hopefully the scheduled ones will survive tomorrow, I’m heading to Lochmaben vs Abbey Vale, I’ve not seen Abbey Vale for a while since they came to play Mid-Annandale and Lochmaben have struggled for results lately, could be a good close match, where’s everyone heading? And where’s the match of the day? Where’s the upsets? Where’s the goals?
  11. Galabank all weekend for me this weekend, took in the Annan SOS vs Lochar Thistle game on Friday, Lochar with the win but really could have been more comfortable, Lochar seemed to find it hard to get motivated against a team that rarely caused them problems which is understandable but job done, away win never in doubt, Lochar keep grinding them out, back on Saturday for St Cuthberts vs Edusport, home team showing their lowland stature and quality would eventually be too strong for St Cuthberts, the game though was very much closer at times than the score reflects, St Cuthberts playing nice stuff on occasions just not good enough against the french lads, but I have seen much stronger Edusport teams in past years, enjoyable weekend of SOS football.
  12. It was spoiled for choice today with there being a good south of Scotland football league fixture list on and with Annan FC being in Stirling, and Lochmaben being in Castle Douglas, and Annan SOS being at Dumfries High School, didn’t feel like going to far today so it’s a hop skip and a jump to watch Mid-Annandale vs Heston Rovers for me, should be a good match up and the kind of game that could produce goals so that’s what swayed me, where are we heading today boys and girls? What will be the match not to miss?
  13. I think the Threave manager Sam Warren has experience at South level as a player but this always doesn’t make for being a good manager, I think since he’s took charge I think more quality has left the club than what has been brought in, by listening to rumbles going around it looks like he’s brought in friends rather then players to take the club forward, the Houston lad that seems to have stepped up to the plate a bit recently has significant qualifications but unfortunately all the badges still doesn’t give you the minerals to lead a dressing room, i think he’s maybe out of his depth, but it’s back to the same old cleeks at clubs and not always the best candidates are in charge of these clubs, a club like Threave who are the biggest at south level and arguably the area including Dalbeattie and Gretna should have personel in charge that warrants that, looks like there’s more progress now going on off field rather than on, but this is maybe the plan.
  14. The rule must be relaxed now I’d imagine because the Kenny lad played with Upper Annandale, Newton Stewart and also Creetown yesterday all in this current campaign, but he’s also done it on previous seasons so the ruling must have been changed within the last 2 seasons, because I’m sure clubs do their due diligence before signing players and with no disrespect this lad has previous and is widely known for this, so surely clubs have done their homework before fielding him
  15. I was also at the Lochar thistle vs Heston Rovers game yesterday, to answer your question I’m sure it’s Jamie Struthers still but I might be wrong their a club that don’t advertise much going on’s, but they do usually have a full complement in their dugout even sometimes looks a bit over crowded if that makes any sense, on the game the Anderson lad was plain and simple the difference between the two sides, pretty poor game that Heston will be kicking themselves for not leading early on by 1 if not 2, but every team needs that prolific striker at this level, Stranraer have 2, Bonnyton have 2 and Lochar have Anderson, he’s kind of doing what Soltys done for Threave last year he’s pulling Lochar by the scruf of the neck and getting them wins that without him I’m sure they wouldn’t be getting, keeping that lad fit and available will be the key to how Lochar do over the longevity of the season, two evenly matched sides but one had a striker who knew where the net was, as I mentioned before it’s no coincidence that the top 3 as it sits all have prolific strikers, Lochar are though more reliant one 1
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