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  1. Apart from big Sean he lay on a few chances for him first time around. Very similar big tall partners who got in defenders faces.
  2. Thought today was a game of two halves, Ayr had the better of the first, it actually a really well worked goal from Queens that gave us the lead Dobbie the provider his vision was superb today. When Ayr equalised it was definitely coming. At half time I was delighted with a draw. Second half we came out with Mccarthy on and he certainly played well its nice to see a midfielder who is happy with the ball at his feet and this lead to a positional change for Murray playing behind front two and this lead to a far better second half performance and two well worked goals both supplied by Dobbie . In all a great win.
  3. Reading people's views of last night's game, we constantly cut open the Inverness defence and created chance after chance. I must have been at a different game their keeper had two saves all the second half and one of them was going by the post. Felt on a number of occasions we played into their hands with high balls into the box instead of mixing it up a wee bit. Bar Dobbie miss it was our only clear chance. We worked hard but desperately miss a clever midfielder, who can pick a pass to break down a defence. On the whole disappointed but have a feeling alot of teams will struggle against this strong Inverness team, and come away feeling the same.
  4. Yep just my opinion the actual discussion of match seems to be have been overtaken by all us medical experts who attend football matches. We must be really lucky at Palmerston we seem to have a budding group of people trained in dealing with injuries, will save Mr Hewitt son a fortune.
  5. Looks like some people have forgotten this is a match forum, whilst serious the injury is a match forum the place to discuss this. I foolishly believed a match forum was to discuss the match, how silly could I be.
  6. Got to be said Semple needs to lose a good stone in weight, thought he had a disappointing first half a long side a few of his team mates.
  7. Totally agree I am sure when season starts properly we will have plenty of opportunity to be negative.
  8. Do we know if its definitely a hamstring and do any of us really know how long he is out for. Putting a positive spin on today we scored three goals with out him. Did we do this at any point of last season without him. Also defensively it looks like Alan Martin wasn't the only problem we had.
  9. Maybe our board should get ideas on advertising things from the Trust as shown by the increase in membership if you get things out there and constantly plug them it works.
  10. Sure is I thought game was at Annan , must pay more attention.
  11. The Bluebell Inn is a good place for real ale about ten minutes walk to ground.
  12. Well blame your fellow fans for away top it was the fans choice
  13. How many of us thought the same when Tanman appeared as a trialist, in Magic first time around.
  14. Going by report on official site no trialists first half and only three subs used whole game.
  15. Couldn't agree more so nice to see other scorers for Queens takes pressure of God if rest of team contribute with goals. Bring on the Motherwell.
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