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  1. St Johnstone FC Thread

    The missing one on photo 4 could be Billy McManus who was at the club at same time as Billy Beatson 2 more local lads who donned the blue.
  2. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Random Guy autographs are: Photo 1: Benny Rooney; Alex Rennie; Kenny Aird; John Lambie; Gordon Whitelaw; Ian McPhee; Jim Argue. Photo 2: Calum Frame; Henry Hall; Ross Jenkins: Brian Gordon: ??;?? Photo 3: Billy Coburn :Freddie Aitken and 2 others Photo 4: Derek Robertson; John Fraser; John Muir; Gordon Smith; Dave Cochrane (ex Perth High School) ?? Some great Saintees in there
  3. Bottom line is we were being kind to our Tayside neighbours by allowing them to get the 3 points in the hope they stay in the top league. We did the same last year at Dens and they just managed to stay up whilst we went onto another European Adventure. Whilst we were in Luthiania Dundee supporters were probably at the Berries in Blairgowrie.
  4. 0 - 3 in first half. Shame for the Tic but now they know how most of our league teams feels except of course the mighty Saints. Maybe Brendan should have had a word with Tommy about what tactics to use. Only hope for them is it hisses down and match abandoned unless someone could turn the sprinklers on and jam them!!!
  5. Tommy is eating out on success......................thats why wee Neil is so f**king thin!!!
  6. After TW's comments about Davidson would not be surprised if he does not even make the squad for this match - so Paton should play. Would like to see us play 2 up front and have a right go - need to get the goal difference back up so that when Celtic and Aberdeen falter we are in a position to go back top o' the pile instead of just being top team in tayside (again).
  7. St J vs Hibs

    Going out at night after the match to fancy dress as a wee Rab C Nesbitt. "I will tell you this boy" I am better than Danny Swanson he tried ti impersonate Harry Hill last season- "fight" at Hamilton.
  8. Disagree. ......we will gub them and continue to be undefeated but hope they can get points throughout the season to stay in the top league so we get local derbiies otherwise we will have to rely on DABS getting promoted.
  9. St J vs Hibs

    Game was 20 minutes Saints and there after Hibs. Thank F**ked Sokes thinks he is a goal scoring machine and takes on shots all the time otherwise we would have been gubbed. Danny Who was ineffective when he eventually appeared and I am a bit disappointed that Fat boy Neil did not play him from the start as I was looking forward to round two with Foster. Re Macca there was too big a gap between the rest of the team and Macca for him to be effective. Speaking to players after the match (was in hospitality) they admitted we were not at our best and the gap back to front was not good. However as they said who would not take unbeaten at this stage of the season especially when we have visited parkhead. There were others in hospitality as guests who do not support hibs or saints who reckon we are doing well. The important thing for me is that we get a win next week against Scumdee. Onwards and upwards Euro fund still in place for next years fortnight abroad.
  10. St J vs Hibs

    There is car parking in Huntingtower Road run by Letham Football Club on a piece of ground owned by Struan Motors and it is only a couple of quid on match day.
  11. St J vs Hibs

    Was that the last time you lot were in the big league???
  12. Swimming with the fishes

    GMS is reputed to claim that he did not fall in but was tripped and wanted a penalty. He thought he would be ok as he is a pool player at Aberdeen.
  13. If he fails as a manager again does he: a) As DOF sack himself b) Send himself wee notes on what is going wrong. c) Blame the directors for appointing a crap manager. d) State that this appointment was against the master plan of appointing an up and coming young manager like the last two and they should have listened to him as he has/had the football knowledge. All of the above.
  14. Celtic v St Johnstone 26th August 2017

    Maybe some of it goes directly into the biscuit tin as opposed to the bank account. Also did they not used to count all season tickets even if the owners did not turn up for the match?