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  1. as long as Forster is left in dens before the pre match walk to the dump im happy with anyone playing
  2. as we have all been saying for weeks now haha , hopefully turns out to true mate
  3. there is a few things lacking in his play , like you said his ability to play a decent pass/cross is a problem , but I do think in that situation he should have ran at the defender committing him , bearing in mind it was 2 v 1 we would/should have scored but again could have been 3 v 1 and if his passing isn't unto scratch takes away any advantage
  4. I can understand this view , his style of play costed us in the middle of the pitch last season as he does hold on to the ball longer than needed at time , although hopefully with the quality of footballer being 'slightly' lower this may work in his favour yeah like I said above he does like to hold on to the ball until the very last moment and this is sometimes a positive , like yesterday I think it was Robertson won the ball played it to Mcdaid , if Mcdaid held on to the ball longer therefore committing the defender the path on goal would have been clear for nelson instead he rushed a pass over and we lost a very good chance to get a second. if McGowan was in that situation his willingness to hold the ball until the right pass presented itself would have paid dividends.
  5. to think their was folk on here and other Dundee pages that wanted rid of McGowan for the coming season , has easily been one, if not the best player since McPake got the job
  6. does any of the pars fans know roughly what allocation of tickets we are looking at receiving ?
  7. "The return of Stevie May to St Johnstone is hanging in the balance, with a last minute hitch putting the deal in doubt"
  8. ness pinging it over the top for hemmings to run on to , would love to see it but as you say probably unlikely to happen
  9. now you mention it I can recall several occasions that he actually just invites pressure on to himself 😂 I still stand by he will be less exposed but as you say that doesn't mean f*ckall when jack Hamilton is involved
  10. I agree , I prefer to stay in the dark ages on P&B yours sincerely
  11. the club tend to be quite good at keeping their business out of the public eye , has pretty much been the case with most comings and going at Dundee since the yanks took over.
  12. I had you down as a man bag fan too you are correct there are folk that match the above characteristics , but the same can be said of the likes of twitter and facebook I would hardly class them as a more "manly" form of social media 😂😂
  13. why would that be ? one of the most used social media platforms in the world ?
  14. calm yourself haha , simple mistake its another page talking_dee
  15. I believe there is a twitter page team dee that posted a "breaking news" story that hemmings was close to returning on loan , Rudden managed to get goals in a very poor falkirk team so there's no doubt he would manage to at least better what he done for them .
  16. fair play to united since what I assume is there new media team took over there interaction with the fans has been excellent. after the torture both Dundee and united fans have been through its excellent seeing the clubs trying to connect with the fans again and give something back
  17. it's interesting reading everyones opinions in regard to the squad. as the recruitment policy has been solid this summer it does fill me with some optimism although it wouldn't be the Dundee we all love if it didn't do things the hard way. Im of the opinion that I would probably rather spend good money on a proven striker than waste whatever remaining budget on a goal keeper and extra cover in the midfield. my thinking on the goalkeeper situation is that I do have faith in our new look defence ( I can't remember the last time I said that) and that Hamilton may not be as exposed as he undoubtedly was last season what is the latest on the hemmings , Rudden and may situation ?
  18. does anyone have a rough idea of the transfer fee we paid for Andrew nelson ?
  19. some oasis , stone roses etc wouldn't go a miss either , its like they play one of the NOW albums before the games
  20. can't understand anyone that would not want him in the team especially in the championship . we need battlers in the middle of the pitch or we will be bullied off the pitch.
  21. of course , you would stand no chance if you couldn't absorb the absolute pelters from the fans
  22. Requirements for Signing with Dundee been injured in the last 2 years been injured in the last year been injured at any point of your career
  23. Genuinely dont know. I only use here don't think I could handle having to deal with more than one forum haha ,
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