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  1. Come on dundee, get the win and lets all help united try and get into 2nd place. 1-2
  2. I think we can all say that this type of performance has been coming, tam has them playing really well, everyone knows their job and they stick to it. They have inspired me to start attending away games again, will def be at livi. Some of the passing yesterday was brilliant and also at parkhead. Keep it going united, massive well done to tam and his staff
  3. Never converse with a funster, they make less sense that tits on a fish
  4. Come on united, ill take a very shitty 0-1, let's put these glasgow tinks to bed
  5. I do love a beautiful sunday, but im starting to also enjoy beautiful mondays aswell, isnt work great
  6. Very pleasantly surprised dundee didn't start with Cummings and griffiths, was worried about both running at us, thought we would win midfield battle, but were outplayed first 30-35 mins, griffiths visibly tired or stop trying, needed help. 2nd half we started much better and kept pressure on, strange subbies by dundee. Our defence were at their very best today, thought it was a good game without being fantastic. We shaded it with overall play.
  7. Home end now sold out, i think away end has less than 100 left, great crowd, hope its a great game FTD
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