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  1. Bonnyton wasn’t much of a shock either to be honest, there the only team in the south that play football and half found found their form after a slow start to the season
  2. Calm doon mate its pie and bovril no the sunday supplement ha
  3. Not quite, the fact Bonnyton had 3/4 first team players missing and 16/17 year olds in the team maybe had something to do with it
  4. Newton to beat Bonnyton is a strange one I’d think
  5. Agreed , the more hair he’s loosing the faster he becomes, unbelievably quick for a man as old
  6. Bonnyton Thistle v Whitletts Victoria FC 13th July 3.00pm Bonnyton Thistle v Ayr United Reserves 17th July 7.45pm Bonnyton Thistle v Cambuslang Rangers FC 24th July 7.45pm
  7. Bonnyton starting to find there feet in the league, will be hard to stop if they keep consistent!
  8. Where can you get the odds for the league? Online or? Also can you bet on single matches?
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