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  1. Top of the table clash

    lochar beat tonight. Stranraer 2 points clear with 2 games to play on bonnyton, boys looking good. Can’t take anything away from bonnyton tonight they are a good side can see why they beat most teams with ease, but Stranraer yet again proved there the best side in the south, domination for 70 minutes, then just poor game management I thought, decided to sit in rather than just control the game till the end, terrible penalty decision also
  2. Who’s favourites going into next weeks game? Bonnyton seem to be scoring a lot of goals recently, can they do it under the lights at stairpark. Predictions? Im going for a 2/2 draw
  3. Predictions 12/01/19

    Totally agree with you haha. Was more meaning if you weren’t a fan but had watched Stranraer 3/4 times you’d see this. Same 2 players every week when Sean is referee
  4. Predictions 12/01/19

    You must not be at many Stranraer games when he’s in charge then. Stranraer usual no 11 and 8 Baxter and Scott seem to get picked on from the games I’ve seen. The boys were maybe wrong in the past however sean seems to keeps a grudge, it looks like from a neutral point of view imo
  5. Biggest surprise so far...

    Stranraer beat them 5/1 at there own bit in September was it not?
  6. Best striker

    As I said previous if I wasn’t taking dean Agnew or young ally mccolm I’d be taking Ian Anderson as my no9. But I understand where billy coming from only for this season right enough. Who is top scorer this season lads anyone know? Jonny Baxter must be close?
  7. Best striker

    After watching yesterday performance, I’d say Stranraer have best central defender in senior buff whorlow, best 2 central midfielders in Lewis Dunn and Callum Scott the way they both work together is outstanding. Then alistar mccolm or dean Agnew as the best forward. Anderson is very close second for forward, very good player. Also like dean smith from mid annandale as a forward.
  8. Goalkeepers

    Got a new job which includes working some Saturdays now
  9. 27/10/18

    Respect when respect are due as a stated yous were a decent side but on the day Stranraer were better regardless of the referee and that’s how I seen the game. Stranraer no6 pressed and batteled like he usually does and today no6/8/10 for Stranraer did the battling and won the game. Yous can see the first goal from whatever way yous like. The left back tackle with our no2 was a straight up 50/50 which unfortunately the young man was hurt. If it isn’t a head injury why should the game be stopped? Wish you and you’re young men best of luck for rest of the season
  10. 27/10/18

    Ref had nothing to do with it, Stranraer came and showed why they’re top of the league simple as. Bonnyton decent side but Stranraer showed on the day they were a step ahead of them, take the defeat on the chin and move on and don’t use the referee excuse.
  11. Start to the season

    Stranraer team has no first team players won’t have any first team players. They also don’t have any boys from the “glasgow Team” from last season. 2 boys have signed 1 from hurlford and 1 from Creetown. Apart from that exact same team as last season
  12. Looking like champions?!

    Sean Sutherland needs to be looked at by the south of Scotland it's as simple as. 10 Stranraer players booked with 3 red cards shown to Stranraer for his wrongful doing which caused reactions. Embarrassing to say the least. 4-3 abbey vale poor Stranraer performance. Well done to them
  13. Midweek results 15th/16th august

    Great result from the reserves. Mccoutchen Baxter McIntyre Scott best players on park by a mile, as Matthew said Gary ran the show whole second half, Newtown couldn't get near him. Everyone got to remember it's a long long season
  14. Title Race

    Bonnyton 4 reseveres 1. Bonnyton credit when credit is due. Young Stranraer side took the lead with an ally mccolm free kick to then 2 defensive errors seen them 2-1 down at half time bonnyton had a lot of possession first half kept ball nicely. Stranraer bossed the second half and pressed for the goal until 10 minutes to go everyone was caught up the park and it became 3-1 same for the 4th. Bonnyton a sharp fit side. Both number 10 and the striker very good players. Can guarantee not many sides will go to bonnyton and take points. Good luck to them for rest of season
  15. Title Race

    Totally agreeable, lochar should of had chances took and which could of ended the game. But you look at the game yesterday Stranraer sat with 13 players then an injury in first 10 minutes switched team about. Missing 6 players who started in win over Creetown and another 3. A team with youngest 16 and oldest 22 yesterday. Then Gary mccoutchen came on. A full sided Stranraer team would of gave that lochar side a run for there money. Maybe an off day for lochar but if they play like that over the course off the season teams will beat them. A lot of good players in there team and did have good spells but just a personal opinion. Wish them luck for rest of season