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  1. I’m not certain but isn’t there something about not being able to show top flight games live when the champions league is on. That might explain why it is English women’s football they are showing.
  2. Are we trying to make this thread as bad and as tedious as the actual game is likely to be or is it a coincidence?
  3. Season will be defined on what changes, our home form or our away form. Away changes we are top six, home changes, bottom six.
  4. Yep they will look to see if someone is a baw hair offside in the build up to a pen but not if the ball was won by fouling. That is just wrong and we got hit with this again earlier this season ( united?) where the player handled the ball before crossing it and then the subsequent shot hit tanser. Result check the tanser handball but not the initial one.
  5. I was at the parkhead game but not the replay, we undoubtedly deserved to win the first game. I think it is remarkable when you look at the size of the crowds, I’m confident an Aberdeen Saints cup semi would get a bigger crowd these days even with live tv.
  6. Same here, player for us at a time when European football was a realistic aim if not an expectation. Shocked at the news but glad to have been able to see him play for us. RIP Billy
  7. Safe by the split, whether that meant top or bottom six was always my primary ambition and I don’t think we have ever achieved it, apart from the shortened 19/20 season.
  8. Until just after Christmas we had only taken points in 1 away game, post Christmas 4 away games have seen us get points in 3 of them. Our season was always going to turn on what pattern maintained longer, good home form or poor away form.
  9. Not seen much of him but he is in the category of ‘maybe a loan will do him good’ so I wouldn’t get too excited.
  10. Brophy to county could bite us on the arse. A loan might stop him playing against us.
  11. I think he played a couple of games for us at the start of the season so may not be able to go anywhere other than us or Alloa.
  12. Having been in the square area and had a kid next to me be injured by a coin thrown from the stand next to it I can understand why it is not in use for supporters. If the segregation is viewed as stupid perhaps we should be looking at why it is thought necessary and calling out the behaviour that leads to it.
  13. Dallas trying to show that he is even handed by favouring both halfs of the OF.
  14. Took an age for VAR to get the lines out to show Main off, the Celtic goal which looked tighter, lines available very quickly and didn’t look right but goal given. Tin foil hat maybe but the second goal looked tight at best.
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