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  1. Just checked was originally 20years but was extended to 60 which makes spending money on it more sensible but given the time and money expended I am hoping that it is improvements rather than just repair.
  2. I would hope that we will be able to look at Ralston when the work is completed and say that was value for money………. When is the lease up?
  3. I think at budget setting time you look at the squad you have or anticipate will still be with you and estimate where you should finish then drop a place or two and set your budget off that. We finished last season with a good basis, needed a new keeper and most of the other changes were to improve on a solid squad, therefore we should be expecting and budgeting for higher than 11th, whether I’d have plumped for 7th I’m not sure, but I think to say 11th should be our default is wrong. Like Div I do find it worrying that we have burned through most of the COVID loan already but I don’t think we are at deaths door yet.
  4. I did expect Loe to come on for the last 5 yesterday with Gogic moving to midfield. I would also have expected him to come on in the last 5 if we were needing a goal. Probably tells a story that he can shore up the defence or help with the attack. Expect him to leave in January but think he is a very valuable squad player However, I can understand that he believes he is better than that.
  5. VAR meant that in the last couple of minutes when O’Hara broke free after a possible hand ball I was hoping for a corner rather than us to score because if we had scored there was a danger that it would have called back and given United a free kick near the edge of our box but a corner wouldn’t have allowed a review. As things stood a clearly knackered Main shot tamely into the keepers arms.
  6. Does that mean that Martin Boyle will be forever remembered as a pub quiz question now?
  7. I think there is a song about another time we beat Celtic in Glasgow! We also beat them in the COVID season 2-1 at Parkhead
  8. At one point this afternoon for about 5 minutes, some football was played and then we scored our second. As others have said that game was awful to watch and it was a real surprise that both teams managed to score. Anyway, onwards to Ibrox for the battle for the second champions league place
  9. Paul Mcmullan must be in with a shout for the worst to play for both recently.
  10. He threw up twice in the middle of the pitch, didn’t even have the decency to go to the side.
  11. Strange game first 15-20 mins county seemed intent on kicking us off the park and starting stuff off the ball. We played a lot better than I expected and should have won by more. Icavitti throwing up on the park after coming out for the second half was not expected either, guess he was just fearful of the doing Ayonga was giving him.
  12. I’ve a friend that stays in South Shields and is a photographer for the club, I suspect he will have his saints top on next time he is at a game now. You are right about the town centre and the sea front, spent a few happy weekends at the sand dancer and watching the bands at the amphitheater and in the park. It is amazing some of the free concerts that the council puts on down there.
  13. As much as I’d love this to be the case there is no chance that it will happen.
  14. Looks like Robinson got his wish, we don’t have a competitive gave on Saturday.
  15. Even if we start the league well, ( I know, I know) after this and his first few games he will never be more than a couple of bad results away from being under pressure. just a matter of time ……. Tick tock. …
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