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  1. Stunned that Dundee's strategy of just having a bunch of #names doesn't actually make you a good football team.
  2. Croatia are top 50 ranked nation in the fifa world ranking, and Juranovic has made a decent amount of appearances in the last few years so the application is basically instant. Finland are not a top 50 ranked nation so the work permit takes a while. Think United will get it eventually but It'll just take longer. He'll be available for St Mirren... surely.
  3. Aye this. Noteworthy that they last looked at their best when they were back together at Hearts.
  4. Fuchs is out of contract next summer, and I honestly can't really see him wanting a new deal. Let's just enjoy him while he's here.
  5. Think a lot of United fans were just absolutely done with Asghar and saw hiring Courts as the last straw. I thought Micky Mellon was a fucking awful manager so I wasn't against trying something new but I won't lie and say I was 100% in favour of it.
  6. Very loud bunch considering your grand total of 0 league wins.
  7. Decent win against St. Johnstone's B tea- wait, I'm hearing they played a full strength team?????
  8. Niskanen announced... sort of. Still doesn't have a work permit https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/6968/DUNDEE-UNITED-SIGN-ILMARI-NISKANEN-.html?key=dufc&utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=dundeeunitedfc
  9. Micky Mellon was definitely sacked. Like we can argue whether it was right or wrong to do so (it was 100% right), but let's not act like he wasn't.
  10. We didn't need to break Rangers down, we're probably a decent counter attacking team to be honest. It's just this time we've needed to actually do more than counter attacking and we're shite at everything else attacking wise.
  11. Part of me expected this. Zero creativity in our team, we can't break any opposition down at all.
  12. Nah it'll be Sporle will be on the left wing and Pawlett will be in midfield just ahead of Harkes and Fuchs. So either a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1.
  13. McNulty announced https://twitter.com/dundeeunitedfc/status/1426197350175805441?s=20
  14. eh? Pavol Safranko just moved to South Africa and their season hasn't even started yet. Nadir Cifcti doesn't make sense to me either. I just don't see what he's done in the last few seasons to warrant a return. It would just reek of pandering to me. Would still fall for it like.
  15. Same Saudi prince that owns a part of Sheffield United I'm pretty sure.
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