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  1. Aaaaaand it's a sunday kick-off.... Also the Shed's back to being used for home fans again so enjoy the Jim McLean stand...
  2. fair play to you, you tricked my dad at least. Though he was more excited than anything for some reason...
  3. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/news/6322/FIXTURE-NEWS.html?key=dufc&utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=dundeeunitedfc
  4. I think it's fine to be a bit concerned, considering Shankland's goalscoring record. However, I do think Clark is on a great run of form right now and Appere, McMullan, Harkes etc should provide enough service for the team that we'll score goals. 5 clean sheets in the last 5 aswell. I get why fans of other teams would think United fans would be shitting themselves, but I don't think many will be worried.
  5. 9 points clear in the league but saying stuff like this still gives me the absolute fear.
  6. Watching it on arabzone and I don't get how Clark managed to be onside. shocking positioning. disagree on our goals being tap ins though. there was a crowd that McMullan has to curve the ball around for his goal.
  7. Please don't tell me people were actually saying this...
  8. Right. I'm getting the Paul Watson put up in the living room. Looks like we'll be here long enough for it to be worth the effort.
  9. Agree with what others are saying about Dundee and Dorrans. He was let down by those around him. McPake's decision to bring on Johnson and Josh McPake arguably won us the match, we looked so much comfortable going up against that two man midfield. Byrne... people much smarter than me at analysing football insist he's a really good footballer and was great for Livi. I didn't see it then, I don't see it now.
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