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  1. Aye always has been. hold over from when he was meant to be a left back (though if the Brechin game is anything to go by he'll be playing LWB this season)
  2. Late to the chat clearly but surprised no one mentioned Alex Neil.
  3. Jamie Newman got a contract extension today. Wonder if he's being seen as the Siegrist replacement.
  4. Yeah those were so obvious I didn't even think of pointing them out lol
  5. Pretty sure we sold out for the play-off home game against St. Mirren back in 18/19 (and might have done so in the Inverness game before that too?)
  6. Well it's more interesting than getting randomly linked with some dog shit English lower league club anyway.
  7. Starting to make creating these threads a worrying routine. Don't expect a full rotation of the team but wouldn't be surprised if players like Florent Hoti, Louis Appere, Kerr Smith are brought in.
  8. take back what I said about Deniz. This is going to be a pasting.
  9. I understand the cynicism, it's really the only position that makes sense considering what United has been through this last decade. Maybe I'm delusional to even be somewhat optimistic.
  10. I mean we had a United fan in charge before this. He just valued money more than the club so did everything you talk about. I have (maybe irrational) faith in Ogren to be a bit more loyal to United than Thompson was at least.
  11. Aye I do wonder what the club has learned from the Scott Banks situation. Hopefully the club stands firm but yeah I do see players leaving for a cut price for a while.
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