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  1. well that's the spfl suspended until further notice. Will be some laugh if we have to stay in this fucking league for another season. And by some laugh, I mean I'm going to kill myself.
  2. No one is happy with our current run of form. Just because I don't think Neilson should be sacked for one bad run of form doesn't mean I'm happy (FFS, I called it terrible in my last post). Also mate, don't pretend like you were happy when we went on that great run either. You've always found an excuse to moan about Neilson.
  3. oh shut the f**k up. There was nothing exciting about the play-offs, they were a exhausting strain on your emotions. Nothing more. If you find the idea of promotion depressing you need a reality check. Neilson frustrates me immensely aswell but not even Dundee fans have been this fucking miserable as you and Granny Danger have been over one admittedly terrible run of form which will won't mean anything come the end of the season when we're promoted.
  4. he did that three times and we won all three, dominating two of them. He's played up front all season more or less. If he's dropping deeper that's his own choice.
  5. No he wasn't. Goodie was fat and pish in those 6 months. Graham was genuinely the better player at that point.
  6. by what metric is Dingwall in the east of Scotland?
  7. We've got all these connections through Asghar, Forrest etc. and we're going for this has been?
  8. I was disgusted when I saw the video. The last few days of whataboutery on my twitter timeline has been an exercise in biting my tongue.
  9. There is nothing wrong with Dundee United trying to get as much money for Shankland as possible. Even if we don't get £3 million, starting at a very high price allows whatever it gets negotiated down to still be a very good deal for us.
  10. Why do you think being descriptive is the same as being angry?
  11. A game out of date now, but I looked at Dundee United's attacking fluidity in their 4-1 over Partick Thistle for PureFitbaw.com. Give it a read. https://purefitbaw.com/2020/01/19/dundee-uniteds-fluid-attack-is-not-a-one-man-show/
  12. Hopefully Neilson decides to give the likes of Sporle and Glass the start their good performances against Thistle deserve.
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