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  1. It was all in the January of 2015. McGowan, Anier, Muirhead and a zombie resembling Paul Dixon came in while Conor Townsend got his loan spell cut short, Watson got loaned out, and Armstrong and GMS were both bought by Celtic. fucking disastrous window looking back.
  2. Mark Wilson was signed in the summer of 2013, and had left by some point in the middle of the 14/15 season before Watson was sent off on loan to Hibs. Ryan McGowan was his replacement, who was also pretty bad for us. IDK if Wilson was meant to replace Watson but it didn't happen.
  3. https://theathletic.com/2022996/2020/08/29/ Micky Mellon interview with The Athletic, paywall but should have a free trial available.
  4. He started off pretty well then absolutely fell to bits due to his inexperience and the terrible backline in front of him. His time with us was an absolute disaster that's probably stunted his development. He was terrible by the end of his time (look up the first leg of the livi play-off), If he's got his confidence back he should be good but if not you're fuuuuucked.
  5. Never actually listened to this all the way through and holy shit this is way better than the UCL theme.
  6. County for me, United have 5 first team players out I think.
  7. Connolly and Reynolds serve a purpose for now, they're fine. I personally would've preferred if he only got a one year contract extension but an extra year isn't gonna do much harm.
  8. Wrong Ross Stewart, that's the goalkeeper at Livingston.
  9. I like Sporle, but the idea of him defending in general but especially against Martin Boyle gives me the absolute fear.
  10. My point is that if you actually cared about "calling him out", you would do it in a way so that the most possible people would see it. Not on a football website that I can't imagine that many people actually go on regularly. edit - Also, even if United fans are disgusted it doesn't really have much relevance, he's not involved in the club in anyway, I can't think of anyone involved on the playing side still at the club that would've been appointed by him and The Thompson era feels a million years ago.
  11. If you want to "call him out" write an article or post the picture on facebook or twitter. Don't post it on a niche forum. Dundee United fans hate Stephen Thompson for a variety of reasons, being a nonce will be one of them.
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