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  1. Keep/Punt/Undecided

    7 of the players mentioned are out on loan, and only King and Murdoch are out of contract in the summer to the best of my knowledge. Our squad is massive because of Laszlo's poor summer combined with Neilson's efforts to improve the quality of the squad. Also, our youth system hasn't been that great for a while now, our most successful product since relegation has been Jamie Robson for f**k sake.
  2. Keep/Punt/Undecided

    1. Benjamin Siegrist - PUNT - Another keeper that's gotten worse as the season has gone on. 2. Stewart Murdoch - PUNT - The first signing we made when we got relegated. Sums him up really. 3. Callum Booth - KEEP - Not bad, not great. does a job. 4. Frederic Frans - UNDECIDED - Didn't think he was that bad but results seem to say otherwise. 5. Adam Barton - PUNT - What a useless waste of a wage. 6. Lewis Toshney - PUNT - Injuries have ruined him. 7. Paul McMullan - KEEP - Play him centrally Robbie for f**k sake. 8. Fraser Fyvie - KEEP - Hopefully he can get himself back to full fitness and be as good as he once was. 9. Osman Sow - KEEP - Been useless so far but his recent history in Scottish football means I'm going to be more patient. 10. Nicky Clark - KEEP - Simply because everyone hates him. 11.Billy King - PUNT - Future Dunfermline player, calling it now. 12. Sam Stanton - KEEP - Been all over the place, 13. Morgaro Gomis - PUNT - Fanwank signing. 14. Pavol Safranko - KEEP - Best player in the Championship 15. Aidan Nesbitt - UNDECIDED - Was good in his first two subbie appearances but has more or less vanished since then. 16. Matty Smith - KEEP - He's here for another year. For some reason. 17. Jamie Robson - KEEP - Let's play him on the left wing for a season and see what happens. 18. Calum Butcher - KEEP - He's a c**t. We need a c**t. 19. Rachid Bouhenna - KEEP - been alright when he wasn't playing Ayr United. 20. Christoph Rabitsch - PUNT - Nat 4 Calum Butcher. 22. Sam Wardrop - KEEP - Has been out for basically the whole season so hard to judge. 23. Thomas Scobbie - PUNT - f**k off you useless w**k. 24. William Edjenguele - PUNT - see Scobbie. 25. Cammy Smith - KEEP - But only if we play in his best position. 30. Mark Reynolds - KEEP - Because we are. 33. Fraser Aird - PUNT - Future Partick Thistle player. 34. Ross Laidlaw - PUNT - Not good enough to replace Siegrist. Says it all. 44. Paul Watson - UNDECIDED - Championship is probably his level. 47. Ian Harkes - KEEP - Will only get better. 49. Charlie Seaman - PUNT - Only because we won't get him back on loan and Liam Smith's coming in his position. 50. Peter Pawlett - KEEP - been inconsistent but still been very good. 55. Mark Connolly - KEEP - No nonsense. love it. 90. Yannick Loemba - PUNT - shite.
  3. Dundee United 2018/2019

    See you're taking the news well then.
  4. Ross County V Dundee United- 5/4/2019

    What? we've beaten you twice and you needed a tactical mishap and a bit of luck to equalise last night. the better question is how you're not fourth and all the teams you mentioned aren't above you.
  5. Ross County V Dundee United- 5/4/2019

    Can't wait for us to lose next friday after we go 1-0 up and Neilson brings on a right back and a centre back for Clark and Safranko with 30 minutes left...
  6. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Can't believe I'm saying this and maybe emotions are just running high but Robbie Neilson can f**k right off.
  7. Ross County V Dundee United- 5/4/2019

    Here, I'm fucking dead inside
  8. Ross County V Dundee United- 5/4/2019

    Ross County getting a free kick because their own players are fouling Scott Fox
  9. Ross County V Dundee United- 5/4/2019

    You'll be in tenth, so it won't come back to bite you
  10. Ross County V Dundee United- 5/4/2019

    Anyone that actually want's a Dundee Derby Play-Off that is a fan of either club is fucking mental
  11. Ross County V Dundee United- 5/4/2019

    Either Pawlett or McMullan should've scored that. Luckily we're ahead anyway. Need to stay focused now.
  12. Ross County V Dundee United- 5/4/2019

    He was really poor last game to be fair.