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  1. that was the right call from the ref.....nothing whatsoever to do with the fact they were now playing into gale force winds😁.
  2. Arbroath fans complaining about a game being called off due to a waterlogged pitch while being quite happy at their game getting called off at halftime the other week due to a bit of wind......
  3. couple of weeks ago I was worried about getting dragged into a relegation dogfight...now goal difference aff o 2nd...its madness I tell thee.
  4. 2 brutal teams on a brutal pitch...fair play to shankland though did f**k all the whole game then scores a cracker like that..and that's the reason united are so far ahead of the rest..
  5. watching st johnstone take an absolute pummelling from celtic 3-0 after 26 mins could be about 10 by now makes me glad I dinna need to sit through a pummelling like this this season.
  6. its a shit state of affairs when boys would rather go to livi to get premier league football while we try our hardest to keep our season going for as long as possible and taking the race for the relegation play off spot right to the witre.
  7. we'll knock the ball very slowly about between our defence and midfield then either f**k up a simple pass or lump it to our lone striker and then concede a goal..and huff and puff our way to another defeat,
  8. signing hemmings has been a major f**k up this season..mckpake wants to play one up front..yet has 3 decent strikers on the books..get the feeling he'd like to have one knock his pan in then be replaced by the other(Johnson and nelson) signing hemmings put paid to that.
  9. free hospitality the morn..it will be cold probably shite but i'll get drunk.
  10. Duncan disorderly laid the heid on a player...McGowan pushed a player in the chest hardly the fucking same.
  11. of course there is they all want to be caught on video being the big man throwing abuse and hatred about then they toddle home then post the shit out of any "look how big I am" videos etc there is floating about
  12. aye you could be right think mr eddie "you can change your wife etc etc etc" Thompson aka a motherwell supporter that started to give them ideas above their station...and they lapped it up....growing up in the 80s and 90s I cannot think of one example when there was any hatred directed at a Dundee or united fan.
  13. aye thought exactly that after I posted..when we were teens my best mate was a united fan.....we'd go to the game together 1 derby united end next derby Dundee end ...walked upto the game and hame then spend the rest o Saturday night wi the rest o the mates ripping the piss about the game...now it seems your only a proper fan if you hate everything Dundee or united ….wee c***s are just trying to look big infront of their anonymous internet mates
  14. unfortunately I think social media is to blame for the rise in hatred between Dundee and Dundee united fans.....too many wee keyboard warriors who rather than spend time socialising with proper people sit on their pc's ripping the head aff it in a frenzy as they anonymously throw insults about....
  15. ive noticed this season they seem to becoming more like auld firm fans every week.....on about tickets last night,they only drew cos they were poor(classic auld firm excuse when a better team plays them)anytime they drop points its some c**t elses fault....non stop greeting about imaginary injustices...over hyping players the list goes on....wouldna be surprised if they change back to Dundee hibs an start playing in green again.
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