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  1. england man for man are better than us what we need to do is bring them down to our level...lets not try and play better football than them lets get fucking stuck in and blooter some of their flair players early..dont give them a fucking minute on the ball and who knows we might just might get a result today.
  2. must be the easiest job in football being a scout for caley or county...just nip doon the road and see if they are either releasing anybody or have anybody who wants a move....chuckle brother clubs...to me to you repeat numerous times.
  3. dont think we'll see him back again..if this laddie we signed today is any good i expect fontaine to start the season then become back up centerhalf and we still have fischer(sp) and if hes any good he'll get game time.
  4. marshall was 90% to blame for that goal...ive no idea why he thought it was wise to be standing not far from the center circle....the post match interview with the czech boy he said they noticed him doing it in the 1st half..why dont keepers just keep fucking goal and leave the football to the outfield players think robertson was being kind when he said marshall was in the correct position when asked about it...i bet he was fucking fuming.
  5. tierney for hendry... adams for dykes anybody for o'donnell
  6. regarding the right back position clarke has got himself in a spot of bother here...o'donnell was found out today so does he now throw in a teenager whos career has lasted the whole 5 mins and has never been tested at this level of does he throw in forrest who imo aint no defended...if you were going to take an untested teenager surely you take another experienced right back...we've got 3 left backs and 1 will never set foot on the pitch this tournament.
  7. clarke likes to play 3 at the back due to trying to fit tierney and robertson into the side there was no need to play the 3 at the back today.
  8. its the internet...i never get offended or upset about whats said 👍
  9. he's got 46 posts and about 40 of them are him getting angrier and angrier every minute....fucking state to get himself into over a difference of opinion.
  10. 🤣🤣away you go and pick your dummy up....what a fucking state to get in because somebody has a different opinion than you
  11. why didnt you just mention them the 1st time i asked...fucking clown...rooney 🤣wonder what team he plays for 🤣gauld i'll give you that one ...dearie me your not half getting excited about all this 🤣must be a bairn whos really really upset at scotland doing what scotland always does at tournaments ie make a c**t of it.....also i'd want the squad 2 players short🤣
  12. just out of curiosity did you sit and watch the game in class...holy f**k i said i had no idea who i'd replace those players with you stated you could name players who you'd replace them with...so i asked you to name them and you reply NO fucking brilliant
  13. who would you have picked to replace them if needed.
  14. replacing o'donnell with forrest tells you that clarke wont be playing patterson this tournament.
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