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  1. they do what they want don't ya know....unless somebody else does it then its out with the pitchforks and burning torches.
  2. what I find amusing about the mcpake situation is how many dabs seem to have climbed on the moral bus...forgetting that they once stood singing songs about a boy who was up for raping a comatose bird.
  3. wait they didna get relegated at dens...it was over a season they were absolutely pish....yet they won the league at dens....strange c***s the angus sister shaggers are.
  4. im coping quite nicely thanks for asking so instead of celebrating a united goal you had to post about Dundee...
  5. ken can you imagine..yir team has just went 1 up and instead of celebrating you dig out yir phone and get some stats on yir local rivals....widna surprise me if he has to google on how to get his hole.
  6. what a sad sac of a man you are...shankland put you 1 up today and yir 1st though was of Dundee fc
  7. right lads pack up the league is already won...….united are gonna do this united are gonna do that...is this the same united who not long ago got skelped fae east fife....f**k them...keep shankland quiet and they score f**k all and if keeping him quiet means launching him into the stand so be it.
  8. f**k them.let them f**k about with our allocation...I hope to f**k the 2nd last game of the season is vital and we give them sections ABC of the main stand.
  9. its times like this I wish my nhs prescribed medication kicks in sooner.....what a lot of shit ive just read....he said she said he did she did...
  10. you should have won that game today I was right behind the goal when your player burst into the box...he had the whole goal to hit yet blootered it straight at our keeper....I think our problem is we are far too slow moving the ball about and getting it forward....we got a freekick about 3 mins to go halfway inside our half when Peterhead were all up the park looking for a winner...we had 2 on 2 yet our player casually wandered away waiting on our keeper to amble up and take the kick by that time you were all back and organised again..it was bloody frustrating to watch
  11. correct it bores the tits aff o me...I suppose it works when every single player you have in your back 4 are comfortable knocking the ball about then boom that killer pass into equally talented players ….unfortunately at our level teams just say ach have the ball we'll just sit in until you misplace a pass.
  12. we'll probably have the best possession % ever this season with the amount of fucking tippy tappy passes along the back 4 and keeper.
  13. anybody putting up rumours should 1...put up their real name 2...put up a recent picture of themselves 3...put up their home address 4...put up their mobile number 5...put up their place of employment so if the said rumour is a lot of shite we can harass the shite out of them for getting our hopes up.
  14. while it was indeed a pish result...just to throw a wee stat into this discussion...cove did not lose at home the whole of last season in the league and infact the last team to beat them at home was hearts 2-1....anyway we know our squad is a few players light...and the pish you follow is probably the strongest its gonna be this season.
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