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  1. Kilsyth Rangers 2018/19

    Is Kilsyth any harder to get to than Athulie? North of the city it's 20 mins on the M80.
  2. Gartcairn Jnrs 2018 / 2019

    Speculate to accumulate.
  3. The Correct punishment ??

    Banned for at least 8 matches and reported to the police
  4. Gartcairn Jnrs 2018 / 2019

    Were you at the game?
  5. Big J££N won’t be happy at shotts

    And who exactly are you?
  6. West Region League 1 18/19

    Sour grapes here. More than deserved the victory.
  7. Mark Rithchie Memorial Cup

    That's great news money was raised, like I say it's not my call but I'm sure Mark's old team mates would like to get involved. Either way I applaud both my old clubs for keeping the game going!
  8. Mark Rithchie Memorial Cup

    I thought the "legends" game was more fitting as it was a great way to get his old team mates together and keep the stories going but maybe that's a selfish view. Would be good if their was some form of charity/fundraising element to it. I do commend both clubs for honouring the big man.
  9. Mark Rithchie Memorial Cup

    There should be a bigger deal made about this in my opinion.
  10. 2nd Division Title Race

    Buzzing, next weekend can't come quick enough.
  11. Arthurlie v Gartcairn

    I was personally disappointed with the Arthurlie fans verbally abusing our 15 year substitute then justifying it by saying if he can't put up with it he shouldn't be playing. Disgusting.
  12. Gartcairn Juniors 2017/18

  13. Gartcairn Juniors 2017/18

    We weren't at our best today but showed great spirit and fight for each other which bodes well for the season. Was a tough game and not helped by one of the worst referring decisions I've ever heard in my life. We're a new team and well only get stronger MTC
  14. Gartcairn Juniors 2017/18

    Disappointing way to concede the equaliser, don't like going on about referees but he didn't have a good game and got some massive decisions wrong.
  15. The Ants Thread 2017/18

    Loved the big man, great guy, cracking company and a top player. Sadly missed.