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  1. I agree that the full back deserved to go, at no point did I say he did not. The couple of a Buffs supporters that have responded need to stop being so sensitive. If the truth be known points on the board are better than games in hand. The Talbot game will be the acid test, a draw of victory for the Buffs would go a long way to winning the league. It would be good to see a challenge to Talbot, which they have done by by grinding out the result yesterday against 10 men.
  2. Never a truer story of a game of two halves at Largs. Largs were the better team in the first half and took the lead shortly before half time. 2nd half Buffs came out with a new lease of life which was assisted by Largs left back getting a 2nd yellow and equalising from the free kick. Winning goal was a cracker from McWatters . Interesting how the Buffs celebrated at the end of the game, as if they had won something other than the match! Who knows this may well go a long way to winning the league, however they will have to play better than they did in the first half, the sending off changed the game.
  3. Took the Largs v Meadow game in yesterday, first half 1-1 was a fair reflection. The second half was a different story Largs brought on W Sewell ( think that’s who it was) and how he changed the game he ran the Meadow defence ragged. Not only did he lay one on he scored one. Largs relatively young team seem to have a very good team spirit. Oh and how the Meadow centre half stayed on after he took one of the Largs players out I will never know. With Talbot getting beat and The Buffs winning the season is getting very interesting! Having seen the Buffs they seem to have a good squad and may take some catching?
  4. 12/1Darvel must have been some money put on! Stranger things have happened, however I will not be backing them! I know that this could come back to haunt me but I do not believe in ghosts!
  5. I am not sure how long that they have been in the Juniors, however I have noticed that there away support is not as big as it used to be. I do not think moving league will help. Only my opinion.
  6. Good results for Kilbirnie, Largs and Troon. What is going on at Clydebank?
  7. Hi Thanks it is there now, for some reason yesterday morning when I was clicking on Scottish it was not there. The Odds May have been getting updated?
  8. I cannot see any betting on line for the Junios? Can someone advise?
  9. Three keepers and 10 in midfield, will be difficult to keep them all happy!
  10. Any games in doubt with this horrendous weather!
  11. Benburb v Glenafton Draw Clydebank v Rossvale Home Cumnock v Kilbirnie Draw Irvine Meadow v Kilwinning Draw Pollok v Troon Home Rutherglen v Largs Draw Hurlford v Rob Roy Home
  12. An entertaining game today. Meadow opened with a screamer and let Largs back in with a very soft goal. The old heads of Meadow paid off as they knew when to go down. Interesting to see who I think was the Meadow manager watching and giving instructions from the stand, he will not get that opportunity at away games. The second half both teams squandered very good chances, before Meadow scored the winner. Hope the boy Spence is ok, that looked a sore one. Early days yet, that being said Meadow looked the more experienced team and should do ok. Largs with big changes from last year look a wee bit light weight, that being said they tried to play football, the boy Black getting some rough treatment through out. They will need to learn to take there chances should they want to survive.
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