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  1. Gow 2018/2019

    You done well to beat Largs, they have been scoring for fun. Looks like your keeper had a good game.
  2. Juniors odds

    Sorry posted wrong info
  3. West of Scotland weekend and not a peep

    I think there will be a few of them! Fingers crossed the weather is ok over night.
  4. Ardagh Group West Of Scotland Cup 2nd Round Draw

    Got to agree , great stuff! Communication is key, well done.
  5. Mindless vandals attack junior club.

    An absolute disgrace!
  6. How many clubs ground sharing!

    I think that is a great thing, a chance to get some young blood into the junior game, or follow it.
  7. How many clubs ground sharing!

    How many clubs are sharing this season? If the rain keeps coming some of those could struggle. Are Yoker still playing at home, the reason I ask I thought that the work was starting there?
  8. Games On/Off - Storm Callum

    So far this season I have got to say the best playing surface I have seen is at Troon. It has always been ok but this season it is excellent. How many clubs are sharing this season? If the rain keeps coming some of those could struggle.
  9. Today's scores 13th

    The so called manager of the Buffs has been an embaressment for the Buffs for a couple of seasons! This latest childish yes, childish action do not surprise me! IMO he thinks that he is bigger than the club. As we all know there is no one man bigger than any club.
  10. Ardeer Thistle Managerial Vacancy

    I have seen him watching at a few of the games, maybe!
  11. Ardeer Thistle Managerial Vacancy

    The guys have worked hard for years. Why leave now?
  12. Friendly Monday Night

    Largs have been scoring for fun recently and have a new striker!
  13. Yoker news today

    Has the work started at the park?
  14. Todays scores 22/9

    Players hard to come by, I am led to believe that the manager didn’t fancy the young lad Black! He looks a cracker.
  15. Todays scores 22/9

    There may be no talk of it, however the way things are going that may change! 7 -0 sounds bad not sure if you have players away or other things going on?