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  1. Friendly Monday Night

    Largs have been scoring for fun recently and have a new striker!
  2. Yoker news today

    Has the work started at the park?
  3. Todays scores 22/9

    Players hard to come by, I am led to believe that the manager didn’t fancy the young lad Black! He looks a cracker.
  4. Todays scores 22/9

    There may be no talk of it, however the way things are going that may change! 7 -0 sounds bad not sure if you have players away or other things going on?
  5. Betting Odds Saturday 22nd September

    Is that Auchinleck Theeeesel?
  6. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    If you are Lee Griffiths on the bench getting thousands that’s fine, at Junior level the boys just want to play!
  7. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Arthurlie 5 v Larkhall Thistle 0Benburb 2v Rossvale 1Cumbernauld United 1 v Dalry Thistle 1Darvel Juniors 1v Kilsyth Rangers 2Girvan 2 v Irvine Victoria 1Neilston Juniors 1v St Roch's 1Rutherglen Glencairn 4 v Kello Rovers 0Whitletts Victoria 3v Craig-mark Burntonians 0
  8. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    This is interesting, Largs seem to be scoring goals, and they have added a striker!
  9. Scores 15th Sept

    He should have been off! As for the penalty,very soft!
  10. Referees

    This reminds me of the old joke! Two guys were watching there boys at a game. One guy asked the other on who is son was so that he could criticise them! The other guy said why do you want to do that? Well you have been criticising my son all day. He said which one is that ? The refreree! We were speaking about this yesterday,, before we went to the game we were watching the Spurs v Liverpool game, The first goal was given by technology. Other incidents we disagreed between us and the ref about some of the decisions. Low and behold at the game we had the same disagreements, which was not helped by players rolling about if they had been shot, and the management teams trying to influence the refs decision! Yes they make mistakes , they are human and without them there would be no game. I have only been ref at a friendly game as a favour and that was a nightmare. It would be good if some of the critics , if they think it is that bad get involved!
  11. Betting Odds Saturday 15th September

    I think Cambuslang look a good price, Talbot v Buffs a draw . Bankies to draw with Hurlford
  12. Clydebank v Hurlford

    Only seen Hulford once this season. They are a strong physical team, one weakness IMO , is when a player runs at them on either flank. Cannot really comment on who will win, for the good of the league I would prefer Hurlford not to win.
  13. West Premiership predictions

    What is going on at Meadow and Petershill both got pumped today and really seem to be struggling?
  14. Betting Odds Saturday 8th September

    Draw all over it !
  15. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Good news think he will do well !