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  1. Home and away

    As with any change there will be for and against it! It is inevitable that those that do not like it will be upset and make comments in the heat of the moment. Some, probably very few will stick to there guns and not go to the new park. They are the ones that are losing out as there is every chance this is where not only did the watch their team but they met up with friends that they have had for years. Let the team do the talking, if they put on some good shows hopefully they will come to there senses and go and support the club.
  2. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    A number of supporters do not like the all weather! I re ember Petershill, Largs and Cummnock getting a hard time for doing it!
  3. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    Let’s be honest that looks good. While I think it is the right thing to do, I wonder how the supporters feel about it?
  4. Junior Cup Final

    I would say that there is no doubt that City and Talbot are two strong favourites. I do recall Celtic being a strong favourite to beat ICT some years ago. So yes Watfaord and/ or Largs can win. Will I be backing them maybe depending on the odds!
  5. Junior Cup Final

    You are a disgrace to the Junior game!
  6. Todays scores 6/4

    Yes sugar daddies pumped at hame Not sure who the 15 that came on as sub, but looked like a Sunday pub team standard. Surprised for a club of Hurlford standings! Only one team played football, and they won.
  7. Junior Cup Final

    Who won?
  8. Junior Day

    I am surprised that you as one of the more forward thinking junior fan are not enthusiastic to try something like this. The game needs something different, I don’t disagree that there may not be an attractive proposition to the away teams and also to some tradionalists who prefer a 2 pm KO whether it be for work commitments or other reasons. If we do not try things we will never know if it would be a success or not!
  9. Junior Day

    This ma y have been discussed before, sorry if that is the case. We are looking at ways to promote, help the game, in England they have a non league day where they have games kicking off at different times of the day and supporters traveling to watch two or three games. I appreciate that it may not attract many however I think anything is worth a try. Kennie is forward thinking and I am sure that he good manage to sort fixtures out in venues as near as possible to each other to allow those that wanted to to attend.
  10. Clydebank F.C. 2018/19

    The progress is looking good, it will be fantastic for the community. Out of curiosity with / if Clydebank move leagues how will the fixtures be sorted with Yoker?
  11. McBookie's Odds 23rd March

    Not so sure Meadow are flying at the moment! If anything I think the best they will get is a draw.
  12. West Region Games On -16th March

    Took this one in today! Not much of a game, ref seemed to lose the plot when he sent the Peasy player off, then the Largs centre half joined him, to be fair I think he got the 2nd one right. Think Peasy will feel hard done to not taking a point.
  13. Scottish Cup semi finals. Your thoughts

    I am afraid that there is no such thing as a cert!
  14. Scottish Cup semi finals. Your thoughts

    At the risk of upsetting someone what do we use to class Hurlford as giants! ! Yes they are a good team and have been since the money man started pumping it in! I would dare to say out of the 4 teams left they have the smallest support week on week. I appreciate that getting to semi’s etc will bring more support out however it is a surprise that a team that has had the success that they have had has not got a better support. my heart would like to see a Lochee v Largs final, my head says the opposite.
  15. Petershill 0v4 pollok 2.3.19

    Floodlights on ! Not a waste of money?