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  1. Monday Night Raw Live

    Bray is king of the vignettes but he needs to make it crossover into a live arena where they don't have the post production and quick jump cuts and video effects. The Wyatts used to have great video promos back in the day, but when they eventually debuted Bray was just a guy in a hat with awkward quiet music sitting in a rocking chair. It was deflating as f**k. This new character feels so different and his live return needs to be fast and impactful or it's going to fall flat quickly. Instead we'll probably end up with him hosting the firefly show in the ring with a sock puppet and a cardboard box. I have no faith they won't mess it up.
  2. Next Scotland Manager

    Post-everton Moyes has become very skilled in sniffing out an ill-advised reputation denting career move, so the scotland jobby is clearly the obvious choice for him next.
  3. Next Scotland Manager

    Advocaat getting the job then swiftly proceeding to select no rangers players would provoke a delicious level of headsgones from a certain section. Make it happen.
  4. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Also very likely. However, given Doncaster's sits on that pathetic board I'm expecting a carbon copy what England did. 'Cause, you know, that's how it works up here. Gemmill gets the keys til the end of this campaign. They've probably bought him a Primark waistcoat to wear already.
  5. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    It'll be Gemmill. Talks with anyone outside of the bubble would have leaked.
  6. cheer up wee man, you're winning
  7. if you register now they might get round to activating your account in time to watch the final
  8. Anybody keeping eyes on young mcclean's progress at linfield? Will he get an extension and a chance to break through next year or is he for the chop?
  9. The Wrestling Thread

    Said in a much better way that I managed after many accidental Thursday night pints I'm almost as much of a shambles as Joanie was. In her later life Chyna was a complete PR liability, I don't blame the execs at all for disregarding her. For all we know, this could always have been the case during her time with the WWF, but as we see all to well these days, the office can mostly bury any questionable personality traits before the fans get a real glimpse of their life, especially so back in the pre social media days.
  10. The Wrestling Thread

    Can't have a PG rated public company with a target audience of 8-13yrs going around parading a big time up the bum porn star as a named inductee of their hall of fame, right? In-ring achievements and professional influence & impact are one thing, but the combined collateral damage from her very very very VERY public breakdowns have made sure that any chance of a solo induction in this world are as close to zero as you can get.
  11. WWE Network

    Classic visual
  12. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Drink every time Michael Stewart says 'narrative'
  13. The Wrestling Thread

  14. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    get the tin pot thread warmed up
  15. The Wrestling Thread

    The Duchess of Queensbury finally gets in the HOF