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  1. I was just thinking that, it’s not coming across as anything special on the TV, jambos hangovers starting to kick in imo Hearts have approached this game well though, it’s how I wish Aberdeen had started in our games against Rijeka (second time) and Qarabag Still rooting for the toblerone shaggers like
  2. That whole team won two trophies that season though and you wouldn’t necessarily consider them all legends, per se IMHO
  3. I’m corporate for this so even if the performance and/or result is abhorrent I’ll be too #pissed to care Mon the Dandies
  4. Random pub debate tonight Is Charlie Nicholas an Aberdeen legend? Discuss
  5. Just 1 (ONE) ticket left in the away end looking online this morning Decent support down that far for a midweeker
  6. Thought Anthony Stewart was a lot better yesterday Actually thought his passing was decent overall, huge improvement on last week
  7. Like any other Saints/Dandies game of the last 15 years A snooze fest
  8. Good work @Aim Here Mods, can someone give Aim Here admin rights to the thread?
  9. My bad feeling was pre-match when Goodwin said on the radio that he was a ‘very lucky Manager’ for the budget he had been given by the board
  10. Yup Dare I say he needs to win his next 4 games before the Sevco game Soundbites are great but there isn’t a lot of credit in the bank and the knives will be out if we get a few more performances/results like that today He also needs a good early cup run to keep the wolves away from the door
  11. A genuinely disgusting performance from Aberdeen The team looked like they’ve just met each other this morning 5-2 wouldn’t flatter Motherwell here, they’ve had loads of clear cut chances
  12. Absolutely stinking from Aberdeen Slack all over the pitch Lopes and Ramirez on please
  13. https://twitter.com/jimspencedundee/status/1557804213366841345?s=21&t=EkdcI5t0tTA1RIPIg-lNoQ
  14. Another interesting test for us in the quest to right some wrongs from last season The results against Motherwell were abhorrent last season and that needs rectified 3-0
  15. Congratulations to Celtic today on their win! A true modern day miracle!
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