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  1. Not worried about this game in the slightest 4-0 the Famous Aberdeen
  2. Not confident in the slightest 2-0 Sevco Scotland Ltd
  3. Are Dundee United that lower league team that got cuffed 6-1 by Falkirk a few weeks ago? I get them mixed up with all the other lower league Tayside dross tbh
  4. McKenna in for Reynolds on Wednesday imo Mark looks finished
  5. Thought the Lafferty challenge was a booking tbh, good to see a red for the lolz Always thought the lad Goncalves was an ok player but fucking hell he was horrendous today. Absolute clown.
  6. Scenes here as Levein is led down the touchline in cuffs
  7. Craig Levein looking on proudly there as three different Hearts players debate over taking a throw in
  8. An absolute nailed on 0-0 Levein to be charged post match for crimes against fitba
  9. Killie with an absolutely pointless statement of their own there
  10. The brave face from some Accies in here Deep down - black affronted
  11. Losing at the Giro Dome for the trillionath time in a row *yawn* I suppose that’s what playing a team with a £91 million turnover will get you time after time I hope after them romping to the treble again will kill off any idiots in Scottish Football out with Celtic that profress them getting to the champions league every year is good for our game as a whole The biggest nonsense to regularly get peddled and arseholes like our Chairman swallow and regurgitate it as well
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