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  1. First ever meeting between the Clubs Shame it’s at home
  2. @Aim Here & @Curmudgeon What were the results in your league head to heads?
  3. Edinburgh are at home to Forfar on the Friday Sorted
  4. You’ve got to fucking love Hibs sometimes edit: oh ffs Hibs
  5. Least surprising outcome of the day He’s a creepy weirdo and I’d be mortified if he ran my football club
  6. You’re a grown man Its a marathon old timer, not a sprint
  7. Courts: I have nothing to say on the incident [with Ojo] because I don't know what happened. That’s funny, because it didn’t stop him grandstanding with a t-shirt last time he didn’t know what happened This guy is a fucking chancer
  8. Madden has lost the fucking plot Shame if that United fan got a sore face after the game
  9. Now there you’re probably spot on I don’t even need/want to look that up, we had a stinking run against Hearts during those years, particularly at Tynecastle
  10. Ah go on, let’s continue indulging your pish, who finished higher in the league out of Aberdeen & United in the sixteen years prior to their hilarious relegation? Any other compelling evidence you want to send our way that they “absolutely dominated us” for 15 years? 2000/01 - Aberdeen higher 2001/02 -Aberdeen higher 2002/03 - Aberdeen higher 2003/04 -United higher 2004/05 - Aberdeen higher 2005/06 - Aberdeen higher 2006/07 - Aberdeen higher 2007/08 - Aberdeen higher 2008/09 - Aberdeen higher 2009/10 - United higher 2010/11 - United higher 2011/12 - United higher 2012/13 - United higher 2013/14 - Aberdeen higher 2014/15 -Aberdeen higher 2015/16 - Aberdeen higher
  11. Ah go on then, since I’ve just poured a big dram Dons v Utd, 2000 - 2016 Aberdeen wins - 26 United wins - 19 Draws - 13 https://www.afcheritage.org/matches/stats/headtohead.cfm?set=1 Don’t talk pish
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