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  1. Aye fair play min I know a couple of Jambos IRL and they hate that shite
  2. Hope the Tory Hearts had a good day in our fair city They probably had a good day if they got out of dodge without a sore face tbf
  3. Sellick levels of whataboutery there I shan’t waste my Saturday evening defending the Jutes for one more second Shame on you, Weegie
  4. Jeepers the crowd at Livvy v County I think Broch v Banks o Dee had more
  5. Wow As much as I love to see United in the mud that is fucking cheating from Curtis Main Shambles from the ref and the VAR dicks
  6. Sitting watching the highlights with a massive glass of red wine
  7. Well bois will be spewing at missing that one Silly sausages
  8. Cautiously optimistic but I think it’s going to be a very tight game Hearts have a few injuries and have been blowing hot and cold recently We seem to be cutting the stupid mistakes out of our game and look a bit more solid Plus, the home team tends to win this fixture, we’ve won the last 6 against the diets at Pittodrie 1-0 the Dandies Maybe
  9. Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon Please not Lennon
  10. Today would be an odd time to announce it Imagine Hearts beat us on Saturday #BurrowsOut
  11. Did they even announce anything? I was out all afternoon and was puzzled when I heard an old Archie McPherson / Tom English podcast when I jumped in the car Felt like lockdown again ffs
  12. Well done Celtic! A truly unreal achievement!
  13. In the fairly disgusting position tonight of being obliged to want Sevco, Celtic and Dundee Utd all to win this evening A long, hot shower may be required later
  14. Wilder with Robson and Agnew in the setup would be perfect Make it so, Alan
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/64857297 “VAR doesn’t miss, especially with us” God, it must be so hard being Celtic Its a total miracle they’ve won a million trophies in the last decade despite the relentless adversity Glad I don’t support a team who encounter such horror They are in my thoughts
  16. I’d be stunned if we didn’t have a new manager by the Hearts game Hope Robson and Agnew are part of the new setup though
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