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  1. https://twitter.com/jimspencedundee/status/1557804213366841345?s=21&t=EkdcI5t0tTA1RIPIg-lNoQ
  2. Another interesting test for us in the quest to right some wrongs from last season The results against Motherwell were abhorrent last season and that needs rectified 3-0
  3. Congratulations to Celtic today on their win! A true modern day miracle!
  4. I think that finally closes the book on Connor Ronan I’d imagine just one more signing, defensive cover, and that’s us done
  5. Clarkson confirmed https://twitter.com/aberdeenfc/status/1555841285646344193?s=21&t=mPjDasMMICZn1HehFnKWpA
  6. We’ve spent £2 million but that’s not even half the Ramsay cash Nice to know if it goes tits up this season there is cash for another rebuild #GoAgain
  7. That name has been doing the rounds for a while so not a massive surprise Know nothing about him
  8. Is it too obvious Burns has a massive chip on his shoulder in terms of the way he’s reporting it
  9. Only around 3,500 tickets left in the home end looking at online sales this morning so hopefully a decent crowd 2-0 the Dandies
  10. It’s always a bizarre one to me It would like us going mental gloating on the Raith thread after winning 3-0 the other week But in a lot of instances people gravitate to clubs like Celtic because of the shortcomings in their own personal lives so celebrating every victory like it’s some kind of miracle is all they have going for them Sad
  11. I do fear for Elgin this season Going back to the HL would be an absolute disaster for that club
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