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  1. Next Scotland Manager

    If it’s Mackay/Gemmill then I’m done
  2. Next Scotland Manager

    Scott Gemmil has tumbled down to 2/5 Obviously a few quid going on
  3. Hearing Kris ‘Boydy’ Boyd will be Manager until the end of the season once Steve Clarke takes the Scotland job
  4. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Herald reporting he’ll be gone today Please don’t have someone shit lined up ffs
  5. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Board meeting tomorrow It’s only been 14,000 days since the San Marino game
  6. Ryan Fraser

    I don’t care where he goes Just as long as it’s for as much fucking money as possible!
  7. Yes but lets presume we don’t draw an English club I know I will be in the minority and, don’t get me wrong I do want us to qualify for Europe, but I won’t be crying into my pint if we get a year off it We’re not going to qualify for the groups and as it stands they are just ‘glamorous’ pre season friendlies that we’ve barely been ready for the last couple of years Perhaps an easier start in the league cup may benefit us in the longer term next season instead of getting knocked out again and scrambling about for friendlies weeks before our first league game
  8. Seriously? At worst we get a couple of 10,000 crowds in the league cup instead of 16,000 crowd(s) in Europe Hardly a disaster
  9. You’ll find he’s held in equal disdain by our own support
  10. I wouldn’t mind a wee crack at those League Cup group stages tbh
  11. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Miracle it’s only 3 tbh
  12. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Sellick will run absolutely riot in the second half Grim stuff
  13. I think you can edit the thread title