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  1. Bit of crowd trouble I’m hearing Weegies up to no good as usual
  2. Why would we? Boyle is a massive Dandy, hope he makes a speedy recovery
  3. Which will never happen, therefore no democratic route as they will block it from now until the end of time
  4. It’s a No No democratic route for Scottish independence
  5. I suppose we’ll find out once and for all if this much trumpeted “partnership of equals” is a voluntary Union or not I suspect not and the tedium will continue on and on with every single PM just saying “No” because they can
  6. Against my better judgement I listened to the mini Gio sacking pod Kevin Thomson must be the cringiest c**t in Scottish Fitba, if he was chocolate he’d eat himself Backs himself to do the Sevco job Planet does the boy live on
  7. Struggling to believe the semi tickets sales are as strong as they appear online Can only presume they’re actually only releasing sections F1-7 on a staggered sale when the rest sell out?
  8. In other news looking at Hampden ticket sales online it appears we’ve sold 16,000 tickets for the semi already which is pretty good going considering they’ve only just gone on sale
  9. So bored of the VAR chat It is what it is, it’s here to stay, bores me to tears hearing Kenny being a seething mess about it every weekend
  10. Patience Joey, he’s full of opinions and insight, I’m sure he will give us his take on that any day now
  11. I can live with it for 2/3 seasons, I’ll be worried if it happens season after season obviously I’d be even more worried if we ever ended up in administration and/or endure two relegations in the space of 6 years but perhaps you’re better placed to advise us of those ills? Some Dandies don’t even post on this thread as much as you, do you pay as much attention to the Killie or Motherwell threads or is it ourselves you’re singling out for special treatment? Sorry, discussion
  12. Erm, the fact we brought in around £8 million in transfer sales during the summer and barely reinvested 30% of it during the summer to build an entirely new team Those figures aren’t included in the accounts that have been released As said above we’ve brought in around £14 million in transfer sales over the last couple of years with many more very decent assets still on the books, most notably Miovski who has been linked with a £4 million pound move We paid £500k for him about 5 months ago Your obsession with us is bizarre, I can’t imagine the state you’ll get yourself into if we finish 3rd this season
  13. The dandy obsessed Jambo coming on here again to lecture us about financial prudence LOL The rain has stopped, go outside and get some fresh air
  14. Aye mate we’re totally fucked Can you move on with your life now?
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