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  1. Glad he has been found, hopefully he gets the help he needs Poor Mental health is crippling large parts of society at the moment, it’s awful
  2. When the Sam Hell are we going to get a confirmed date for this game? Don’t recall it taking this long in the last round edit: it bloody did as well. It took 2 weeks
  3. Harsh Not looking to hang the guy out to dry by any means I just hope we cash in at the right time Turning down £6 million for McKenna still lives rent free in my head
  4. Based on last nights performance I’m hoping we can cash in this month He obviously got something about him but I’ve not really seen huge amount to suggest he’s a £5 million player yet Really hope we don’t miss the boat on this one while the hype is there
  5. JET needs his contract terminated, what a fucking waste of time that signing was His next club will be in the 7th tier of English fitba or he could always join his brother at Huntly Very poor atmosphere in the away end as well last night, one of the quietest travelling supports I’ve seen I think our approach to the game just sucked the life out of everyone from the word go
  6. Comfortably one of the worst performances I’ve seen from an Aberdeen team in the last 20 years So pedestrian, no idea how to open St Mirren up, a genuinely grim watch If we’re still capable of turning performances like that this deep into Glass’ reign then I’m worried Unless we see a big response at the weekend, the knives will be out
  7. Division C Round 3 XCT94 v mackieboz N5_Spur v markf268 Strachanovski v The_kid1433 StuSco1 v DieHardDoonhamer Round 4 markf268 v XCT94 The_kid1433 v mackieboz DieHardDoonhamer v N5_Spur StuSco1 v Strachanovski
  8. Division B Round 3 Purplekangaroo89 v Arabjoe pleslie999 v invergowrie PnBMathematics v cols407 Dandies1983 v paakman01 Round 4 RBWatson v pleslie999 cols407 v Purplekangaroo89 invergowrie v Dandies1983 paakman01 v PnBMathematics
  9. Division A Round 3 beef2711 v Ziggy_The_Spider AimHere v eindhovendee Board_Stupid v Dearyme AH13STU v gkneil Round 4 GCarlos9 v AimHere Dearyme v beef2711 eindhovendee v AH13STU gkneil v Board_Stupid
  10. As it’s early days and barely anyone has completed a game I’m not going to bother publishing the league tables Next rounds of fixtures coming up though lads……hope some are in the mood for playing catch up
  11. Erm, you may need to put that down as a friendly as I publish the fixtures weekly Don’t worry, we all play home and away eventually
  12. Every time Kevin Thomson said “footy” somewhere, a puppy died
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