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  1. Glad the season is going ahead with one final warning Dons not having a game for another 9 days seems like a small price to pay Fuming, though
  2. The Government may issue the clubs with an ultimatum - implement rules where breaches are punishable or the game is off It’s a just speculation, f**k knows what is happening behind the scenes I’ll be absolutely gutted if the football is binned and I am genuinely appalled at my club’s part in it
  3. Ironically they’ll need to ask the clubs for these powers which will likely be laughed out the room
  4. If he returns a positive test it’s curtains Best case scenario we get to continue with one very stern final warning So grim
  5. Jesus, test the players on Tuesday and move the fucking game to Tannadice if you need to
  6. I wonder if we’ll need to shorten the season now No way they can pause and squeeze all these games in later Scenes if we need to pull out of Euro competitions as well Hope the ScotGov think very carefully about this. As someone who votes SNP, the political fallout from shutting it down again would be pretty significant
  7. Oh shit They’re going to pull the plug aren’t they?
  8. And good luck to you in your League Cup draw.......
  9. Surely if that was the case, the Hamilton & Celtic games would’ve been postponed by now?
  10. Joey, what an absolute load of horseshit The match was postponed in case any further cases amongst the squad turned up positive As long as the 8 players keep isolating and the rest of the squad keep turning up negative test results between now and Wednesday morning, the Hamilton game will go ahead
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