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  1. This has genuinely rattled me I honestly hate the UK at times
  2. Stuart didn’t get to say “Greeeeeeeetings” #Respect
  3. Agreed, it sounds absolutely shite Regardless of circumstance, the HL & LL have provided champions Get these fucking games played
  4. Not surprising to hear the twa tams is anti-fitba Decent boozer but it did strike me with that vibe Recall they had a tidy barmaid who was a Saints fan though
  5. What 😢 Auld House is a good shout, may go there, cheers
  6. Perth gadgies Looks like I’ll be in your fine city on the 14th June so hopefully things are back to normal by then so the Scotland game can be watched in the boozer Anywhere you’d recommend? When I’m in Perth I usually drink in the twa tams but it doesn’t strike me as a fitba pub
  7. “Rangers” fan showing how famously thick skinned they are again No-one likes them and they don’t care IIRC
  8. @keptie @arab_joe What Division do you guys want to play in next season? Couple of spaces in Division A due to a couple of liquidations...
  9. 3 leagues of 11 so far for next season Will figure out the leagues get us up and running next week hopefully
  10. Four new players so far @topcat(The most tip top) you still wanting in?
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