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  1. Indeed Imagine Milne trying to inspire confidence during this trying time Miserable wee c**t
  2. Thoughts & prayers with the Sevco twitter loyal who got so exited a couple of weeks ago
  3. Can’t decide what would be funnier The heads gone from sellick at a null and void season Or a heads gone from Sevco at giving the title to sellick
  4. It will be somewhere in my hoose “This a song fae Cath and Jean...” 🕺🏻
  5. Interesting that our current insurance currently covers Pity that it runs out on April 30th That two months cover could make a hell of a lot of difference though
  6. Some Scottish Unionists reported to be furious that the Norwegian FA broke the news before UEFA
  7. Club tribal rivalries aside they can’t void the season Sellick, United & Cove are running away with their leagues, they can’t just tell them nae luck, start again Season 19/20 has to be finished before we start 20/21
  8. Wait a few weeks to see if things improve If not, finish the league campaign behind closed doors, two games per week Home teams open their TV subscription services, pay per view, to all to generate income and ensure fans can see the games Finish the Scottish Cup next season
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