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  1. I wouldn’t get your hopes Heard all of this before As someone already said, we’ll still be discussing this in 10 years
  2. We’ve got a good record at Fir Park and you’re having a poor season Yes, I expect Aberdeen to win there Outraged
  3. Of course it’s a missed opportunity That is, if we are to strive for the slightest bit of progress Look at the points we have dropped recently: Hamilton away St Mirren away Motherwell away United home County away Balls to previous season’s point totals we should be winning most of them but we didn’t pick up 3 points in any
  4. Definitely not a mare of a season However it is yet ANOTHER missed opportunity with Celtic having an absolute Sevco (2012-2019) of a season The amount of missed opportunities McInnes’ Aberdeen have squandered is unreal
  5. Probably the first time this season I won’t bother paying for a home game stream Can’t be fucked with another 90 minutes of dross
  6. I don’t think the Club will pull the trigger May be an amicable parting of ways in the summer but it’s just as likely he’s here until summer 2022
  7. If Greg Stewart comes back for a third time the club have lost the fucking plot
  8. Hope so as the Scotsman are reporting Greg Stewart could end up back at Pittodrie if Wright goes to Mordor Save us, Oxford
  9. Oh good it’s Jane and her 17 paragraph long questions f**k me min
  10. Might be worth it for the Twitter reaction alone
  11. Rumblings on Twitter last night that the McInnes Out brigade could be getting their wish sooner rather than later After flirting with such thoughts myself I now find myself of a nervous disposition The relentless bores on Twitter better hope we appoint the second coming of Fergie Would happily take a punt on Goodwin myself Not Stephen Glass ffs
  12. It’s a match I may be resigning from soon anyway
  13. Jesus, thank you, what a tit
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