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  1. This is ages away but I will likely be in Perth on the night of the play off Final Assuming we beat Israel, where’s good in your fine city for watching Scotland games?
  2. Pretty much this I was a seething mess until we scored Then we remembered we’re allowed to play football too Thought Sevco were poor in the second half Weird game, content with a point considering I suppose
  3. DEID If Twitter rumours are to be believed I’m calling bullshit, though
  4. Thankfully we’ll only have to endure a few days of Hibs hubris instead of the usual week Small mercies
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50562563 Would've been a great article if it wasn’t for the relentless references to the deid club
  6. Can quite believe that Obvious to anyone from watching their joint interviews that Cormack and Milne don’t really see eye to eye They’re very different people And thank f**k for that
  7. Absolute walk in the park for most top flight clubs Hibs with the only tie that could be said to be really tricky Maybe County as well
  8. Absolutely FUCKING shite Crusing in a 4-4-2 and came out the traps in the second half and he fucking changes it That one is all on Derek, genuinely shite management Logan needs melted down for glue, a fucking awful second half performance Shit like that is why the fans have turned on the Manager Brutal
  9. It’s usually working though If the ball goes wide, we’re picking it up and Cosgrove has that defence on toast
  10. Penalty all day long but cannot fucking believe McGinn didn’t bury that straight after 2-0 would have been game over Seeing why Saints are currently lying so low in the table
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