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  1. Not exactly the full picture. As i said above pollok made an offer for David. This was initially rejected. A new offer was submitted and this was accepted it probably suited the club as well as rhe player. The offer was made just before Herdy was appointed although i think they waited until he was in to make the final decision.
  2. Pollok made an offer for David Brownlie that was initially rejected hut revised offer was accepted and it probably suited both the club and the player. Hopefully will assist to get another player in
  3. Think 1st was a bit soft. Linesman was shaking his head and saying no pen. Even musselburgh fans said it was soft. But thats football.
  4. Brownlie and Ronald bak today too although Ronald had to go of injured unfortunately. Hopefully just a tweak. Coyne changed the game as did Slaven
  5. Think this is the one we were talking about but there were a few acuffles so not sure. Seen them given and aeen them not given so onto the next game.
  6. Think Airdrie are missing Div Brownlie in defence every time he has been missing they have had big defeats
  7. Yes he has been very good in midfield and been doing well there. A lot of people have been saying hes being played out of position but right back is where he played with motherwell and others. But i think he has been good in midfield and has given us some added strength in there. Team shuffled about due to David Brownlie being injured.
  8. Luke Watt is actually a right back. Just that airdrie have been playing him in midfield
  9. Just shows u its all about opinions. For a team who have only started to train together as a unit for two sessions per week it would seem that things are maybe pulling together? What i will say is if ur a striker and miss oh well! If ur a midfielder and lose the ball or go hiding the defence nine times out if ten can get u out of jail. If u r a defender and make a mistake its often costly and thats what folk focus on. Lets hope with the additional joint sessions Stevie has put in place these young guys can continue to grow and improve
  10. David Brownlie ex Development player left when he was 15 to go to Rangers
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