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  1. Worst thing with McAllister is Hopkin sold it as a bit of a coup getting him, maybe he needs a bit of time out on loan in league 1 but right now he's not up to the championship.
  2. If Houston does not sign a deal we need a RB, Muirhead needs to be at CB when he comes back and so far I'm not 100% convinced in McAllister
  3. Happy new year fellow honest men and bonnie lassies, I'm sure my new year's resolution to stop swearing will severally tested when we are allowed back in San Somerset.
  4. It's a hard no for me on Bartley now,I can't go back to the Luke McCowan v Luke McGowan saga.
  5. Livi with not want to lose two important backroom staff in a matter of weeks, assuming they made promise's to stay.
  6. Makes me think it's not canning, maybe compen needs to be arranged with current club
  7. I'm sure Falkirk fans might disagree, if it's Canning he's not going to be manager he's going to be head coach maybe that will suit him better plus he's not going to be going up against teams most weeks with budgets 10 times of Hamilton, it's would not be the most exciting appointment but I can see the logic in it.
  8. Was Canning and Glendinning at Hamilton at the same time?
  9. Imagine it's the moff, his wife's tweets when he does not play himself will be golden.
  10. Ayr have never been in the prem in my life time I'd take a 28 point season there and love it.
  11. Keeping Hamilton in the prem two seasons in a row with a team like Hamilton is a decent achievement in my book if appointed he ticks both box's as a you a coach he's only 40 but has previous high level experience, it would not be the most exciting appointment but I think it could work.
  12. "Since departing Hamilton, Canning has been at Real Betis, Celtic, Leicester City, Preston, Aberdeen and Sunderland to assist with coaching" quickly checks Betis reserve team to see what Spanish teenage superstar we are getting on loan.
  13. First question from Calum "what do you know about the Ayrshire derby?"
  14. Nice suit full head of hair, not sure if he's meeting all Mathies requirements but he's ticking all the boxes on here.
  15. Andy Geggan as new head coach with moff and Jamie Addams as assistant coaches we will never win a game but it won't be boring
  16. Who ever gets it is going to get more support than hopkin even the so called happy clappers like my self knew it was a disaster waiting to happen and Duffy after a promising start was just the same, hoping this clean slate and we get back to enjoying proper football win lose or draw.
  17. I do think it will be someone with some kind of Hibs connection, as long as it's not Lennon I'll be happy and much as his record at Celtic the first time was good and did a fair job with Hibs he's got to many demons and personal issues for me.
  18. I don't see McIntyre being interested in the current set up with a director of football and a head of recruitment he seams to be a guy who needs to make all the decisions.
  19. I'd take McManus in a heartbeat mostly because of his famous goal against Liechtenstein was a great memory of watching Scotland with my late dad.
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