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  1. If Hopkin let's Muirhead go he's as much of an idiot as had been made out to be fair enough he can have his moments St Johnstone in the cup and Morton away last season examples but he's easily been our best player for the last 18 months and if he was not there last season I think we would have went down
  2. 5 players or 25 players out the problem is we can't train and if we can't train how's Hopkin going to coach out intricate tactics of thumping the ball as far and as high as possible
  3. This truly is turning into Ayr united : The banter years.
  4. Adeloye said he was good friends with a few of the rangers squad wonder if there is any link.
  5. Shove this in front of the fire place and never worry about the kids
  6. Yes and No, gives us time to get a midfielder in but also gives Hopkin more time and excuses (not that I think Smith would pull the trigger if we lose)
  7. The problem was that Kerr the manager never replaced Kerr the player a problem Hopkin also had not fixed.
  8. The first 3 nil was up their with the best performances under McCall, Robbie Crawford was outstanding and capped it off with a stunning goal, IIRC Moffat also skyed a pen over the bar in front of the Somerset Rd end
  9. 1-0 Raith, Zannata scores a worldie in the 2nd minute, Ayr spend the next 88 minutes playing 32 side way passes between a back 3 of Fjortoft McGinty and Baird before launching aimless balls to a frustrated Adeloye, in Hopkins post match interview he's says we should have scored 3 because we had 70% possession and 0 shots on goal.
  10. Hoppyball : If the opposition have the ball in their own 18 yard ball they can't score
  11. He said that the boys who missed the game had on one jag
  12. 23rd of September 2019 4-0 up after 31 minutes against Alloa playing some of the best football Ayr fans had ever seen, how far backwards have we went in two years!
  13. 100% serious, apparently was very interested the last two times it was up, popular ex player and redeemed himself with his last gig at Ross County, I'd love to see him in charge
  14. If we lose to Raith next week he needs to go, at least that way we have to the 11th of September to get someone in (not counting the colts in the diddy cup)
  15. Aye they are making more effort that just means we get pumped 1-0 instead of 4-0
  16. Has been every game apart from last week when he was on the bench.
  17. Think the only change we will see is McGinty in for Baird even if he's not suspended, feeling a good bit more confident about this now, 2-0 to the honest men as long as the ref does not give any phantom pen's.
  18. I know, Crawford, Forrest Shankland, McDaid, Rose, Harvey, Smith, McCowan all in the last 3 or 4 years granted not all came through our academy but certainly owe Ayr a lot for their development.
  19. If that happens they would be added to a long list in recent times
  20. It would be nice to get a few above standard loans from Burnley but it gives me more satisfaction to see our own kids like Mackenzie and Hewitt break through.
  21. The think with the Burnley thing we as fans really only see the headline grabbing of loan players that may have been implied more than promised, I can't be the only person who went straight to the website to scout their under 23s and decide what ones who would be rocking up pre season.
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