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  1. Was not going to ease my money but I'm going to now
  2. It's got to be yogi, I know folk have there reservations but he's the stand out for me
  3. I think it's safe to say that he's going nowhere in the short term if last night's result did not convince Smith his time was up and now rolling out players for interviews with VOR to say what a great guy Hopkin is we are stuck with this situation with a while yet
  4. Beging to think he couldn't believe how low the calibre of the applicants were for us to end up with Hopkin and his hoppyball.
  5. The squad could be improved no doubt about it but there is the making of a half decent mid table squad back to basics and play 442 and get the best out of what we have
  6. The big mistake with Kerr was he did not have an experienced back room team, it he had the numbers Hopkin has had to support it might have ended differently
  7. If that's the case it's back to the buckets and spades of the seaside league, waited for almost 30 years to get a shot against them in the league and now we have this disaster, I get Smith won't want to admit he got it wrong but something drastic needs to be done.
  8. Slept on it and still as angry, I don't expect us to be winning leagues and scoring 100+ goals every season what I do expect is us to try and win a bloody game, I think this might be the most fed up I have ever been as an Ayr fan
  9. The loan market is still open to the end of the month send Afolobi back to Celtic as quick as humanly possible and get a manager in who might be able to get some kind of tune out of what's there and maybe get a decent loan or two in its still early enough to some how save this season but we can't let Hopkin stay in charge one more game.
  10. He's got to go surley he can't survive this SOS Yogie Hughes
  11. Do you think if we stop providing lunches he will walk away? lol
  12. Glad there is another body and and happy it's a wide player but we desperately need that central midfielder who can just put his foot on the ball and pick a pass, hopefully we get one soon.
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