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  1. These half and half scarves you keep going on about were brought out for the CIS cup final 20 years ago and I'm not even sure it was authorized club merch, you guys were singing Follow Follow on Friday night so maybe look in before you look out.
  2. Got to agree with this how many goals has Adeloy scored due to a punt up the field? he's not a target man and never will be if we play the ball into his feet he's going be 100% more effective than pumping the ball up to him and trying to lay it off to a non existent strike partner.
  3. Going forward really think we should be lining up something like this, I know O'Connor has been stop start but he really looked like he was coming onto a game before the shoulder injury with Paddy, Maxwell and O'Connor we would have a strong left hand side supporting Tommi, Gondoh looks like he likes to cut in and have a shot so hopefully will pop up with a few goals and assists and hopefully a new Central midfielder who can take the game by the scruff and make some decent passes.
  4. No thanks only plays when the cameras are on, I'm sure uncle Ian will have him at Partick seams to be trying to sign every player that won't league one for us.
  5. Gondoh's wee camo shows he's got something about him looking forward to seeing what he can do when he's up to speed. Tommi looked miles off it yesterday read somewhere he had COVID not sure if true but maybe he's still recovering from that even then he's got to make the keeper work with the chance early on.
  6. Big reality check yesterday, if bully did not know it before he must know now that we are crying out for a central midfielder who can put his foot on the ball, make a pass and create something I also think whoever we do sign needs to be someone with some experience not a youngster on loan, hopefully Mathie and Glendale have some rabbit to pull out of the hat sooner rather than later.
  7. Honesty think Mathie might be the best appointment we have made in many a year.
  8. Not sure who is responsible for the massive uptick in engagement with fans could be Mathie or the new commercial manager but it's very welcome.
  9. Going by the praise Bullen has given moff this week and the high profile role in the pre match press conference I'd be shocked if he did not start, hopefully as a number 10 behind Adeloy.
  10. He will be in the bench he's not paid for a good few weeks think it will be good couple of weeks before he starts
  11. Enjoyed the press conference defo something different wonder with all the new stuff on B&W TV If the club will start charging for it soon, will be disappointed if the put highlights behind a paywall.
  12. For God sake making a big deal of a local lad who is actually a Ayr fan not a fan of the ugly sisters coming from nowhere to make his debut and get a pro contract is something to be celebrated not pulled down, wonder how many folk will be saying it's a master stroke from bully if he scores a hat trick on Saturday, think how buzzing the boy will be in the last 24hrs he's sighed for his team, been in the paper, had the infamous callum interview and had his name on sky sports.
  13. Feel good story nothing better than watching a young guy who's a supporter coming through good luck to the lad.
  14. Bully and Mathie are certainly hitting the ground running
  15. Is this the most exciting 7 days as an Ayr fan ever seams something new everyday.
  16. 2-0 Ayr, McAdams and McGinty to have the games of there lifes and Tomi and Gondoh to score
  17. Some kind of mural on the back wall.of the SRE would look good
  18. Would love to know what happened to him was and outstanding prospect who nowadays would probably have been back playing after that kind of injury.
  19. Love a signing like this no one knows what to expect and it's brilliant hoping we have unearthed a rough diamond here, can't see Mathie and Bully giving out a 18 month deal if they don't think he will cut it.
  20. Yeah it's not good at the very least fair play to the guy for acknowledging it and owning it.
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