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  1. Isn’t that the thinking that landed us with Hopkin?  I’ve got a lot of time for Duffy, but the truth is he hasn’t really been an in demand manager at our level (or the level we aspire to be at) since the early to mid 2000s.  You have to think there are good reasons for that.  Giving him the job on the strength of 3 wins against Rangers boys club and probably the 2 worst teams in the league at the moment just smacks of short termism.  That said, I’d be happy enough for him to stay on in the role he was brought to the club to do.  My guess is he’ll walk if he doesn’t get the job though.
    He will defo go if he does not get it, maybe it's just me but in his post match interview he didn't exactly sound desperate got the gig full time might have been to do with the loaded question from Callum having a sly did at the fans
  2. Never thought I'd say this when Duffy was given the caretaker gig but if he gets a result next weekend I'd be more than happy to give him the job to the end of the season, it's maybe the safe and least exciting option but safe and steady is maybe what the club needs just now, plus get Adeloye on improved deal to the end of next season!

  3. He turned up to a daily record event “worse for ware” the daily record described him as being “clearly tired and emotional” which was a well used euphemism like “confirmed bachelor” when they would get sued for saying someone was gay.
    forgetting he was mic’d up (or fully aware) told the person sitting next to him that he wasn’t looking forward to answering questions from all those b*****ds. 
    He Said on off the ball that he and John Kerr signed all the autograph requests that came in to the club, the 2 of them signed all the players signatures for a laugh. 
    Now questioning my signed strip from the 2001/2002 season now
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