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  1. Morton to sack Gus early on on Saturday morning and announce Hopkin as their now manager on 2.55 pm, Morton win 2-0 with Salkeld and McGinty scoring OGs and ripping their strips off to reveal Morton strips underneath, in all seriousness 2-0 Ayr Super Tomi Adeloye with both the goals .
  2. If the guy is say Hughes (and I know some that some folk say he's can't build a team and would be a disaster long term) surley we would be making an appointment soon as he's out a job, makes me think that Duffy will be in charge until at least the next international break.
  3. He will defo go if he does not get it, maybe it's just me but in his post match interview he didn't exactly sound desperate got the gig full time might have been to do with the loaded question from Callum having a sly did at the fans
  4. Never thought I'd say this when Duffy was given the caretaker gig but if he gets a result next weekend I'd be more than happy to give him the job to the end of the season, it's maybe the safe and least exciting option but safe and steady is maybe what the club needs just now, plus get Adeloye on improved deal to the end of next season!
  5. Think we will line up like this, personally I'd have Moffat in for Salked and Bradley out right but TBF Salkeld did nothing to be droped for last week
  6. Not that I'm suggesting you do anything illegal but could you not use a VPN to fool the system.
  7. Diddy cup couldn't care less if they chuck us out as long as we don't get fined but this tweet sums it up.
  8. Can't argue with that team I do think he will bring Albiston back in for McAdams not sure though what McAdams did for him to change keepers on Saturday
  9. No way we challenge not even the most optimistic of us think that just now but with a fairly competent manager the squad is good enough for 5th to 8th and with a few additions maybe we can think of getting back to aiming for the play offs in the not to distant future.
  10. This I don't actually think the squad building Hopkin did was the worst in the world, his main problem was lack of engagement and being so stubborn that he could not see that the style of play was killing us
  11. There is a video of it in the SRE Facebook page it was a cracking free kick
  12. O'Connor hit the post sounds like he's finding form now he's getting a chance.
  13. Wished he'd rolled a penalty into the corner of the net at Wembley in 1996 not that I'm bitter much.
  14. I'm really looking forward to seeing Adeloye, Moff and O'Connor in the same team.
  15. Gerrard's at the game, need to keep Adeloye on the bench don't want him stealing our new Hero!
  16. Now questioning my signed strip from the 2001/2002 season now
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