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  1. The hammer throwing cally style (apologies if you are now playing pep tiki taka style) might actually suite Mcginty if we need to play him and Kirk at the back would defo give Finn a chance at either RB or play Paddy RB IIRC he's played there for the Scotland U21s to let Finn play his natural LB position. I'd also bring back in Young to partner Dipo upfront, with our record in the Highlands I'd take a point just now but if we are serious about keeping this title challenge up and looking at callys injuries and form it's a game we really should be hoping to take all three points from.
  2. Is Tom Walsh made of chocolate? Was almost permanently injured when with us.
  3. Tomi will definitely not be back, but wouldn't be surprised in the least to see him rocking up at Thistle or Dundee. It was also a bit weird when Rankin called Dipo Adeloye in his post-match interview.
  4. Is it maybe a season or two to early to go up? possibly, Will we ever have a better chance?, possibly not! If Smith thinks we can go up, he will put his hand in his pocket as the financial benefits of even just one season in the top flight would be massive. The difference in this season than the McCall season is we almost got there by accident. This time, there's a plan and an infrastructure behind the team.
  5. Who also hero worship a black striker!, Yes, the song is outdated and sounds horrible, and I wish we would change the words, but the word black is do with hygiene, not the colour of someone's skin
  6. At this point, Bangela looks like this seasons Gondoh a real cult figure for the fans who hardly plays hope it comes good for the lad but he was always going to be amazing or dross no in-between.
  7. For me, this result was the start of the downfall don't think we ever recovered from blowing this two goal lead if we had held on the confidence in the squad would have sky rocketed but I think they started to doubt themselves obviously Shankland being out for about 6 weeks with a classic Ian Mcall "wee knock" did not help
  8. Unlike the past when Forest, for example, picked up a knock, and we really did not have a replacement to come in we have options now I have every faith in O'connor, JML or Ashford to come in and do a job I don't think it's much of a stretch to say we have one of the best depths of squad in the league.
  9. If you don't have Muirhead taking pens, if he on the pitch that's crazy the guys' record for putting them away is unreal
  10. The impressive thing about this squad is that we have some very good footballers, but they are not afraid to roll their sleeves up and graft as well, the full culture word that Smith, Mathie, and Bullen keep using can come across as gimmicky and cliché but it's obviously working and the club from top to bottom is pulling in the same direction.
  11. I think both sets of fans need to give credit where credit is due thank you, Mr David Hopkin, for placing the building blocks for both clubs to have success without his outstanding work at both clubs who knows where we may be today. [emoji57]
  12. I'm still trying to keep my feet on the ground, but it's getting harder every passing week. Anticipating a big crowd at Somerset next week, both our selfs and Morton flying high. Could there be 2500 to 3000, maybe?
  13. He's triple threat scores screamers, tap ins and headers. He also creates and brings other into play and is not afraid to come back and help out at the back Sir Lawrence is still the best player we have had since the late 90s but ask me the same question in 6 months and I might have a different answer
  14. That's a real shame during the league one winning season 00.01 on a Sunday morning was a must to see shanks, Moff and Moore smash in some more goals. The club should 100% be utilising your skills to advertise the good stuff being played on the park.
  15. Dipo quite rightly getting all the headlines but it can't be understated how good Albiston has been this season safe to say most folk would have had McAdam as no1 big call for Bullen to go with Albiston and so far he has been spot on.
  16. Not sure looks like they have made a profile up just to do it, he's really active on the SRE FB page and the Ayr united fans UK and abroad FB page just hope it's not one if our own doing it, Jamie Garret the SLO has asked for details to bring it to the clubs attention.
  17. Some dirty, scummy, racist, w**k has contacted Charles the Zambian super fan and racially abused him on Facebook makes me sick to my stomach, the guy has been a breath of fresh air on both twitter and Facebook this season, its almost 2023, wish these type of folk folk would go back under the rock he crawled out from under.
  18. Don't disagree, the one thing I think we really lack in is some one who can hit a dead ball I think that's one of the big reasons Mullin was signed.
  19. O'connor has been starting left wing and has been very good I think we could see Josh Mullen starting tomorrow though for his obvious experience, delivery and set play ability.
  20. Delighted this on a 4 week enforced break would really have put a big dunt tk our momentum, 2-1 Ayr Frankie to score the last minute winner and celebrate right in front of Murray
  21. A year to the day of the first game since Hopkins got puntted, loads of highs and lows since then but I think most can agree that we are a better path now.
  22. Personally I like the 1 min applause better especially when its maybe a club legend, leave the min silences for remberance day and real national tragedies like Dunblane.
  23. Are tickets bought refunded or just used in the rearranged game.
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