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  1. Glad Moff is staying even just for the fact he can get the proper send off from the fans that he deserves, I'm sure he will be doing his coaching badges and will likely end up as some kind of forward coach/player.
  2. Big Corri liked my tweet about hoping to see him play for Ayr in the future so that's it I'm calling it he's definitely, 100%, guaranteed singing a deal with Ayr in the summer, you heard it here first lol.
  3. We are probably looking for two keepers a back up and a first choice
  4. If Killie come down we might get a small boost for season tickets with folk wanting guaranteed tickets for the games I'm pretty sure the first Ayrshire league derby in almost 30 years will be close to sell out
  5. IIRC Hugh Burns was top goal scorer with 4 in or around 1994 so 6 isn't that bad [emoji39]
  6. Wonder if Ecrepont will get or want a new deal was hyped up by McCall as the next big thing but was never given a chance by Kerr, sounds like a player with bags of potential and will only be 18 or 19 now, any one know how hes done at Albion Roveres
  7. As much as Murdoch hasn't hit the hights of his pre injury form I would definitely give him another year, McCall will be all over him like a bad rash I'd I'd be gutted to see him go to Thistle and find form again.
  8. McCowan needs to look at McDaid as an example of moving on to soon he's done okay at Dundee but not exactly set the heather on fire, McCowan for me is potentially a far better prospect than McDaid another year with us and I could see him moving to a decent prem team, IMO Hopkin should be in is ear telling him as the one longest serving players at the club how important he is and how he can build the team round someone like him, his attitude had turned round 100% from the boy who when he was having a bad game the head went down and looked like a red card waiting to happen, if he can just get that consistency in his game he will get a good move, best thing for him us to give Ayr one more year.
  9. If McCowan leaves and I really hope he stays are we due a developmental fee for him?
  10. I'd only disagree with Roscoe apart from keeping Sir Lawrence in his pocket for one game he's done nothing over two seasons to think he's going to kick on.
  11. So basically we have Dre and Moff as striking options
  12. If I remember correctly when we signed him St Mirren fans said Baird was okay with an experienced head beside him at the back Muirhead has played RB or midfield most of the season and with Bell leaving he's not had that, no excuse for his performances though
  13. Ironically our next game is QotS at home as well.
  14. As frustrated as anyone with the way this season has went but there is no way Smith will bin Hopkin after 5 games and have to pay a settlement on a 2 year deal, as said above one of the reasons that he was brought in was his track record with Livi and he did not have the best of starts with them, I'm just hoping some miracle happens and we stay up and can get some of the chancers out the club and some players in who have fight and desire to play for the jersey.
  15. If things stay the same 1 point above Arbroath 1 goal better off next week us massive
  16. A fit Craig Moore scores 10 to 15 goals in this league
  17. Let my wee lassie do my honest men picks as I'm crap she's went 3-2 Ayr, she obviously knows as much about football as me.
  18. I honestly don't know what to make of that team, apart from Luke I struggle to see who going to do something to make a chance.
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