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  1. It was enjoyed the change from bullen, I often wonder how White would have done had he ever taken the managers job.
  2. It normally dies at 2.59 when Scott roars "come on you Honestmen"
  3. Is he getting a free season ticket and unfetted access to the dressing room this time?
  4. Missing the press conference that we got every game at the tail end of last season before games, I know we got one last week but none for the league cup and seemingly none for this week.
  5. Should have a had a life time ban for spitting at Duncan George,every team needs a Duncan George.
  6. Take it Casper the freindly ghost is still not making his long awaited entrance this week, not the clubs or the boys fault but it's becoming a joke now.
  7. Thought Dave Smith put a tweet out at the time alluding to Cammy going back on his word makes more sense because he was never going to fit the system Hopkin was playing.
  8. Controversial but as good as Alan is bringing him at this stage would be quite a risk, no pre season with his injury history I'd be scared he'd pick up an injury and and we would have spunked a massive part of our budget, the dream is Kelly if we can't get him I'd be happy seeing Cammy Smith come back but can't see The chairman sanctioning that deal. Up front Matej Poplatnik seams the most realistic but an out of the box signing would be Dapo Mebude on loan from wolves.
  9. With the ghost coming in I'm hoping we are going to see Paulo McGinty passing the ball to him instead of launching it and maybe steping back to cover Frankie when he strides forward.
  10. This is is best starting 11 but it leaves us short on the bench of some one who can on and change the game until we get some reinforcements in I don't see both JML and O'Conner starting so he can leave one as an impact sub.
  11. Defence and Dempsey and Murdy pick them self TBH, think he will add McKenzie after his 2nd half on Friday and probably JML dropping to the bench, would love to have a proper no10 come in to sit behind Dipo and who knows we might even see the Ghost make an appearance at San Somerset, 2-1 Ayr goals from Dipo and Frankie to at last get one on targer with one of his thunderbolts from 35 yards.
  12. No fan is better than an other unless your a DKB, lots of us will have different opinions on things from how the club is run, tactics, players, politics you name it but the one thing that brings us together is our love for this football club we all know it's not easy supporting a club like ours but if you want to support a team that wins most weeks away and support the ugly sisters up the M77, results like Friday night are what we live for as an Ayr fan let's hope we have more over the next few weeks and months.
  13. Bring him home, be perfect for us playing number 10 behind Dipo
  14. 100% this, even under the old rules that was a pen all day long.
  15. TBF I've only seen the QP YouTube highlights but he seemed very involved 2nd half
  16. I really hope this can be a turning point for us, say what you like and it becomes a bit if a parody with the character thing but it's about the only thing we had going for us last season, there is the nucleus of decent team there, we saw it against killie away, Raith away and Thistle at home, do we need a couple of more players 100%, do I still think Bullen needs an experienced right hand man to help him yes but I think we are still on the right path, Bullen has his faults but he's no Hopkin or Duffy.
  17. I don't know what Bullen has done to McGinty but he's been our best player since January and I'd even say one of the best center backs in the championship since then, still has the odd brain fart but has been very solid and reliable
  18. Delighted for big Dipo he's not scored for lack of effort or trying hopefully with the monkey off his back he's going to be a big hit
  19. Bryden and Dipo up front again hopefully tonight the night they click in front of goal
  20. I still have mine from the killie game on the 14th of February 1998 the pages are stuck together as it was so wet that day on the north stand but I would never part with it even though I can never open it without destroying it.
  21. As much as the off feild stuff has been brilliant we need some kind of marquee signing to keep the hard core fan base on track I'm not saying we should over spend and crash and burn on one player, but one guy who we can all say yeah wow that's a signing and a half.
  22. The club really need to get in touch with this Zambian super fan, could get some great publicity out of it.
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