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  1. Harvie was very good first half, Ayr have had the better of the play but Cally better chances.
  2. Must win today we need to make space between us and 4th and 5th and take advantage of county and Dundee Unt dropping points
  3. I'd go for Dohhan Harvie Muirhead Rose Smith McDaid Crawford Murdoch Forrest Shankland Moffat Only reason in resting Kerr and Bell is the amount of games in a short period of time, hopefully Forrest can pick up where he left off before he was injured.
  4. Shankland fit had my worries when he went off on Friday night
  5. Maybe it's not a bad thing that the pressure of being favorites is off us I look forward to teams taking us lightly again if we can win our games a chance we can still do this right now I'd rip your arm off for 2nd so we have one less play off game to play
  6. Two more clean sheets for Doohan and he equals Davie Stewarts 1968/69 record fir a season what an an achievement that would be for the kid, if he's not I'm Celtic's plans next season I'd be delighted have him back.
  7. Ayr vs Dunfermline

    Missing this as I'm working [emoji24] if we want to stay in the title race this is a must win for me it's time to give both Crawford and McDaid a rest give both Cadden and Miller a start and go for it from the first whistle Doohan Smith Rose Muirhead Harvie Cadden Doc Murdoch Miller Shankland Moffat
  8. Calvin Miller did say in his interview that McCall said he may play him up front
  9. Moore out for next 4 week damaged ankle ligaments in training
  10. Morton v Ayr

    Your right got my songs mixed up point still the same though
  11. Morton v Ayr

    Watching the highlights back confirmed what I though at the game only one team wanted to win, granted Morton came into it a bit more in the 2nd half but they were happy to get a point probably shows how far we have came this season, noticed Miller had a cast on his wrist wonder if that's why didn't start the Murdoch on the left wing experiment worked a treat against Dundee United at Somerset but long term I'd rather he was in the middle with Kerr or Doc sorry to say I think it's time Crawford was taking out of the firing line for a wee while. last of all the state of Morton fans singing follow follow get that shit to f**k leave that to the ugly sisters glad to hear our fans boo it down.
  12. Ayr United 01/02 - Almost but not quite

    I had a post in the SRE a few years back and somebody said something very similar about Dalziel they tagged Glynn Hurst in his reply and Glynn in a very diplomatic way basicly confirmed that Dalziel was a dick who relied on Munro for most of the success.
  13. I'm backshift that night looks like I will be begging for a shift swap
  14. I defo agree and think he's is focused on winning the thing but I also think he will be happy with all the press being on Dundee United and County keeps the pressure off the players and on the other teams, the fact we can potentially go top on Saturday at the tail end of February is still a bit sureal
  15. So at this point we are 12 clear of QOTS in 5th with only 13 games remaining, how many more points do we think we need to guarantee at least 4th, I'm assuming that will be the next check point Mcall would have in his mind after we broke the glass celling of 40pts I think between 8 and 10 points should do it.