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  1. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/coronavirus-scare-ayr-united-player-21703495
  2. Ross Dohhan to James all sit down may be the greatest football song of all time.
  3. We all knew that Muirhead had that moment of madness, it was a really stupid tackle but calling for him to be sacked etc is OTT as said before if big Sam comes in and kicks on he loses his place that's fair punishment and let's be honest if that tackle was made by big Jamie the same folk would be saying it's a man's game and praising him for taking no prisoners.
  4. Was also good to see another kid coming up from the reserves watched him closely during the warm up and Kerr was talking him though everything and keeping an eye on him.
  5. Worst thing about yesterday was McCowan being sacrificed after the red card he had a few wee moments that looked like he could produce a performance like the start of the season, Kerr recalling him for such a big game must have given him a boost hopefully going off so early doesn't affect him ad his head seems to go down easily.
  6. Watching highlights confirmed what I initially thought at the game for the red card absolutely crazy tackle you could maybe forgive it if it was a goalscoring chance but in the opposition half is just stupid and s heads gone moment, if Roscoe comes in and does well Muirhead will be lucky to get back in the team.
  7. Not one to defend refs but from the Somerset Rd end looked a straight red
  8. Trying to encourage our fans to come out and get them to use the e-tickets, as much as it's been great when we have had bigger crowds with a high percentage of folk trying to pay at the ground there has been issues.
  9. Love the so called "big" teams in this league remember a lot of Falkirk fans saying similar things at this point last season after punting there manager and buying a new team half way through the season, look what happened to them before you start slaging other teams.
  10. We would have lost that game chasing a winner straight from the kick off if McCall was still in charge, point a peice fair IMO, was a stone wall penalty but I would have been saying it was soft if it was against us but there was contact.
  11. The wording of the team news sounds like something is happening trolling of the highest level here
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