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  1. Did he not get 3 of those goals in the league cup? Forrest didn't really get into the team until the first league game against Morton.
  2. We haven't been out the top 4 in the championship for well over a year, some of the most exciting young players we have seen in years, the academy producing talent and those guys impressing in the first team and more champing at the bit for a shot, players regularly being selected for the Scotland Under 21 squad, scoring goals for fun, regularly being praised by managers and opposition fans as the best team they have played in the league, a new exciting management team who are bringing new ideas and building on the foundation McCall has left and instead of basking in this and enjoying this brilliant time we are going in about online ticketing it's the must be the most Ayr United thing ever!
  3. I don't think I've ever see such a turnaround in fans from "cheep option, no ambition" to almost universal "these guys have really impressed me" it's early days it could all go tits up but this seems so far away from the comparisons to the Mark Roberts appointment that we were getting just a week ago.
  4. Is a QR code sent to your phone, the turnstile folk scan your phone or print out if you choose to do that
  5. Your correct and he has as much chance of unseating Philippa Whitford as a fart in a thunderstorm! Anyway your correct keep politics away from the fitbaw thread.
  6. I'm not claiming Corri was an amazing MP but she did a hell of lot more than Bill Sleepy Grant
  7. Couldn't have better a better teacher for Kelly than Kerr to play that deeper/playmaker role
  8. What's the story with Dobbie, is he out of form, not fit, has father time cought up with him or a combination of all three? It''s so weird not seeing him at the top of the scoring charts, must go down as one of the best Queens players ever.
  9. Gutted for Nicky let's be honest Scotland aren't exactly producing lots of right back though he could have a chance of making the squad
  10. Problem with Robbie especially last season was that McCall was shoehorning into the team and he was a easy target for the boo boys in our support, personally I think he's a cracking player when played in the middle glad to see him and Devlin doing well for you guys.
  11. Rangers would have to recall Kelly and then loan him out again why would they do that when he's playing every week in a team that's doing well to go to a potential relegation dog fight, Moffat will end his career with Ayr, hopefully we treat him better than Partick did with Doolan and speaking of Doolan it would probably be best for him to go back to the club he loves and fans love him, seems a cracking guy and would likely make a great coach but he's done at this level, part of out fan base see him as McCall's man and he's likely one of out top earners would be best for all parties if we went out separate ways
  12. So impressed with the way Kerr speaks and handles himself, fair play to McCall could easily have patched this and made an excuse that Partick do there own interviews.
  13. I can really see this league becoming us the two Dundee clubs and ICT fighting it out for the title/playoffs as much as Arbroath have dine well and I hope they stay up they will do well to keep pace the other 5 teams in the league are dug meat Hope this post doesn't bite me on the arse.
  14. Absolutely delighted for Craig Moore there is still a really good player in there o hope he continues to keep scoring and proving the doubters wrong
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