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  1. Looking forward to it, tough league. Fingers crossed can take in games down Parklea sooner rather than later.
  2. Who from Port & Greenock do you think would get in the starting team at Largs?
  3. Cant wait to get down to watch The Undertakers again. Really looking forward to the new challenge that lies ahead
  4. Really enjoyed this season and best of luck everyone next season (when it eventually starts).
  5. Still a long way to go and this league is so unpredictable with results. Everyone can take points off each other. Agree with that I think Shettleston will be crowned champions unless a major bad spell which I don’t see happening.
  6. Another 3 points on the board for The Undertakers. Decent game on Friday and deserved 3 points. Watched today a defeat for our rivals Greenock looks like they have blown any chance of a title challenge this year after a decent start.
  7. Consistency has always been our problem unfortunately but hopefully keep up the good form.
  8. Unlucky today. Felt that a point would have been a fair result but Perthshire always a tough place to go and get the result. Really awful conditions for both sets of players today. Im now away to try and de-frost now.
  9. Port Glasgows old & our current pitch also both beside a rail line
  10. Been quite a while since I have seen us top of a league. I know others have plenty of games in hand but I will enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully keep up this good run. CMON THE UNDERTAKERS [emoji835]️[emoji836]️
  11. I like the odd Friday night game under the floodlights. It brings a better crowd down our way and a much better atmosphere.
  12. 3 points in the bag against our local rivals. Mon the undertakers [emoji835]️[emoji836]️
  13. Agree not a fan of the plastic pitches and our one isn’t the greatest to be fair. The surface is poor. Grass park over plastic totally agree. Yes our park is some size wouldn’t have liked to play and train on that back in my days. I feel you seem to see a lot more players getting bad injuries on the surfaces when its hot and gets sticky.
  14. Back to back victories now for the Port. Played well and felt we controlled most of the game. With the league so tight hoping to climb that table now. All the best to Lanark for the remainder of the season [emoji835]️[emoji836]️
  15. Great result for the Port today. Would have been happy with a point against Bellshill but to come away with 3 points really wasnt expecting that! MON THE UNDERTAKERS [emoji835]️[emoji836]️
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