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  1. 2-2 against Larkhall. Another season of inconsistency on the cards for The Port I think
  2. Good start for The Port. Comfortable 2-0 win. On to Wed now away to Maryhill. Feeling pretty confident hopefully another 3 points in the bag
  3. Port Glasgow 0 - 3 Greenock
  4. Hopefully find consistency this year and make a good go if it. Going by Greenocks signings I can see them up there challenging. Looking forward to the trip through to the Gow.
  5. Anyone got updates on signings from Port Glasgow? Their twitter feeds really poor at keeping us updated. Seen on local rivals Greenocks twitter some impressive signings they have made. Can see them being contenders this season regrettably.
  6. Looking forward to it already. Hopefully Port Glasgow can go get a bit of consistency and challenge for promotion this year with a few good signings.
  7. Congratulations Gartcairn. Good footballing team and deserve it well done.
  8. Happy with Port Glasgows season finished higher than I thought we would. Only downside not finishing higher than local rivals Greenock ( Bragging rights )but overall happy with season and hopefully next year have a bit more consistency and try for promotion or even a title push
  9. Agreed, Even though we beat Gartcairn earlier in the season they beat us conveniently in the reverse fixture. They will hold on to come out league winners for me but as you said both would be worthy winners
  10. Shettleston 1-1 Port Glasgow FT
  11. Tough conditions yesterday for both teams, deserved win and all the best for the remainder
  12. Grass all day long. Our home pitch at parklea is good for having games on but it looks horrible to play on. Seen some nasty injuries also with players studs getting stuck in the atsro grass. Grass pitch all day long bring them all back
  13. Agree has been poor for years now. Feel as if the refs have never actually played the game. Terrible decisions and cant speak to them.
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