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  1. Turns out that there were another two penalty shootouts ongoing when we were getting commentary of the Hamilton v QP one, would've been nice if someone in the studio had said something.
  2. Went back and looked at last season's predictions Cambuslang caught everyone by surprise. Premier PG: Talbot, Darvel, Clydebank, Kilwinning Dak: Darvel, Kilwinning, Talbot, Cumnock Both: Bonnyton, Rossvale, Blantyre, Benburb, Rob Roy, Glencairn, Cumbernauld Conference A PG: Arthurlie, Shotts, Lesmahagow / Lugar, Muirkirk, Saltcoats Dak: Shotts, Arthurlie, Johnstone / Lugar, Saltcoats, Irvine Vics Conference B PG: St Cadoc's, Gartcairn, Greenock / Port Glasgow, Dalry, Royal Albert Dak: St Cadoc's, Gartcairn, Ashfield / didn't answer Conference C PG: Neilston, Drumchapel, Petershill / Vale of Leven, Larkhall, Glasgow Perthshire Dak: Drumchapel, Neilston, Petershill / Lanark, Larkhall, East Kilbride Thistle Division Four PG: Finnart, Harthill, St Peter's / BSC Glasgow Dak: St Peter's, Finnart, Harthill / BSC Glasgow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKHMRiVGhR4
  3. As you well know, EOS clubs have been able to enter the Junior Cup since last season. If the SJFA made their draw earlier (like the SCC), the league fixtures for those competing could probably be worked out so that no one is having to forfeit. Islavale hosting Dalry as well - that's £370 the home club needs to find for the ref + guarantee (60+ fans needed to make money, unlikely), with Dalry getting £465 for their travel. Same for Irvine Vics hosting Fraserburgh. Maybe that £400 everyone is getting could go towards these types of clubs instead? Think the suggestion would be to exclude the LL clubs from the SCC until they increase "ventilation" - it's about the only leverage tier 6 has.
  4. Lossiemouth United also rejoined, and BOD is no net gain as their HL team isn't playing.
  5. I thought I picked up somewhere that Ochilview was chosen partly due to availability, but particularly because of the quality and size of the new pitch there being most similair to the new pitch at Lesser. I assume this would be to suit the way we want to play. Unless something has changed, Google Maps makes Ochilview 102x65 and Lesser Hampden the maximum 105x68m, so...
  6. The pitch is 100x62m on Google Maps, a decent size but well off from the maximum allowed 105x68m that you'll find at Hampden etc. Armadale are out of position having not moved to from the Juniors until last season, in reality they are a EOS First Division side.
  7. Not exactly many other options (assuming non-grass pitches) - basically Alloa or Livingston?
  8. Armadale and Bathgate not banned. Syngenta remain in the cup - that might cause an issue for their second round tie which would clash with a EOS league game (I doubt Whitburn are going to agree to moving). 108 clubs, down two from last season. Banks O' Dee are listed once (presumably their Junior team), while Girvan don't seem to be competing.
  9. Presumably their EOS opposition has agreed as well, and they would need agreement of other clubs going forward to change.
  10. Last Friday, no. But this Friday's schedule has changed so there should be trains returning to Glasgow after 8pm now. 1849 Queen Street, 2205 return from Larbert (plus 2307 and 2342). Not quite, Stenhousemuir and QP clash on 15th October, 7th January, and 4th February (not checked further). The only Saturday currently free for QP is 10th September as both other clubs are away. 27th August depends on the Scottish Cup draw and the EOSFL fixture secretary.
  11. It works by Queen's Park announcing they are playing on a Friday night. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/ayr-united-match-arrangements/ Which they will presumably be doing for all their other clashes unless they can get the Syngenta and their opponents to agree to move.
  12. The clashes were surely clear when the use of Ochilview by QP was announced - because once the SPFL fixtures for Stenhousemuir came out, the EOSFL fixture secretary would obviously schedule Syngenta games on the free Saturdays. Also potentially 27th August for the Scottish Cup preliminary round, or 17th September either as a Scottish Cup first round match or one of Syngenta's four currently unscheduled home games (if they and their opponents are free). Might also be moved on 15th October if Syngenta beat Rosyth/Gartcairn to progress to the South Challenge Cup third round. Who knows, you could get to play on a Saturday at home if you draw them in the Scottish Cup third round...
  13. In the second round perhaps, not in the first as the 10 or 11 teams playing in the Scottish Cup are getting a bye.
  14. BSC Glasgow playing at Peterson Park, bit of work to do to properly enclose it..
  15. Think the 8% is the usual interest rate: https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/work-out-interest
  16. Is it actually something from a court? Scrub the personal details and post it on http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showforum=60 (probably mention Scotland in the title).
  17. Three unseeded teams winning in QR1 - Pyunik (Armenia) beating Cluj, Linfield winning against The New Saints, and Shukpi (North Macedonia) defeating Lincoln Red Imps.
  18. Cyclists can even drink and ride, as the offence is being unfit to ride - i.e. "under the influence of drink or a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of the cycle" (section 30 RTA) A bell isn't a legal requirement, it's useless if people have headphones in or are deaf/hard of hearing, and half the time those who do hear it will get annoyed with you using it anyway.
  19. Given both clubs are below tier 6 I doubt they will be getting assistant referees on a regular basis anyway.
  20. I had to fill out a council application form for a community parade through town and along the High Street - the risk assessment section had various questions like "is the date significant to your organisation", "has there been any tensions in the past", and "assess the risk to marchers if the route passes through community that may be against the march". I was a bit confused/naïve as to why they would be asking that until I realised those questions were aimed at a different type of parade...
  21. Look at the drummers arms going. The wheelie bin has since been arrested and chucked in the back of a van.
  22. Standing in the access point when they guy that puts down the bottle comes back with the pickup truck: https://www.dumpert.nl/item/100035614_41a30555
  23. Sensible, as Vics are also idle on that Saturday. To reduce the chance of a fixture backlog later in the season, once you factor in postponements from cup games, replays and the weather? If Talbot or Clydebank get to the Scottish 3rd round again, their game on 26th November would be postponed anyway.
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