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  1. Don't let it stop you, doubt they are going to match up IPs and emails to addresses.
  2. Carsmuirs Park looking good Could hardly imagine back in 2017 that a few years later all these clubs would be installing lights and upgrading their grounds, some amount of progress.
  3. I'm not sure that would be the case though. A quick bit of research shows that if Scotland's runners up were to lose in CL Q2, they would be put into Europa Q3 and have to win two ties to qualify for the Europa Gp Stage and face the prospect of no guaranteed group stage football at all. Surely Uefa wouldn't have the team finishing 3rd/Cup winners at an advantage over the team finishing 2nd?? Or is there precedent here and this has happened in the past?? You're correct in your previous post about Aberdeen going into EL PO, it's basically all but confirmed as that's what UEFA's regulations call for with the redistribution due to the lack of ECL title holder. I would still say 2nd place still have an advantage, as they get the chance to qualify for the CL. Plus, if the EL winners qualify via their league placing, there will be more reshuffling which is likely to see our 2nd place go into EL PO if they lose in CL Q2, so guaranteed ECL GS.
  4. Thanks for that I see you've got the EOS league tables and cups on your site - have you got plans to do the same for all the Junior leagues and cups at some point?
  5. Yes you're right - that's what I meant to say!
  6. Their group is so open that they could finish in one of four positions - hopefully Madrid and Inter win so they go out. If they were to finish 3rd and go into the EL last 32 they could easily make up the 5 CL bonus points lost, plus they got to the semi-finals last season.
  7. Looks like it's a straight fight between us and Ukraine for 11th and a CL GS place for 2022-23. Turkey are 2.5 wins behind and unless Sivasspor win their final game, both their teams will go out. Ukraine are basically level with us and could have two teams in the knockout stage, or could end up with none. Worst case scenario is if Shakhtar go through in the CL they'll go two wins ahead of us. Rangers need to match Benfica's result to be seeded in the last 32. The only positive for Celtic in the last game is that it's at home and Lille have already qualified, but they'll want to get top spot.
  8. Spreadsheet with the predicted groups based on current league positions and seedings: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=4FE4712A1E3EA4FA!301&ithint=file%2Cxlsx&authkey=!AI0j65LlMWkMofc Currently Aberdeen could be facing Barcelona, Feyenoord, and some pot 4 diddy.
  9. Forecast not looking good for Wick and other places as well, constant rain from tonight. Edit: whoops, getting ahead of myself, the games are of course next weekend.
  10. How many laps are they running if they can knock one off in less than a minute? 87
  11. 35/40 superlicence points seem to come from winning the final season of World Series V8 in 2017 which featured a dozen drivers including Roy Nissany (who was 5th). The remainder is from finishing 5th in the F3 Asian Championship, being beaten by Mazepin and Chadwick. Suppose this will be the easiest circuit to drive this season though.
  12. Good to see they've now applied for planning permission. Though a midweek game would presumably require the other teams to agree to move and/or the WOSFL to schedule a free Saturday for them?
  13. Fortunately it was after a slow corner and Norris saw him, the first lap fire obviously influencing things. No idea why Crofty and Brundle were even thinking this would restart.
  14. That slow stop has really cost Max any chance he had. Can't, he's French.
  15. Noticed the marshal with the extinguisher spraying the front of the car being told to knock it off! Some more images from the fire - looks more than just a fuel hose fire, and amazing he managed to escape with almost the worst case scenario of the guard rail blocking the top of the halo.
  16. Darvel have fixtures scheduled on Saturdays until 1st May (with at least one postponement to come for the SCC) so unless something changes or they play Broughty midweek the Junior Cup won't be played for 6 months.
  17. Don't know what to say apart from holy f**k. Bit concerned that the marshal behind the barriers had a fire extinguisher that was spraying like a watering can, compared to the powerful one the marshal from the other side of the track used to actually give Romain time a hole in the fire. Looked like the Haas mechanics were required to remove the ERS battery - thank goodness that didn't go up otherwise the fire could've been burning for a while. That was in the dead of night and the Audi had gone through the barriers on the Mulsanne - it had to be repaired properly so cars could go past at 220mph again.
  18. How does it reflect the results so far? What I should've added was "against Celtic", given Sparta have beaten them twice and they got a draw against Lille.
  19. Welbeck's foot is close to the ball, if you don't notice that then mistime your clearance and kick your opponent I'd say that's a careless foul (Careless is when a player shows a lack of attention or consideration when making a challenge or acts without precaution. No disciplinary sanction is needed) As for clear and obvious, if the referee speaks the VAR and his perception is different to what we can see on replay then that is a "missed incident" and can be reviewed. At least in this case the referee went to the monitor and made the decision himself.
  20. I must've missed the bit in the laws of the game which says you're allowed to kick opponents so long as it was a mis-timed clearance.
  21. No, it was Celtic in pot 1, Sparta in 2, AC Milan in 3 and Lille in 4. Which actually reflects the results so far.
  22. From what I've seen on Twitter, the following clubs are streaming their games: Beith, Blantyre, Darvel, Hurlford, Irvine Meadow, Kilwinning, Johnstone Burgh, Maryhill
  23. Not sure what you expect the manager to say. He's hardly going to come out with "We're shite and there's no chance we're staying up" is he? They play Edinburgh Uni a week on Saturday and Dalbeattie two weeks later. Their last three games are against the three clubs above them. Yes they're not tier 5 standard and are next in line to go down - every club that has finished below them has either been relegated, is now just above them (Ed Uni, Gretna, Dalbeattie) or has improved a lot (EK, BSC, GFR). But now the season is underway we can't really criticise them if they stay the course.
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