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  1. Best thing about this series is it's only three episodes, and best accent was the Norwegian one or the receptionist at the very start. Also
  2. Imagine getting so worked up because you didn't get a clean header that you end up getting sent off, what a muppet.
  3. Over in the EOS Premier, matchday 2 was played on the first midweek, then cup and league games on the second midweek. Plus two midweeks scheduled at the end of September MD8 and the beginning of November MD 11. EOS clubs that had South Challenge Cup R1 games on Saturday 20th August played their matchday 5 games in midweek at the end of August. Whereas in the WOS, despite the draw being made before the fixtures came out, Talbot and others sat idle on 20th August. The EOS initially schedules no matches on any of the Scottish Cup or South Challenge Cup dates until it comes to February, with more midweek games and some lower division fixtures TBC at the start of the season. The WOS on the other hand seems to schedule all games through the season, but then lots of games start getting postponed due to cup ties anyway. In terms of a backlog - Darvel are fine just now, they have 1 Saturday spare. Talbot however need to play two midweeks, and even more if they progress in their two cups. Don't think it's caused that many issues, these were South Challenge Cup games which were played on the date of the next round. So the only difference is that 32 extra teams who would've been knocked out were playing in the cup on 19th November instead of a league game. Just means four teams will need to play the semis in late April/May instead of 1st April.
  4. These are the wrong way around (mind the net total still has to equal 16 minus the B teams)
  5. The North Juniors don't even have a licensed club, and the two licensed clubs in the Midlands, Lochee United and Tayport, are not close to the top of the table. Halfway point in the season - Lochee are 8 points behind with 3 games in hand, having beaten the league leaders on Saturday. Though unlicensed Carnoustie are 12 points behind with 7 games in hand.
  6. Only 28/93 matches on the refs page had ARs listed. For tier 6 only EOS/WOS Premier always get ARs. Looks like the same people running the line so unless you get more referees then the situation won't change. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/referees/referee-appointments/
  7. Guessing that means the EOS think they should've played the game despite whatever player availability problems Shippy had?
  8. Past two seasons has seen the same last 16 and quarter final lineup in terms of leagues - 3/16 and 1/8 from outside the WOSFL.
  9. If you (correctly) award a free kick 25 yards out from goal with no covering defender I'm not sure how you can say it is not DOGSO and thus a red card. Looks like the referee got the big decisions correct going by those highlights. Typical deflection tactics from the manager, who obviously isn't going to come out and say "my centre half pairing cost us the game". I quite like the second goal where the camera is perfectly in line with the last defender and we see number 6's failed attempt to play the offside trap... You could argue but you'd be wrong. Number 3 is in line with the ball but 5+ metres away, so isn't making up that distance while the attacker keeps going towards goal.
  10. Having floodlights already will help a lot, think these are the unlicensed clubs which have them (who knows if they are up to standard): Glenafton, Petershill Drumchapel, Gartcarin, Neilston?, Rossvale (Petershill), Shotts, St Cadoc's (Benburb), Whittlets (but they are moving ground?) Ashfield, Greenock, Maryhill?, Renfrew, Yoker Adrossan?, Carluke, Port Glasgow Easterhouse, Glenvale, Kilsyth Athletic, Rossvale Academy/West Park, St Peter's (Renfrew),
  11. If it's not played on Saturday afternoon then Holm Park seems to be free. Unless I'm mistaken, today we've seen both the biggest pyramid gaps for a match and a winning result. (previous biggest was Talbot-Hearts at 58) Dunipace (85) v Cove Rangers (20) = 65 places (but they lost) Drumchapel (88) v FC Edinburgh (27) = 61 places And if they draw a Premiership or top half Championship side it'll surely be broken again. Must be the first time a tier 7 club has got this far?
  12. Really need to do a bit of analysis to provide context as the numbers on their own don't tell you much apart from being much lower than before. For example, I looked at the 5 year pre-Covid average of some stations near me and compared them to the two Covid years - a couple of the main stations were down at 20% while others presumably not as reliant on commuters did much better at 35-40% (Leuchars was the best in Fife by this metric).
  13. Same. Reminded me of this tweet:
  14. No idea but didn't realise they are the highest ranked AFC team (20th) ahead of Japan (24th) and Saudi Arabia (28th). Only Serbia (21) and Poland (26) are lower ranked from UEFA.
  15. Yes, having just seen the other replay. The goalie coming out, making a mess of things and missing the ball actually saved him. Free kick taken -> goalie comes out and it's headed by onside player -> ball bounces up, player offside from the header then comes back and heads it into the air = offside.
  16. No, he would still have been one point behind. Gasly could've helped by getting out of the way in the chicane when Checo got close but he was probably out of fucks to give for Red Bull.
  17. I know - Lochee should be fine but harder for Carnoustie without lights if they are still in contention for the title. No doubt some weather postponements as well. In fact it's only 20 weekends if we assume the HL play-off will take place on 29/4 and 6/5.
  18. Might well be a bit of fixture congestion here if Lochee are still in contention - there's 24 league games and at least 2 cup fixtures (plus a league cup I assume) to fit in for Carnoustie in 21 weeks until the end of April.
  19. Not sure what that has to do with the Scottish Cup next weekend...
  20. SFA didn't seem to think so 12 days ago https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/9645/031122-club-licensing-awards.pdf
  21. I didn't go that far back, but looking at the EOS catchment area from 2017-18 when Fife merged they've went from 38->35 (it was 40 before merger), LEAFA has gone from 60->49 and Borders 30->28 so not too bad. Bit worse for Midlands going from 28->14 and Perthshire 29->21 but even worse for Stirling & District 44->11. Scottish AFL also gone from 41->16.
  22. The amateur game in the east doesn't seem to be suffering as much (correct?) so what is it that is different in the west that is affecting things? And if the Saturday afternoon decline isn't going to slow with the current setup, then surely it needs to be changed so there aren't five separate leagues covering the west central belt area?
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