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  1. You do realise that the EOS were promoting/relegating two clubs from 12 when it had two tiers prior to the LL being formed?
  2. Forfar v Kelty and FC Edinburgh v Stranraer in the Challenge Cup on 24/8 - winnable ties for both so these may well be postponed.
  3. "9. Any club withdrawing from the Scottish Junior Cup after the commencement of the competition shall not participate in the following season’s competition" However if you look back over previous years sometimes teams who withdraw or can't raise a team are present the following year (and sometime they're not!). Though if Armadale and Bathgate are banned then you would expect them to be in the Alex Jack Cup but they're not. No doubt Armadale would've said something about that by now if they were banned... (forgot about Kello so edited my post above!)
  4. Two clubs now in abeyance in the North Region, though BOD JFC makes it no change overall - suppose we'll see what BOD HL and Syngenta are doing at the cup draw.
  5. Don't think it's the same as although the money is shared in the Junior Cup, the home club will only get some income once the away team has their travel guarantee paid from the gate receipts. Presumably the SCC committee is still paying for the away team's travel over 80 miles, separate to the shared gates?
  6. Fairly sure it is, either that or it's a coincidence that all previous ones are SPFL v Qualifying cup finalists https://www.eosfl.com/resultslge/1046#fmft=1&pg=resultslge&pd=1046&fsea=all&fcomp1=37&fcomp1ShowAll=&fclub1ShowAll=&fclub2ShowAll=&frt=results&frefShowAll=
  7. Top of the division if the scotscores rankings are to be believed. Difficult to tell as their only cup games were defeats against tier 6 sides (Jeanfield 5-1, Rutherglen 5-0 and 3-1). However runners-up Harmony Row beat Girvan and ran St Cadoc's close so they could well be up there.
  8. Such as? Like most of these types of stories that cause outrage on Twitter, half of the article is the outlet's own spin and there's only a couple of paras of actual quotes, which could have been taken out of context and people won't have actually read it past the headline anyway. Here's the quotes, which I'm assuming are in response to a question of along the lines of should Lewis continue if his car is not going to give him a chance at the title. "It’s time for him to resign," he said. "He’s got music, he’s got culture, he loves clothing and the rag trade would be absolutely suitable for him," "I’m sure he’ll be very successful because he’s been earning a huge amount of money — rightfully so because he’s been the best of his time. Lewis is in that group of the Ayrton Sennas and the Alain Prosts — or even the Jackie Stewarts maybe." "It’s a pity he wasn’t resigning at the top but I don’t think that’s going to happen now," he added. "But nevertheless it’s wiser to stop than go through all the pain of not being able to do what you did before. He’s carried the sport well. I’d like to see him resigning now."
  9. 24th September for the semis assuming Kelty/Edinburgh don't get to the Challenge Cup last 16. Final on 10th December. They had dates for the City Cup in 2021-22 but the qualifying cup final wasn't played in time...
  10. Tranent v Bo'ness at 5pm on Saturday 18th March 2023, that'll be game 4/6 of the groundhop, presumably with a Mid/East Lothian flavour this time.
  11. Maybe not a "new" ground share if two teams were already sharing last season (without any issues)? Surely 33 without a split, they can cope with those extra 3 games as most are unlikely to be going far in the cups, 22/44 too little/too much.
  12. If a club thinks they are safe in 12th despite it not being confirmed then that's their problem for not paying attention to how the pyramid works. But what's the alternative? Because without fluid relegation you could have a 17 team Premier Division, and then what do you do after that - relegate 4 teams all the way down the divisions the following season?
  13. Likely 3ish weeks before going by previous years, so first week of August.
  14. There's just something really weird about Rossvale's Twitter person
  15. Are they confirmed? Not listed in the Strathclyde Cup draw, though in theory they could have entered the Junior Cup instead.
  16. No they were already non members last season (and thus playing in the Strathclyde Cup). Do a ctrl + F, they are listed in the second round.
  17. Close but not quite, I make it: No longer members: Fauldhouse, Pollok, Renfrew, Whitletts New/returning members: Bellshill, Darvel, Royal Albert, Rutherglen Glencairn, Vale of Clyde, Lossiemouth United TBC: Syngenta?
  18. We'll find out soon enough when they do the draw, whenever that is going to be.
  19. Search for Broughty Athletic on google. Try their website (nothing), Twitter (nothing), and then Facebook (see below) https://www.facebook.com/Broughtyathletic/posts/pfbid02oaVrtQADV9BTejrmMs8XHgFYYLNs7o11gE9fRMPEq6dcMGZxfu1VaCW1pYEX7iBsl
  20. Chairman wading into the twitter replies
  21. Ever since Kelty and LTHV were announced as full members with a press release, there's basically been nothing from the SFA regarding new members, all the info comes from the clubs.
  22. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/highland-league/4453509/fort-william-chairman-disappointed-after-relegation-appeal-was-dismissed/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social “We’re baffled as to how the game has got to a point where it could cost somewhere in the region of £30,000 for someone to read the rulebook.” “Nobody will ever know whether the rules are broken or not because the case wasn’t heard." I'm sure the rates for someone on here to read the rulebook are much cheaper, but they would still get the same answer
  23. "That's a permanent thing. There were four teams added at amateur level, the North Caley and three others as well." Could just be referring to the four qualifiers this year - NCL, Midlands, Amateur Cup, E/S/W cup winners - and the NCL president is clueless about the terminology? I think we would've heard if more clubs were being included.
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