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  1. Basically they did an audit and make the counting more accurate: https://blogs.gov.scot/statistics/2020/09/15/counting-people-in-hospital-with-covid-19/ Scroll down and have a look at the hospital numbers - click All to see them drop in September https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/
  2. Curious where you'd rank the new clubs then. They've probably slipped back slightly since, but in 19/20 you had Livi Utd, Pumpherston, Whitburn, Armadale, Fauldhouse alongside Thornton and above Kennoway. Those two were top half in the Conferences last season.
  3. Interesting to look at the hospital numbers back in the summer, they basically dropped to ~250 with a handful in ICU and stayed there during August. Once the methodology changed on 11th September it was 45/6 before slowing creeping back up. We're getting close to those numbers, though of course we have more cases now (~180) than we had at the end of August (~85, 2 weeks before the hospital numbers).
  4. Wonder if fans from the likes of Bonnyrigg would boycott matches away to clubs which vote for this and/or against the Colts? The statement mentions the reason for the vote happening now is so that it can go to the AGM at the end of the month. (suppose that means the vote tonight is not binding until voted on at the AGM?) So unless the rule change has been proposed but not publicised looks like we're not getting two relegation spots.
  5. I think relegating the bottom side in both Conferences to the Third Division, making it 16-16-16-11 is reasonable. That's even worse than no relegation! You'd have Tweedmouth and Hawick for example playing the West Lothian clubs (bar the two that would be promoted). That's no good for anyone in terms of travel or competitive fixtures. You need to get at least 3 or 4 of the new clubs promoted out of tier 8 to balance the Third Division.
  6. Seems likely that most if not all of the pyramid leagues will start on the 17th
  7. It'll be upto the clubs to decide what they prefer next season. If I was a betting man I'd say the option which involves existing members potentially dropping 2 tiers isn't going to be popular, but we'll see. Personally not too fussed either way, both options have their merits. But option 1 also involves a Second Division with 18+ teams for the following season, right?
  8. Those two seem like the worst versions of each option! I'd have thought that the plan is to go 16 Premier, 16 First, then split whatever is left (14/13)? That means some existing clubs have to drop down to tier 9. Otherwise you have 16-16-18-9 as mentioned. With option 1 I'd make it top 3 or 4 earn promotion so the Third Division isn't as mismatched. And the whole point of the option 2 is to quickly create linear leagues - if clubs aren't good enough then sorry they need to fall down to tier 9. Though surely there's not many clubs (if any) who were top 7 this season that would likely fall down to tier 9 for 2022-23?
  9. Contact training can only resume on the 17th, so that's two weeks of proper training before the AGM and then 6 Saturdays available for friendlies before the 17th July start date. Doesn't seem that bad to me? Edit: though I see a parent isn't happy on Twitter:
  10. Nah, if the SNP took Willie's seat then he'd get in via the list as they got 7.4%, taking the Tories fourth list seat. And if the SNP also took ACH's seat, the Lib Dems 7.2% on the list would get them a list seat at the expense of the Greens.
  11. Aye, glad I tuned in during the SC - thought da Costa was going to lock up and cause carnage by hitting that barrier at the chicane, but he got it stopped!
  12. That's 37% of races entered as well, only behind Senna 40%, Ascari 42% and Clark 45% (for those with >10 poles). Did any of the top 10 set their fastest times on the medium in Q2 or is it all soft tomorrow?
  13. A fourth Mid Scotland & Fife list result in, so far basically the region is the same as last time except GRN +2, LDEM -3, and ALBA just under 2. If the SNP lost a seat to CON then they wouldn't make up for it in the list.
  14. Didn't fully grasp the significance of this before, but yeah instead of the Scottish Cup winners playing all the top seeded CL dropouts, they have a good chance of playing some of the lower ranked clubs (assuming the top seeds win every time though). Avoid the top few teams here and we have a decent chance of a EL GS representative. Priority 4 Plzen 33.500 Rapid Wien 17.000 Priority 3 Ferencvaros 13.500 Shkendija 9.000 Slovan Bratislava 7.500 Olimpija 6.750 Dinamo Tbilisi 6.500
  15. Yep, if you're dividing by 10 then you need >50% to end up with 5% which is basically the magic number to have a chance of getting a list seat. Turnout 300,000 Example region Party Labour SNP Lib Dem Cons Green Alba Total % vote 20.1 50.3 2.6 13.5 9.7 1.8 98 Regional Party Totals 60,300 150,900 7,800 40,500 29,100 5,400 Constituency seats 9 Round 1 60,300 15,090 7,800 40,500 29,100 5,400 Round 2 30,150 15,090 7,800 40,500 29,100 5,400 Round 3 30,150 15,090 7,800 20,250 29,100 5,400 Round 4 20,100 15,090 7,800 20,250 29,100 5,400 Round 5 20,100 15,090 7,800 20,250 14,550 5,400 Round 6 20,100 15,090 7,800 13,500 14,550 5,400 Round 7 15,075 15,090 7,800 13,500 14,550 5,400 Seats 3 1 2 1
  16. Other list votes are: 11, 10, 7, 6% - assume 2 list MSPs is more likely.
  17. Interesting to see some list results coming through on BallotBoxScot and elsewhere on Twitter, looks like the Greens up everywhere. This guy has two from Fife: https://twitter.com/alasdair_clark Obviously depends on the numbers, but let's go by what I've seen for the list in three counts so far - Perthshire North, Kirkcaldy, Cowdenbeath. Average for those are: SNP 43, CON 23, LAB 18, GRN 7, LIB 4, ABLA 2 (I'd expect SNP to drop and CON to gain slightly in the end results.) If it's SNP with 8 constituencies again, then once again it's CON 4 LAB 2 GRN 1 in the list. By my calculations, if the SNP lose a constituency seat to CON they still won't get a list seat (instead it would be CON 3 LAB 3 GRN 1). Only if the SNP drop to 6 constituency seats will their list vote be high enough to get them a list seat. You're forgetting 12.6% of the country also voted UKIP in the 2015 election to go along with the Tories. Though they only got 1 seat thanks to FPTP.
  18. The SOS are apparently looking to step down a tier, and anyway you can still have a three way play-off for two promotion spots. A LL2 just seems redundant, let's not overcomplicate things when two relegation spots can solve most issues. Will be an interesting listen...
  19. Fife top of the vaccine charts in the last 7 days
  20. If it is to be tier 8 for the new clubs then hopefully there's a decent number of promotion places, as surely half the West Lothian clubs will be good enough for Second Division level. Otherwise you'll have the worst of the current EOS clubs up against almost all of the new clubs in the Third Division in 2022-23. I would say 4 promotion places from tier 8, along with 8th to 12th in the Conferences to form the Second Division. So Livi Utd, Whitburn, Fauldhouse, Armadale to be promoted, which would leave the following for the Third Division: Arniston Rangers Kirkcaldy & Dysart Ormiston Tweedmouth Lochgelly Hawick RAU Eyemouth Pumpherston Stoneyburn Bo'ness Athletic Syngenta Bathgate Thistle West Calder Edinburgh College
  21. Worst part is the chief-gammons are likely to get in on the list.
  22. So all that work with LL2 and you still only have 1.5 promotion spots? You could get the same result without all the hassle of LL2 by making it 2 relegation spots and auto promotion for the EOS/WOS winners. And the LL will get to 16 clubs when Kelty pump Brechin, or next season when they relegated 2 clubs if needed.
  23. You're right, there's a difference between the results not being counted and the Colts being removed from the league table, needs to be clarified. Why is it being proposed? I'm guessing George Fraser has seen an opportunity to get the OF on their side with regards to the LL's pyramid interests and make a bit of money in these tough times. The question is can there ever be enough positives in terms of the pyramid and money to make up for the OF Colts negatives? As for the Civil Service Strollers post, while it looks good they've clearly missed the point of the extra 2 clubs - the LL are only going to 18 clubs because of the OF Colts. And if CSS want to be on the side of clubs in tier 6, they should be arguing for 2 relegation spots regardless of whether it's 16 or 18 clubs.
  24. First time having to join a decent queue outside - though I did choose to go at half 5 and during a break in the rain. SNP/Green in Mid Scotland & Fife on the longest ballot paper I've ever seen.
  25. Tuesday May 18 League 2 play-off final, 1st leg Brora Rangers or Kelty Hearts v Brechin City Kick-off 7.45pm Sunday May 23 League 2 play-off final, 2nd leg Brechin City v Brora Rangers or Kelty Hearts Kick-off 3.00pm
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