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  1. Could help with fixture scheduling or something, who knows. Interesting after the draw the host was talking about it becoming a bigger tournament for tier 5 downwards, suppose the CEO has fed that in as a talking point. Obviously their job is to big up the cup but they sounded a bit clueless, especially the "junior football is thriving" and Roughie's "a lot of new clubs in there".
  2. Not sure about that - I'd say most people just want to know who they are playing rather than a live draw (especially for 64 clubs). If you can do both fine, though just getting the full draw out at the time advertised should be fine for most people. Problem is the South Challenge Cup twitter person is AWOL (seems like the WOS person is as well, apart from Kennie) so there's nothing posted about it on either account, and if you say "evening" isn't not a very specific time. But the clubs got the info out there quickly once it was drawn. Junior Cup live draw wasn't much better though as it was a late announcement and then it was about 40 minutes later the draw started, at least it was posted on the SJFA twitter.
  3. There's no bonus points in the Conference until the semis/final (1 for each) so it's just match points against probably a weaker team, versus 2 bonus points for finishing runner-up and then 1 bonus for each subsequent KO round (and of course the extra match points for getting to 2nd). Obviously this will chance but the current situation is: finish 3rd and play one of LASK, Partizan, Roma, Jablonec, Copenhagen, Vitesse, Qarabag or finished 2nd and play one of Bruges, Porto, Sporting, Inter, Barclona, Atalanta, Lille, Zenit.
  4. I keep reading the title as "Alec Baldwin finally shoots someone on set".
  5. A couple of levels below doesn't mean as much for League Two v non-league compared to further up the pyramid, as tier 6 EOS/WOS is mostly on a par with tier 5. We've seen that two seasons ago with Cowdenbeath losing to Broxburn in a replay and Stenhousemuir losing to Penicuik. Annan lost to Formartine last season though as you say playing at home will make them favourites. After a poor start you've only lost to Kelty in the league - have a bit of optimism!
  6. A good week for the coefficient. Two wins moves us up to 32.100 and back into 9th, a win ahead of Russia who scored zero. Ukraine in 10th scored a win, but we also increased our lead over those further behind. Looks like both OF teams can get two wins against the pot 4 teams to guarantee a Conference League knockout place. The Dutch are long gone in 7th with their five teams, they'll be pushing for 5th if they keep that up, especially once their poor 17/18 score drops off next season. 8 Austria 9.750 6.200 5.800 6.700 5.600 34.050 4/ 5 9 Scotland 4.000 6.750 9.750 8.500 3.100 32.100 2/ 5 10 Russia 12.600 7.583 4.666 4.333 2.500 31.682 3/ 5 11 Ukraine 8.000 5.600 7.200 6.800 3.400 31.000 3/ 5 12 Serbia 6.375 6.000 6.000 5.500 5.250 29.125 2/ 4 13 Belgium 2.600 7.800 7.600 6.000 4.600 28.600 4/ 5
  7. Thought I'd see how the fixtures were looking terms of team rankings from: http://scotscores.theroonba.com/clubrank/clubrank.html Some clear home/away favourites but other matches are too close to call so I've listed them as draw. I think the calculation for assigning points after each match takes into account home advantage, so for the close games the prediction should slightly favour the home side. Be interesting to see how accurate this is and if there's any upsets. Home Away Gap Annan Athletic v Jeanfield Swifts 2842 2799 43 Draw Banks O'Dee v Nairn County 2870 2450 420 Home Berwick Rangers v Stirling Albion 2599 2973 -374 Away Brechin City v Haddington Athletic 2705 2596 109 Home Broomhill v Tranent Juniors 2670 2874 -204 Away Brora Rangers v Albion Rovers 2837 2776 61 Draw Cowdenbeath v Civil Service Strollers 2712 2713 -1 Draw Dalbeattie Star v Rothes 2489 2755 -266 Away Dunbar United v Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale 2583 2568 15 Draw East Kilbride v University of Stirling 2792 2537 255 Home East Stirlingshire v Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic 2764 2923 -159 Away Edinburgh City v Bo'ness United 2900 2672 228 Home Formartine United v Forfar Athletic 2721 2931 -210 Away Kelty Hearts v Buckie Thistle 3077 2810 267 Home Preston Athletic v Auchinleck Talbot 2414 3056 -642 Away Sauchie Juniors v Dunipace 2670 2480 190 Home Stenhousemuir v Huntly 2784 2407 377 Home St Cuthbert Wanderers v Gala Fairydean Rovers 2261 2698 -437 Away Stranraer v Darvel 2866 2913 -47 Draw Clydebank v Elgin City 2879 2785 94 Home
  8. 159 in the South Challenge Cup v 110 in the Junior Cup this season.
  9. If any of those three got to the next round and were drawn against a Championship or top L1 team they would also make history with the largest gap between two sides since the pyramid was introduced (currently 54: St Mirren v Broxburn).
  10. Interesting to note that there are 12 LL+SOS clubs (I'm assuming Gretna lose) in the last 64 - which is the same number of Tayside + North Region clubs at the same stage of the 2017-18 Junior Cup, the last one before the exodus.
  11. The draw is on Thursday. Don't know if there will be a live stream of HJ's balls.
  12. Seem like the draw is on Thursday (no idea if streamed or not).
  13. Probably because it doesn't make much sense to only have your own posts in uppercase - if you're struggling to read text on your computer then you normally increase the font size or use the zoom feature in your browser (for example I'm on 125% zoom for P&B), so that all text is bigger.
  14. I was going to post about this old c**t who blocked a roundabout (pictured wearing a woolly jumper, must've thought he was part of Insulate Britain) https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/transport/edinburgh-great-grandfather-blocks-roundabout-in-spaces-for-people-protest-over-silverknowes-road-closure-3420567? But then I saw this story about a c**t who somehow got off with killing someone on a bike: https://www.the-gazette.co.uk/news/19654819.kevin-gilchrist-woman-cleared-killing-renfrewshire-cyclist/ So basically if you kill someone just say you don't remember what happened and a jury of your fellow drivers will allow you back on the road again.
  15. It's an Excel file, so have a google for an online viewer or upload it to google drive and convert it to google sheets.
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