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  1. And? You realise you are allowed to cross the broken white lines and drive in the cycle lanes? The road from the hatching is about 6.3m wide, that should be enough for two way traffic.
  2. Celebration of a goal A player must be cautioned, even if the goal is disallowed, for: acting in a provocative, derisory or inflammatory way He got his first yellow for sliding in late on the goalie (3:40 in the video). Before the winning goal he was standing in front of the dugouts (6:20) so must've been having a chat with the KRR manager.
  3. Looks like the ranting on this thread worked - 6 wins out of 6 since it was posted, top of the league and still in the Scottish Cup
  4. Simply finish 17th or higher and you won't be relegated.
  5. #Heardle #217 https://spotify.com/heardle
  6. VOL already scored 9 goals after 8 games, when they only scored 10 goals in the whole of last season in the Lowland League, certainly gives them more of a chance of picking up points.
  7. Last matchday 4 of the 9 Bundesliga games were 15:30 kick offs https://www.xscores.com/soccer/country-games/germany/17-09 But they can do that and televise them all because most of their lower league games kick off at 13:00 or 14:00, plus Friday/Sunday games. No need for a 3pm blackout in other countries because they move all the kick-off times.
  8. Would be nice to know why it has taken so long - now 4 weeks after the first round - to get to this postponed appeal stage, and how you can even appeal what is normally a slam dunk case (assuming it's not frivolous). No details of the player involved has been given either. There were a couple of South Challenge Cup games featuring suspended players yet they were sorted out within a few days, even with an appeal it surely wouldn't have dragged on this long.
  9. Not entirely sure about your question but Inverkeithing have moved their game to Friday night (today), while Kilwinning have done the same in the WOS.
  10. Shippy call off... KDY understandably pointing out they'll lose out on four figures with hospitality booked for the derby match.
  11. I had that issue as well with the exact name having guessed the song correctly on the first attempt.
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