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  1. Shakhtar are likely to get at least 3rd in their CL group, so either 5 bonus points for the CL last 16 or a better chance of results in the EL R32. Need Ferencvaros to beat Dynamo Kiev to 3rd in their CL group. Zorya Luhansk with 0 points so far but games against AEK Athens coming up. Still, extended the gap to Turkey and Denmark, who are struggling to pick up points, so 12th is becoming more secure. Austria in 10th are 5 wins away.
  2. Unless the imagery has been changed Google Maps has Ashfield as ~49m at the halfway line and 54m if you go to the edge of the speedway track, but that's still not enough. https://goo.gl/maps/SpcedibTgumxNKZY9 Central Park is 95x60m, while Shielfield is 100x58m. Darvel will need to extend their pitch by a couple of metres in each direction if they want to get to the Championship
  3. Any highlights or clips available for Bo'ness games?
  4. Noticed Kilwinning are down to play their postponed game away to Sauchie on Wednesday under the lights.
  5. What happens there then, will two lucky losers from round 2 get drawn into the hat for round 3?
  6. I did wonder this myself... https://www.theifab.com/laws/chapter/31/section/86/ A player is in an offside position if: any part of the head, body or feet is in the opponents’ half (excluding the halfway line) and
  7. And Burntisland (though they now have big holes in the ground). Wigtown could use Newton Stewart's ground, Shippy have Stark's Park or other licensed grounds in Fife, Golspie are along the road from Brora. Girvan don't have anyone close though tbh I doubt they'll be playing this season.
  8. Conferences would've been 11-15-13 when the batch of teams withdrew at the initial deadline, so they had to be reshuffled. Going with geography inevitably means the league wouldn't be balanced with each other, which is the point of conferences. I came to same conclusion as @FairWeatherFan when looking at the conferences on a map - if all clubs decided to keep playing, you'd have an Ayrshire league of 13, Central league of 17 and a Glasgow/west league of 17. Balancing those numbers means Arturlie and Neilston would need to join the Ayrshire league so that introduces more travel for someone else. Even if you regionalised it after those eight clubs pulled out you'd have an Ayrshire league of 9, plus Johnstone Burgh and Neilston, which club do you pull into that league next?
  9. Dalry the next to pull out - Conference C down to 10 teams
  10. I really don't think points like the classic "Away game on a Tuesday night at Brechin", "Does Glasgow need another senior [SPFL] club?", "Having to charge £12 or 15 to get in" and talking about St Roch's getting into the second division need to be covered here any more. And at least he eventually worked out the Ayrshire teams can't have their cake and eat it with a local league and access to the senior Scottish Cup. But if clubs want to have some more local leagues then tier 8 should be regionalised.
  11. Since the penalty was awarded for the holding offence - you can see the referee already has the whistle to his lips in that screenshot - then the "attempt to play the ball" doesn't apply. From https://www.theifab.com/laws/chapter/32/section/94/
  12. Well tbh the podcast did say the red cards were a shocker and the ref ruined the game - yes this referee is infamous however the highlights don't exactly support your conclusion. The first red card is correct as the Uni player has been pulled back as he's through on goal - once you give the foul for that it must be a red as there's no attempt to play the ball (he does get the ball but only after pulling the attacker back). The second one is more debatable, but again he's through on goal and if the ref feels he's got enough control of the ball before the foul then it's a red card for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity. If not a red then he'd be sent off for a second yellow anyway. The rule changes back in 2017 had absolutely nothing to do with either red card. The rule change would only apply had the defender in the first incident committed a foul while going for the ball - then it would only be a yellow and not a red.
  13. Linlithgow have lost their last three games against Camelon and not won against a top half EOS side since Broxburn in November, big test for them on Tuesday.
  14. I was going to ask if there is footage but then I remembered...
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