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  1. Noticed that the referee for Scotland's game is going to be Fernando Andrés Rapallini from Argentina, he did a North Macedonia game and is part of a UEFA-CONMEBOL exchange programme with a Spanish ref going the other way for Copa America. According to a refereeing blog he did well in his first game so let's hope that continues.
  2. The fixtures PDF for phase 1 is here: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:be6fa834-852f-48ef-9410-501e5e24eb4e#pageNum=4 Interesting that the SJFA Cup is scheduled for 21/8, 25/9 and 30/10. Bit surprised to see Campbeltown with two midweek away games in the few weeks Guessing Division 4 clubs are playing 4 times for 28 games?
  3. Friday 11th June: 132 (13) in hospital Friday 18th June: 128 (12) - bit of ups and downs but basically no change this week
  4. Dunno if it's been posted elsewhere - but definite f**k sake Ally vibes about this one 🤣
  5. Perhaps there is a board meeting in June?
  6. Is that an email sent to the other players or to you in the crowd? Wonder if any of the pre-season games have had someone in the crowd test positive yet. And whether the T&P name/number details have actually come in handy.
  7. Is this the only cover they have at the moment?
  8. That's no way to talk about Renfrew, they beat Bonnyrigg last season!
  9. Well yeah, both the WC and Euros have four VARs compared to just two in say the Premier League. Having the best referees from across Europe also helps.
  10. https://scottishfootballfixtures.wordpress.com/2021/06/02/wednesday-june-16/
  11. Ones where the capacity allowed by Scot Gov is higher than the number of season tickets? Annan and Brechin would be your best bet at the moment.
  12. (ESPN as it was the FA Cup) It's all on Youtube but if you don't want to see it: The camera switched from the goalie to Muamba who was face down with the physio trying to turn him over. They showed that for five seconds with the camera zooming out, they went back to the goalie then switched to the wide cameras behind each goal, corner of the stand, some close ups of fans, players and the ref. With the medics surrounding him you wouldn't really know they were doing CPR without Jon Champion saying they were trying to resuscitate him. Unlike Eriksen the director obviously realised it was serious and didn't keep going back for shots of those efforts.
  13. When I first saw Eriksen fall and the ref signal for the medics I thought he'd gone over and twisted his knee or something. It seemed like the host broadcaster's TV director continued to produce the feed as if it was that kind of injury. But once they showed that close up of him unresponsive on the ground it should have been clear how serious the situation was. Up to a point people watching have the choice to switch off, but I can't imagine many folk were thinking that the host broadcaster would continue to show camera angles that were close enough to clearly see the resuscitation efforts. Should've gone to the wide halfway line camera and stayed there.
  14. Try https://scottishfootballfixtures.wordpress.com/
  15. Kennie lobs the fixtures grenade, turns off phone and sits back to watch the Scotland game.
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