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  1. Sauchie have played the most amount of games in the Premier Division but won't be finished until at least early April, so I doubt there will be that many others finished by the end of April. Maybe you could work out who else is going to be available to play games in April?
  2. Good. Wouldn't want to concede a penalty thanks to a horrendous decision like Northern Ireland had two years ago in their WC play-off.
  3. At least there's no Monday night game (yet).
  4. Here's a light pollution map - basically get away from built-up areas to begin with https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=9&lat=7574228&lon=-378347&layers=B0FFFFFTFFFFFFFF
  5. They are already playing Clydebank and Benburb on a Wednesday, Largs don't have lights.
  6. Yes Cumnock have two free Saturdays, however you need the opposition to be free on those dates as well...
  7. If you're worried about your chances of survival in the HL just now, surely it'll be made a lot worse if a big gamble doesn't pay off and you still go down?
  8. Just to point out the EOS has its final game on 2nd May, so there would still be two more Saturdays free for Auchinleck fixtures if they had to finish for the LL play-off. However those might be taken up by the Junior Cup QF and SFs, the West Cup, or postponements. Without floodlights probably the only way for Auchinleck's season to finish on time is if they play their five away games to the clubs who have lights in midweek. Kennie could also have scheduled Rossvale and Rutherglen as midweeks instead of playing on Saturdays. Easiest way for Clydebank to extend their season is to win their West Cup game! Don't think Largs have lights? http://nonleaguescotland.org.uk/largs.htm
  9. A few bits of frost, you'd think they would know better than to wait and leave it up to the referee...
  10. Czechs catchable for 14th, two more wins needed. Cyprus have a team in the last 32, but APOEL are unseeded - we need to better their results to stay just ahead of them. One of Serbia or Greece will finish 3rd in their CL group and drop down into the last 32, both unlikely to catch us though. Croatia could get a team into CL knockout and claim the 5 bonus points, which would close the gap to just over a win but again would probably not score any more points. Switzerland need 7 more wins to catch us, but they only have Basel into the last 32 and Rangers can put Young Boys out with a draw.
  11. The SOS either needs to be confirmed as the LL's west feeder and junior clubs told to move to it (essentially a takeover) - or be removed from the tier 6 play-off and the WRJFA gets told to incorporate the SOS clubs (probably a good idea to regionalise its bottom tier).
  12. 14th is definitely possible as despite being 3.5 wins ahead, Slavia are unlikely to beat Dortmund and score further points. Denmark will likely remain too far ahead unless Copenhagen somehow don't qualify for the knockout stage. The access list for the CL doesn't change for 2021-22, so assuming both CL and EL title holders already qualify via their league it would be the same as this season where 14th/15th would be Celtic in QR3 and Rangers in QR2: https://kassiesa.net/uefa/AccessList2019.html Not sure how it will work out with the EL and ECL but there will need to be some redistribution as the EL GS space reserved for the ECL title holder won't be filled in the first season.
  13. That and the fact they got the regional split they wanted for this season. But then if you're not travelling to Tayside, it's not much different to the EOS so you might as well move and have a chance of playing against all the familiar ex-junior sides.
  14. The whole point of a conference setup is to distribute teams into divisions of fairly equal ability, so that you can cream off the top x places for a single division. With the same number of teams next season then the top 6 in each conference would go into a First Division at tier 7 and the bottom 6 would form a second division at tier 8. That way you have a proper structure based on ability with competitive divisions. So I don't know what the point of conferences would be next season - unless most/all ERJFA teams moved across then they could be used to integrate everyone and figure out who should be at tier 7 the following season.
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