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  1. We are currently 14th (guaranteed 15th) in the 2019-20 ranking: https://kassiesa.net/uefa/data/method5/crank2020.html That sets the allocation for the 2021-22 access list, so during the 2020-21 season that's what clubs will be competing for - i.e. two CL, one EL, two ECL at the end of this season.
  2. We're already 14th and basically it's confirmed unless Basel win the EL on 21st August. Bert posted from the rules that cup winners get priority if the access list has to be adjusted. Going by UEFA's usual procedures it would seem that once association 7's cup winner fills the missing EL GS spot, then the cup winners from 13 and 14 move to the EL play-off round. CL title holder spot is almost never used, so the 11th country gets a GS spot and there's some movement in the qualifying rounds. EL title holder spot has been used in the last 3/5 seasons, and it affects the CL non-champions path. @ScoRoss I saw that, but it doesn't take into account the rebalancing which takes place when the CL, EL and ECL title holder spots are vacated. Wouldn't be easy to win the EL play-off tie as Aberdeen would be unseeded and in with a chance of drawing half of the following: domestic cup winners from associations 7–13; champions who drop out from CL Q3 and Q2; a couple of non-champions from CL Q2. But easier than trying to qualify to the EL GS currently!
  3. Where are you reading it on Bert's site, as I first saw it mentioned on his forum? The access list has a space for the ECL title holder in the EL GS. If you look at what happened this season when both title holder places were vacated, then you can see how it works with some clubs getting bumped up and entering in a later round: https://kassiesa.net/uefa/AccessList2019.html For 2021-22, EL Q3 has 3 cup winners from associations 13-15 plus 3 losers from CL Q2 for non-champions. With a gap in the EL GS because of no ECL title holder, the cup winner from association 7 moves up, so two clubs from the EL Q3 (countries 13 and 14) would move to the EL play-off up to fill the gap. (there's an added complication of the CL Q2 might have four clubs and thus only two losers if the EL title holder spot is vacated like this season!)
  4. The last three winners of the EOS - who were the top 3 teams in the 2016-17 East Superleague - have all been promoted to the Lowland League. Keep living in your West Lothian bubble though.
  5. If we use this season's qualifiers and the 2021-22 access list, Rangers would be up against Copenhagen or Viktoria Plzen in QR2 to begin with. Win and they'd play Gent / Lokomotiv Moscow / AZ Alkmaar or Dynamo Kyiv / Besiktas / Braga depending on whether they beat Copenhagen (seeded) or Plzen (unseeded) in QR3. If they won that either they'd need to play Dynamo Kyiv / Besiktas in the play-off round - or one of the other clubs if they'd already beat one of those two in the previous round. Would be a tall order but a decent chance of getting to the Europa League group stage again when they drop out.
  6. Greece lose their final club meaning we are guaranteed at least 15th - so two CL, one EL, and two ECL places for the 2021-22 season. Switzerland need Basel to win their QF and SF ties without resorting to penalties, then either win the final or take it to penalties in order to overtake us. In that sense, we are very close to securing 14th place, and as mentioned a guaranteed group stage place for 3rd/Scottish Cup winner. We will start this season in 13th (unless Copenhagen get to the semis and draw) as we have the lowest score to drop off from 15/16 of anyone around us. This will be our final season with four teams so we have to make the most of it - might be hard to replicate 9.750 but another season like 18/19 with 6+ points would do nicely. All our Conference League clubs would miss the first qualifying round for countries ranked 30+, so half of the diddies would be knocked out already.
  7. A wall/fence to obscure viewing from the outside is an EOS requirement anyway so hardly unique to licensing (probably applies to the SOS/WOS as well).
  8. I think that means newly signed players can play for their new club if not cup-tied or banned?
  9. Or read the criteria and spend some money on the ground instead of the playing squad so you don't find yourself in that situation to start with.
  10. No wonder NLS says no lights, as unless they've put up more poles or columns recently then it seems like it's just a couple beside their enclosure - no planning permission for anything bigger either.
  11. (it's denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity) but it was on the line anyway
  12. Rugby teams have access to centralised funding from the SRU for travel costs/expenses. Don't know how it works in detail however. Thought it was only for the islands but there is funding for long journeys of 200+ miles, see page 19. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/sru-files/files/Minimum_Operating_Standards_2019_20.pdf Though there's also fewer games for rugby teams - 22 for the national leagues and 18 for the regional leagues.
  13. Can you tell us the 13 traitors to the grade clubs who declined to renew their membership?
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