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  1. Don't know, but other countries also get VAR decisions wrong (and at least in Scotland we can apply retrospective action even if officials have seen it).
  2. Looks like nobody will be going to Newtongrange on Saturday. Surely obvious that an artificial pitch would be needed to get this game played...
  3. It was being filmed for a feature on a View from the Terrace.
  4. Still a Scottish Cup place up for grabs for the winners though.
  5. I mean in terms of danger it's less than other places like on main roads, as this is off a junction to Charlotte Square which isn't a through route on that side of the street. There's a limit to the amount of pothole repairs and resurfacing work that the council's funds can allow it to carry out though. They are also up against increasing vehicle weight and numbers, which for Edinburgh is an extra 200million vehicle miles driven when compared to 20 years ago.
  6. Wikipedia has a section which seems to summarise it fairly well? Thing is with all the clubs now getting licensed (and even just making upgrades, as floodlights weren't a requirement prior to 2019) we can see how obviously wrong all the scare mongering was. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lowland_Football_League Formation The Lowland League was founded by a unanimous vote of members of the Scottish Football Association (SFA) on 11 June 2013,[3] The league would be composed of teams drawn from the East of Scotland, South of Scotland, and junior leagues, who met on 17 June 2013 to elect between them the founder-members of the new league.[11] While most clubs were invited to submit bids to join, Preston Athletic, The Spartans and Threave Rovers were offered automatic entry as they were already fully licensed by the SFA.[11] While 27 clubs had registered their interest, the Lowland League received 17 applications to join.[12] After the meeting on 17 June, it was announced there would be 12 teams in the league, and that they would be: Dalbeattie Star, East Kilbride, Edinburgh City, Gala Fairydean Rovers, Gretna 2008, Preston Athletic, Selkirk, The Spartans, Threave Rovers, University of Stirling, Vale of Leithen, and Whitehill Welfare.[13]
  7. Maybe Elon thinks you are a childish football fan who likes using the terms "grass" and "nonce", while thinking it's ok to use your phone behind the wheel? Most of the people won't have been reported to the police because it takes too much effort to report this type of crime to Police Scotland. And if you had seen one of his final videos you'd know that quite a few of those filmed were not stationary when using their phone.
  8. Not specifically illegal to use a phone on a bike, and especially not if stationary. If I had to guess you passed too closely (less than 1.5m) at some point in the journey and she caught you back up at the lights... (if she had a camera be thankful Police Scotland are the only police force not to have an online portal for easily reporting road traffic offences) You could point it out, but the cyclist might have more knowledge of the law and reply that reflectors (and a bell) can be removed post-sale as they are not a legal requirement for cycling on the road in daylight.
  9. Definitely gone off the deep end
  10. Suppose Shotts were lucky to still have home advantage after two attempts. They've rescheduled to next Wednesday just days before the winner goes to Nitten.
  11. In a linear system yes, but with regional leagues of (possibly) different strengths then it's not unreasonable to have a play-off. That may apply to LL v HL and to the SOS. Though unless there's a big gap between tiers then there shouldn't also be a second play-off like there is currently with club 42. As for the thread title - the question is when is the next opportunity for LL clubs to change the tier 6 promotion structure and will the voting have changed since the last time?
  12. Now postponed due to the pitch, probably should've hired Stark's Park to get it played...
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