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  1. Brora and Kelty were both reigning champions and because the leagues were told by the SFA they couldn't put them forward to the pyramid play-off if they went null & void, they had to declare them champions on PPG (they were still both top anyway). Don't think any HL/LL club has a problem with that.
  2. I realise that, but the Conferences have fewer games on average to play than the Premier (5.75 and 5.6). It's also possible that not all of the board agreed though (given there's no mention of unanimous). Suppose we've only got 26 hours to find out.
  3. Maybe some of the criteria has changed or they relied on a waiver back then and are having to do the same now, which is why they are waiting on the SPFL board meeting?
  4. Ignore the weird thumbnail - Christopher Hitchens with a look at the reaction to Diana's death in 1998
  5. The latest one is here: https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/7557/club-licensing-current-update-february-2021.pdf They presumably apply to all nations. You see it in the footnotes on Wikipedia, four clubs failed to get a licence here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_UEFA_Europa_League#Teams Page 80 of the SFA licensing manual has the UEFA criteria.
  6. Hopefully the fact that the SFA are seemingly sanctioning the pyramid play-off between the two clubs means they are ok with them being champions, and they back the two clubs should the SPFL cancel the L2 play-off final and it goes to the judicial panel.
  7. I'll leave it to Kenny, thanks. I'm sure he said two weeks of pre-season on the radio - that gives you a month to play between 4 and 9 fixtures (average of 6.44). Cross-region travel should be allowed as from 26th April it says "Travel within mainland Scotland allowed" You mean league games of course for the underlined bit, as Dundonald and Penicuik who have played the least also played cup games. And well if the same 52% who did want it back in September decide they want to continue next month, then the season will restart.
  8. https://spfl.co.uk/admin/filemanager/images/shares/pdfs/Membership Criteria Letter 2021-22 issued 1 December 2020.pdf So long as they meet the various requirements like Entry licence (+Bronze floodlights) etc, then I'm not sure how they won't be eligible, unless the SPFL wanted to be arseholes and use some discretionary powers they no doubt have to say no. Though given the deadline for meeting the membership criteria etc is 31st March, the SPFL surely knows by now whether or not these two clubs are eligible to take part in the play-off. Unless of course one or both have applied for a waiver and they are waiting until the board meeting on 19th April to get it? Clubs have the right to appeal to the SFA judicial panel though, so it would be interesting if it got to that stage.
  9. What is the deadline for completing the fixtures though? There's no LL play-off so no late May deadline, and from the NCL fixtures the latest would seem to be 30th June. Must be feasible to be done by then, just whether the clubs want to. Well not quite, because you could start a couple of weeks later than for example the WOS (proposed 17th July) because the EOS will be back to a 16 team Premier Division so fewer games.
  10. 1:18:15 - St Peter's from Paisley apparently one of the applicants
  11. The legislation was updated on Friday: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ssi/2020/344/schedule/5/part/4 The requirement to remain at home was removed, and basically the restrictions on movement are now between council areas unless you have one of the various reasonable excuses. Of course there's still restrictions on gatherings as described in schedule 5 part 3 (max four from two households).
  12. Of course it would be fair if all tier 6 champions got it but this is the SFA we're talking about. We don't even know if it's confirmed that the WOS are getting it, plus with almost the entire EOS Premier licensed and the SOS likely to be won by a licensed club or Stranraer reserves, they could just turn round and say no tier 6 league champion gets a place in the cup.
  13. Will be interesting to see if the NCL or ML manage to get a Scottish Cup place for their winners, if not then it'll make the the off-field work to get a licence all the more important.
  14. Didn't she get her arse handed to her by a furry? (Chise)
  15. If everyone has played each other home and away you don't need PPG you numpty.
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