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  1. Anyone talking about bringing the West Region back is living in fantasy land, as not even the SJFA want the West Region back (the CEO having told those enquiring about it to just get on with it in the WOS).
  2. Thought I recognised the artist after two seconds but ended up having to take a guess on the song at the end... #Heardle #85 ️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app
  3. No, the SPFL rules were changed to allow the best non-B team to go into the play-off.
  4. Only two more than this season - but two fewer league games and the South Challenge Cup is the big non-league cup, plus the League Cup is played at the end of the season. If you don't win the league or finish top 4 then you won't have the Premier Sports Cup or SPFL Trust Trophy to play in.
  5. Semi-Finals Whitehill v Tranent - 31st May Linlithgow v Crossgates - 24th May
  6. Now down to eight and four of them are early kick offs. The 2019-20 fixtures avoided cup final day, same with the year before.
  7. Link to the reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/urbanplanning/comments/umv2ib/i_just_watched_this_video_from_not_just_bikes_on/ And the video mentioned. It's a great youtube channel covering both how shit North America is and how great the Netherlands is (I mean I knew this already but it just shows it so well, and makes you think about how the UK compares as well).
  8. Shouldn't be too hard for it to be changed to "clubs not playing in the Scottish Cup or Junior Cup", because otherwise it's a bit unfair to everyone else in the competition and cup winners shield if Drumchapel get another shot at it.
  9. On a bit of roll - 3 in a row #Heardle #84 ️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app
  10. As described in the EOS fixture list: "The Alex Jack Cup for member clubs of the East of Scotland FA which are not participating in the Scottish Cup or any other tournament whose winners qualify for the Scottish Cup" I would assume the Strathclyde Cup will be the same as the entire point of this cup is for those not in the Scottish or Junior cups? @glensmad
  11. Think the new Inverkeithing high school - in Rosyth(!) - is going to take over the entire Fleet Grounds and make them homeless at some point soon anyway so they need to be sorting things. Hope Lidl don't get away with not building a ground for them as well.
  12. If Darvel end up in the LL and remain there after next season, then in the following years they will be joined by EOS / WOS clubs that are promoted. Both the LL and WOS won't be the same in 5-10 years time as the stronger teams move up.
  13. Interesting place to have the shelter - maybe their next upgrade will be to install some netting to stop any wayward shots!
  14. Video from the perspective of someone in a wheelchair from the Clydebank game, showing the new covered area and toilets
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