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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Larry just can't help making an arse of himself
  2. Sportscene Watch 18/19

    They normally start the Premiership highlights with a Sunday game first and any Friday game last, presumably because people will likely have seen the goals of the early game. The camera and direction work in the Auchinleck game was pretty bad, like they had some trainees on the job. Camera behind the dugout was regularly blocked by the fourth officials/managers and the director took too long to switch, then later on it seemed like the zoom had broken on the main camera which stayed too wide.
  3. Armadale thistle

    Today v Camelon? And why would it matter that those teams weren't in the EOS last season - Kelty beat them on their way to the Superleague the previous season... You should probably stick to worrying about Livingston with their two games in hand.
  4. East Cup of (Football) Nations 2018-19

    Spartans through to the semi-finals with a 89th minute winner in 3-2 win over Tranent. Whatever way it goes tomorrow looks like the semis will be tasty ties.
  5. Scotrail

    Aye well of course every Mark 3 carriage has been refurbished at least once since they were built in the 1970s. But it's only the ones that have been refurbished to meet the RVAR 2010 and PRM-TSI regulations which will allow them to carry on in service after 2019, which should be referred to as "refurbished".
  6. EoS Conference B chat 2018-19

    Loan signing for Dundonald from Raith Rovers. Presumably it's now easier for these deals and transfers to go through now that they are a senior club?
  7. Scotrail

    If it's carriages are in a white livery and you pushed a button to open the doors then it's the refurbished set.
  8. Scotrail

    You'll probably save more buying well in advance than if you went to different sites. Though TPE does have an extra discount for 18-25 railcard holders, there's some £9.65 Edinburgh to Manchester singles if you're travelling in March: https://www.tpexpress.co.uk/special-offers/student-train-tickets If you're older but still < 31 then buy a digital railcard for £30 and get a 1/3 off. But don't buy tickets with them.
  9. Scottish Super Cup?????

    There's the problem, none of the other top countries have their big teams playing each other four times in the league each season. Suppose if we ever expanded the league and went to two games per season then a supercup would have to come in for Sky to get a third game.
  10. Scotrail

    It was definitely a refurbished train you were on?
  11. Kelty Hearts on the slide ?

    Goes even further back than that, in the last 12 months they've lost just twice in the league - CSS this season and at Stirling to lose the title last season. Jeanfield and Edinburgh City their only cup defeats in that time.
  12. FA Cup 2018/19

    Fucking MOTD muppets, the whole point of the yellow line is that it shows what's offside (in line with the last defender's shoulder), and the attacker's foot is nearer the goal than that line. Also, Danny Murphy is an arsehole, clear and obvious doesn't apply to offside. Shouldn't have taken that long though, plenty of time to get it looked at before they got back to the centre circle.
  13. EoS Conference C chat 2018-19

    Plenty of dross football from your own team. Doubt you'd be complaining so much if you weren't out of two cups by mid-August and then pumped by four goals in your next two cup ties. Shame the games in the Scottish Cup against Beith and South Challenge Cup against East Stirlingshire didn't get you excited. Oh and mind naming some clubs that would be wishing they'd stayed put?
  14. Pyramid 2019/2020

    The amateurs in the LL/EOS seem to be doing alright and could probably sort out the non-league landscape if the guy being paid by the SJFA buggered off!