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  1. When they goals were given as offside, both Sheerin and Grainger looked up at Liam Corr (I think) sitting at the back of the stand - doing his analysis stuff and both times they got confirmation from him that the goals were indeed offside.
  2. It would required changes to the BoD personal if further investment was forcomming, I would say that's a given.
  3. not been as excited for a league game in a while and actually going into a big game confident rather than with sheer dread, I can see plenty goals and an entertaining game, 3-2 Falkirk.
  4. I think they compromised on Holt but anyway your correct that there is now some positives coming out the club, Im fully behind Rawlins and his plans for the club but it needs further investment and that's why I and many others think the navy blue was a missed opportunity - however its passed now and it's on the BoD to find further investment - here's hoping they deliver.
  5. you have no idea what the guys who were investing finances are like, these are fans who were/are willing to put 10s of thousands of pounds in each, we should be applauding them IMO - from the ones i know who were putting in cash, pervious patrons or the navy blue they very much seen it as a donation, they were hardly expecting a profitable sale of their shares anytime soon. The fact remains the club needs cash, I hope there is further investment coming soon.
  6. Airdrie 0-0 Alloa Clyde 0-1 Cove East Fife 2-0 Peterhead Falkirk 3-2 Queen's Park Montrose 2-1 Dumbarton
  7. We are a different outfit altogether this season, continued pressure and starting to dominate teams. Krasniqi is the business btw, he is super composed, always wants the ball, would be starting him next week - get a win there and add another body or two then I will be pretty confident for the season ahead.
  8. Alloa 1 - 3 Queens Park Dumbarton 1 - 2 Cove East Fife 0 - 1 Montrose Falkirk 4 - 1 Clyde Peterhead 2 - 2 Airdrie
  9. Agree, although I don't think he's overweight or unfit, he's just not very good.
  10. Will always love him for that goal, one of the best games ever at TFS. Peter Martins commentary on Sky also superb.
  11. Come on now, you can't expect a man to follow his team every week without boardroom hospitality, a man has to eat. In all seriousness tho that's a stinker of a decision to bring him back in, i'm sure there would have been plenty fans willing and able to help out the club with FTV - but no go for the guy who is universally hated by the fanbase.
  12. Airdrie 0-1 Falkirk Clyde 2-2 Alloa Athletic Cove Rangers 1-1 East Fife Montrose 3-1 Peterhead Queen’s Park 2-1 Dumbarton
  13. that was night and day to what we have been watching the last 2-3 years, disappointing to lose the late goal but early season signs are encouraging, starting to feel a little optimistic about our chances this season.
  14. Alloa 2-2 East Fife Dumbarton 2-0 Airdrie Falkirk 1-0 Peterhead Montrose 3-1 Clyde Queens Park 2-1 Cove
  15. Enjoyed my day out yesterday, the celebrations at the goal is what av been missing the last 18month. With a decent front man we win that game comfortably. Nesbit going to be our main man this season I feel. Agree with others that Kenna looked good when he came on, haven't written him off yet, but his injury record is worrying, we need someone else in.
  16. What smoker do you have? Kamado joe, this is my new hobby I picked up over lockdown and now I am a little obsessed.
  17. Done beef short ribs at the weekend on the smoker and was right chuffed with them, thought i'd share.
  18. Airdrie 2-1 Montrose Clyde 2-2 Dumbarton Cove 2-1 Falkirk East Fife 2-3 Queens Park Peterhead 0-0 Alloa
  19. Having full backs that can get up the pitch makes such a massive difference.
  20. Corzos player analytics working a treat here.
  21. If he has showed up well in the bounce games and training by all means take a punt on him if the the management team likes him but a 2 year f****ng deal???...WTF?!?
  22. That's a good appointment IMO, he done a great job at Stenny and seems to be well liked. Pretty happy with that.
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