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  1. My Scottish seat prediction. SNP 44 TORY 9 LIB 4 LAB 2
  2. Just a dummy company, the 45k loss is prob his leagal fees....lets see how truthfull the BOD/MSG are with share holders at the AGM.
  3. You are more than likely correct however a new path has to be taken as i dont think the current incumbents are going anywhere anytime soon.
  4. yes i am aware, i was one of them, i ment the current BOD/MSG.
  5. without fresh investment, i would agree.
  6. according to a director I spoke to, JP has been working with the board directly and its possible he may well be our new director of Football and that MC had him duped along with everyone else.
  7. Going to be another blockbuster AGM. They really are a state, how interm is LM chairmanship? Are the MSG still looking to sell some or all of their shares? Who thought it was a good idea to wheel MC out to the fans before any DD? All questions they need to answer. If they have decided not to sell, there has to be a major cull in the boardroom, need people in there who are at least semi competent.
  8. Do we have a date for the AGM yet? The board/MSG need to set out their plans going forward.
  9. pretty sure it's coming straight from Football Manager, which of course never gets anything wrong.
  10. apart from the MSG block voting, need to divide and conquer
  11. He must be talking to them or plans to talk to them, cant see him taking in Dumbarton v Falkirk for entertainment purposes.
  12. This is getting made up us as they go along, 2 weeks is more than enough time to find a manager, how long do they expect the process to take FFS. I'm fully behind M&M and hope the team kicks on but this all seems wholly unnecessary. it would have been better if they just announced them on deals until the end of the season, at least then we would have some sort of stability.
  13. Hopefully whenever this is announced we get some meat on the bones aswell, there has to be a longer term plan in play here. Its a highly risky move to give two rookie managers the reins in what could quite possibly be our most important season on and off the pitch in decades. Like everybody i hope they get off to a flyer and we go and win the league but our standers shouldn't be dropped because of where they are in their managerial careers, i still expect to win the league no matter who is in charge.
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