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  1. Airdrie 2-1 Montrose Clyde 2-2 Dumbarton Cove 2-1 Falkirk East Fife 2-3 Queens Park Peterhead 0-0 Alloa
  2. Having full backs that can get up the pitch makes such a massive difference.
  3. Holt casting the net far and wide there.
  4. Corzos player analytics working a treat here.
  5. If he has showed up well in the bounce games and training by all means take a punt on him if the the management team likes him but a 2 year f****ng deal???...WTF?!?
  6. That's a good appointment IMO, he done a great job at Stenny and seems to be well liked. Pretty happy with that.
  7. @Back Post Misses will correct me if I'm wrong but I don't see him or anyone else pushing for Rawlins out. I voted for the Rawlins deal and like most was quite optimistic about their involvement but was left disappointed he and the rest of the board never took the opportunity create the three legged stool approach everyone has been banging on about - this may still happen and I'm waiting for more details about how this Falkirk Supporters Society will be involved. As for getting excited about going back to games again each to their own but thinking long standing supporters of the club would like to see us fail this season in rubbish.
  8. nonsense, absolutely everybody on here wants the club to succeed, if some have reservations at how the club is being run or the current transfer activity that's their prerogative, also the "peddling of agendas" goes both ways on here.
  9. it been answered before but they agreed to work with Holt after the BOD backed him, they originally wanted him replace/removed.
  10. I think your being a bit disingenuous, not once have i seen it described as "free money" on here. I was aware that it was the group that walked away as the board weren't willing to compromise at all just from reading stuff on here so not quite sure why that was a surprise to people. In the end the 2 parties could not agree with each other and both moved on, I personally think the club made a mistake in that but that's only my opinion. BMP has answered your other points and it not the 1st time he or others have made that info available. The one thing I did agee in what GC said last night was getting into entrenched positions on this isnt going to help anyone, they couldn't come to an agreement - everybody moves on - lets just hope that PS has the tools and backing to get finally get us out of this league.
  11. 100%, actually the rest r coming across well, GD not so much.
  12. Home one is actually pretty smart - away one is crap and looks more like a training top, just a bit weird without central demo on the front.
  13. Yep, at least it looks like we have a competent coaching team in place this season, a good start to the season will make a lot of the disconnect at the club subside.
  14. has this group been put together by the board? I think I remember filling out the survey but herd nothing about it since.
  15. it way well be a great thing long term but IMO it lacks what is needed most at them moment, an injection of hard cash into the clubs coffers to get out this f***ing league.
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