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  1. Hopefully means they are coming to the table with everything sorted rather than the utterly half arsed approach we saw last time. let's hope so.....but i won't be surprised if this drags on for another few months.
  2. They don't half drag all this out, surely it would have been possible to get this all sorted before the season starts, let's just hope their dithering dosent scare away even more money from the club.
  3. Akeel Francis is one of them, was told he has been offered a deal.
  4. so the defense is it took him 3 months to figure out what lot of people did in a few days after MC was originally announced? i hardly think that is a glowing reference, I am not putting this new guy in the same category as MC by the way, he has a track record in football which is encouraging and as i said earlier i think the "bended ownership" model GD is talking about could be one that works for all parties.
  5. Considering GD lead the due diligence on MC, yes i think it's possible.
  6. If this goes thru, the ownership structure is going to be completely different, with Gow, The Yanks and more fan shareholding and with the MSG basically being disbanded I think it's a compromise that could work for everybody, it gives me more confidence in the process when the people who are investing have been involved in football for a while rather than just some pervert taxi driver.
  7. On the face of it this is a positive move, if its moving LM and/or CL on it has to be, however as BPM alluded to i think we are only getting half the story ATM and there is still loads to come out.
  8. There has to be some sort of middle ground, the club should have a long term strategy for the playing squad and IMO that shouldn't have to change each time you change a manager, i don't want a DOF type role to have sole control over transfers but they should be part of the conversation when identifying players.
  9. Did they put their hands in their pockets? pretty sure all the money getting spent comes from us the fans.
  10. no, MR, SA, CL and maybe another all have more than him, sure he has 5/6%
  11. What a fantastic signing, had my doubts we would be able to get him, delighted to be proved wrong.
  12. Don't think there was ever an Indian bid, it was always Gow himself, the fact he played over there for a while is most likely how the Indian rumour started.
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