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  1. I think for that reason we might not here much on season tickets anytime soon from the club, it's impossible to put together a deal without knowing how many games if any will be played or in what division for that matter. Clubs selling season tickets ATM are doing so because the need the cash, it will be more complicated for them once we know how football starts back and what it will look like. Did Gary Deans not mention a share issue before?, this may be the route the club goes down to raise money untill we know more.
  2. The main problem with JP for me is who are his partners/other investors?....afterall he was in tow with MC, what other shady characters is he willing to deals with?
  3. Dumbarton 0 - 1 Falkirk East Fife 2 - 3 Montrose Forfar. 0 - 1 Airdrie Peterhead 0 - 0 Raith Stranraer 0 - 3 Clyde
  4. TBH i would find it difficult to trust John Park after is involvement with MC, he is either incredibly gullible or also had ulterior motives in wanting to get involved with us.
  5. Airdrie 1 East Fife 3 Clyde 2 Dumbarton 2 Falkirk 2 Peterhead 0 Montrose 4 Stranraer 0 Raith 1 Forfar 0
  6. Clyde 1-2 Falkirk Dumbarton 1-2 Raith Forfar 0-3 East Fife Montrose 3-1 Airdrie United Stranraer 0-1 Peterhead
  7. taking Sammon off was a big mistake, thought he was having one of his better games for us, for all of his shortcomings he is still twice the player McMillian is.
  8. Airdrie 1 - 0 Clyde East Fife 4 - 1 Peterhead Forfar 2 - 2 Stranraer Montrose 2 - 0 Dumbarton
  9. i don't think that will be enough, the team needs to be taking around 30 pts from the last 13 games IMO. 20 odds points will pretty much see us continue the form of not beating the teams around us. The form Since M&M took over would suggest 28 points min and i expect them to improve on that.
  10. This, it's a dummy board with major decisions being made by the MSG, a certain fans rep who was once was on the BOD told me that whatever member of the MSG was on the BOD at the time would come in and announce how the MSG wanted decisions to go and you were expected to vote in that direction.
  11. Was told this is what the bairn for life money went towards, we are now paying all of McManus £900 a week.
  12. Why is Andy Thomson still tucking into free pies in the Boardroom? home and away, thought we got shot of him.
  13. Dumbarton 1 - 2 Airdrie Peterhead 3 - 2 Forfar Stranraer 0 - 1 Raith Rovers
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