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  1. https://agm-online.com/falkirkfc/# Small shareholders can register here, you will then get emailed a link to join.
  2. Agree with this, he's our sporting director and he should stay in that role if the managers job come available and he should have an input to who the next manager should be. Managers come and go - we have seen that more than most over the last few years, there has to be some continuity at football level at the club.
  3. Actually read this morning that Israel have vaccinated 2/3 of the adult population, which is pretty remarkable. To be fair on your point on SG, surely they can only vaccinate if they have enough doses, UKG buys and distributes them to the devolved nations.
  4. Falkirk 1-1 Montrose Clyde 1-3 East Fife Dumbarton 1-1 Forfar Partick 2-2 Cove Peterhead 0-2 Airdrie
  5. That was worse than anything McKinnon ever served up.
  6. This is brutal stuff, long ball merchants and nothing more, sure M&M will think we were unlucky and dominated the half tho.
  7. Dumbarton 2- 2 Airdrie Cove Rangers 1-2 Peterhead East Fife 0-2 Falkirk Montrose 1-1 Forfar Athletic Partick Thistle 3-1 Clyde
  8. This is tepid shite, if we somehow manage to win it will be down to luck, PT were bossing 2nd half before the red card, 2 utter terrible performances in a row.
  9. Thats a shocker of a line up, 1 up front 2 def mids, Thought we had moved away from a Miller and Gomis midfield, as marsh said utter shitebags......now go prove me wrong.
  10. Clyde 2-1 Airdrieonians Dumbarton 3-1 East FIfe Falkirk 1-1 Partick Thistle Forfar 0-1Cove
  11. Cove Rangers 3-1 Clyde East Fife 2-0 Forfar Athletic Falkirk 1-0 Airdrieonians Montrose 2-2 Dumbarton Partick Thistle 1-0 Peterhead
  12. Airdrie 1-1 Montrose Clyde 1-3 Falkirk Dumbarton 1-2 Cove Forfar 0-2 Thistle Peterhead 0-0 East Fife
  13. Agree, Telfer really making the diffrence, always looking for the killer pass.
  14. Was told it was RW that put the club in touch with the Rawlins.
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