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  1. Scott Booth linked with the manager gig Favourite for the Barrow job down south and on the brink of resigning as Glasgow City manager but would prefer a Scottish job
  2. Robbie Horn the man Ive been told with Scott Booth as his assistant Both successful at current club
  3. New replacement is close to agreeing to leave his current club where he has been successful at a lower level for the glebe
  4. Robbie Mutch slapping Forfar back into the game What a talent
  5. Barr hasnt done anything wrong anyway He’s been guilty of being wide open on the wing and nobody passing him the ball because Gary Irvine wants to waste it
  6. People on Twitter not liking the programme are also the same people tagging Si Ferry omg why is open goal not on tv some chat in the dressing room lads am i right slaney
  7. Good enough here’s a two year deal You have to change your name on here to Gary Irvine however
  8. Irvine or Meechan is not tricky at all I for one cant wait for Forbes to sprint past Irvine for his third Always loved forbes
  9. What Im getting here is Doris at centre back Tbsouth you’ve done it again you son of a gun
  10. Kelty a good club welcoming everyone If you ignore the fact you chucked your female team five days before their season begins Ambition though
  11. People complaining about no commentary and the camera work What do you expect from an AI camera that is new
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