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  1. I mentioned it in the main United thread but if Mackay was to be made manager then expect Scott Booth to be his assistant They are very good friends from coaching before
  2. If Mackay is indeed the new manager, don’t be surprised to see Scott Booth follow him as assistant, very good friends from our coaching days at Largs
  3. That’ll be the fourth vote for reconstruction then
  4. Has anyone had it confirmed what clubs voted for reconstruction? Forfar and Peterhead did and you’d imagine Falkirk did as well Were Partick classed as L1 for this?
  5. I can see thousands turning out at their local ground to watch some young jobbers who won’t make it any higher than the Lowland League after they leave their club in order to make the national team better.
  6. Booth was supposed to be the assistant but due to the current pandemic he chose to stay at Glasgow City just now Aitken was not happy with this at all
  7. Isn’t that just for their women as opposed to the men’s?
  8. Thank god the season was called because Stranraer with their ten points in their other twelve home games and no wins since November meant they were overtaking us and there was nothing we could do about it
  9. I am also giving serious thought to calling it a day Nothing to do with my team being shite it’s everyone else’s fault It’s absolutely not because my team are shite though Bring back the days of top goal scorers like Bryan Duell and Paul Ronald in the league My team being pish has zero influence on this Please believe me Please
  10. Yes we voted to relegate Partick and keep Falkirk where they belong
  11. When was the last time Partick contributed anything relevant to the Scottish game?
  12. Partick voted no because they wanted to stay in the Championship? Scumbag club and I will be boycotting them
  13. So you want chairmen to be discreet and not be open and honest with their decisions? Well thank you for pointlessly letting us know you won’t be there next season
  14. It was also so we can budget for next season like every other club will want to Just you miss the main point though and cry about our chairman saying what most chairmen are probably doing
  15. Booth has been trying to get back into the men’s game for a couple of years Good friends with Aitken as well
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