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  1. Yeah I can see where you're coming from , it must one helluva tough gig being a nock fan seeing all Talbot's success plus getting caned lots in these derbies , we got caned verbally to a lesser extent from the ladeside lads as we couldn't get our hands on the Scottish until that was put right of course [emoji2]; but beith and ladeside both have about equal bragging rights success wise , if a cumnock persuasion it must be torture looking at Talbot .
  2. Not at all surprised by the score today , the derby is falling away as cumnock can't compete any longer with Talbot , it maybe sounds harsh but that's the facts .
  3. These guys really have to be congratulated for the change that they instrumented back then , it was the best thing that ever happened in the juniors for me , a good change at the time , maybe the time has came to change again - who really knows and only time will tell .
  4. I genuinly have no idea here regarding going back to the amalgamation of the Ayrshire and central league's but percentage wise does anyone know how much it was clubs driven in comparison to the west region sjfa guys who were in position back then ? Who put the wheels in motion and was it our clubs or the beaks / a mixture of both or the beaks themselves ?
  5. I remember sitting into a club AGM when the outrageous notion of notions were being discussed of Ayrshire and central league amalgamation, three elderly guys were saying it would be the death of beith juniors and the junior game as a whole , in my humble opinion they got it wrong and it turned out to be the very own making of our game , until now for me, just like back then times change and change for the better , we are already seeing a few east teams seeing the light and entering the pyramid which in turn reduces our holy grail aka the junior cup which you talbot lads know a wee bit about ????[emoji2] It's now time for the west teams to embrace a new concept and join a newly formed west league that's both parallel and in unison with the east and south varieties , then we can play it out for lowland league rights , these are only my opinions , I've no idea how my club feel but I do know that they're ambitious guys .
  6. It's probably like everything else in life , if you want something you need to be a bit proactive within - looking for a job , dating , promotion at work , trying to move to a better house etc etc , it's all out there and, yes arguably it can all come to you - but youve got a helluva better chance if you take a gamble and pursue it rather than awaiting the proverbial bus that never comes.
  7. In all fairness the SFA aren't going to come on pie and Bovril discussing it.
  8. You can't really say that though on the basis of that nobody has took the plunge yet as there is no proper west pyramid league in place , if there were half a dozen or so top west junior teams opted to go then you might find that the rest of the cream would be scared to actually not take the plunge , thus being left behind in the juniors , who wants to be the best of the rest if the pollok , Talbot's , ladesides , clydebanks etc etc leave the juniors ?
  9. It's certainly bizzare as BSC with one team in the " seniors " play in front of about 40 fans ( mostly parents of players with kids also in attendance ) I really wonder what the appetite crowd wise would be for a second team ? It's all a bit strange for me and as you say they don't have their own ground to accommodate one team never mind two , that said they do seem to be instrumental in creating a new west league so that's a positive but it's certainly a strange bit of business for me.
  10. Says the idiot who constantly posts on here spouting the same nonsense With his big capital letters constantly , the irony ..........
  11. Cumbernauld do have the consolation though of £175 for every " home game " that rob Roy play at guys meadow so there is still a wee bit of cash flow even when Cumbernauld aren't playing at home .
  12. The nation has went soft , drive a bit more carefully and get wrapped up and game on , instead it seems to be any excuse to call games off these days , American football is the best and is played in all conditions , how do their fans travel to games when it gets a bit snowy ?
  13. Pitch looks great , absolutely mental , mon the juniors....
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